Introduction to Agriculture

Welcome to the agriculture sector of the Peace
Corps here in Ghana. And congratulations on being selected to serve
in the best, and dirtiest, sector in Peace Corps. In terms of background, agriculture, ag or
agric for short, is the most diverse sector and that’s represented in the training, mission,
and goals of the agriculture sector here. The agriculture sector’s mission is to help
rural Ghanaian farmers’ and producer organizations’ and food security, thanks to volunteer support. There are three goals of the agric sector. The first is to improve farm productivity. Volunteers help farmers to adapt to staple
crop, and non timber forest product cultivation, small animal husbandry, and beekeeping. They help improve farm income by focusing
on capacity, adding value, and marketing. You might also help to improve organizational
capacity, strengthening organizational management and financial literacy. All of which helps build food security. In the first few months at site, you’ll discover
how your interests intersect with the needs of the community. Your experience is just starting, and everyone
here at Peace Corps is excited to see what you’ll do with your time.

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