Introducing the 10-Series TE Tedders

(electric guitar music) – [Narrator] Control the fate of your hay. Rather than waiting on the weather to determine when you can rake, ted your hay instead to help speed up the dry-down process. The Vermeer 10-series TE tedders offer high-performance tedding spreading the crop wide and evenly. This comes from a unique hook-tine design that creates a bottoms-up motion to pick up and aerate large
amounts of wet hay efficiently. An enhanced heavy-duty frame is designed to withstand tough field conditions, while toolless basket adjustments allow operators to make changes quickly. Available in 17 ft, 25 ft and 33.5 ft. These next-generation 10-series tedders have large and durable basket tires with a five bolt hub offering ground contouring
and flotation in the field. Speaking of which, carefully
designed weight distribution and large tires allow
for convenient transport. Fast dry-down, gentle on crop, heavy-duty frames and components, ease of use and maintenance, and unique hook-tines backed by a three-year limited warranty. The Vermeer 10-series TE tedders. Spread the word.

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