Introducing the 504R Premium Baler | Vermeer Agriculture Equipment

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Across North
America serious operators are gaining interest in baleage. Serious operators need a serious baler designed to handle their baleage and provide an unmatched
baling experience. The 504R Premium Baler comes standard with the silage kit from the factory. And is designed for high moisture. But it’s more than a silage special. This five foot tall by
four foot wide baler is designed with heavy duty components. It comes standard with premium rock belts with endless belts available too. The 504R Premium is rugged
and ready to withstand the rigors of baling heavy crop while still making a good looking bale. The Atlas control system
offers a color touch screen to control functions of your baling and keep track of field statistics. The camless wide pickup system
has heavy duty components and minimal moving parts
to reduce maintenance and maximize durability
for prolonged machine life. Increased pickup speed
and a faster tie cycle allows operators to handle more capacity and bale high moisture crops
at a quick efficient pace. The Vermeer 3-year pickup
warranty is a testament to the quality and durability
of the R-series pickup system. Silage or not it’s time to take a look at this first class baler. The 504R Premium baler from Vermeer, more than a silage special.

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