Introduction to the Honey Bee Research Centre

[music] Hi everybody welcome
to our new series of bee keeping
how-to videos. We produced 32
videos so far on everything from
how to light a smoker to how to raise
queen bees. This is the fantastic group of people that
I get to work with and we have all
worked together to produce these videos. We are led by
Dr. Ernesto Guzman, Hello everybody. I want to invite all
of you to watch our videos and
learn from them and support our Honey
Bee Research Centre. The University of Guelph
has a long tradition of teaching and research and technology transfer
to bee keepers, so watch our videos
and support our Honey Bee Research Centre. Thanks Ernesto. We’re hoping that
these videos will complement the courses
that we already teach. We teach up to 700
students a year in some form of apiculture
or bee keeping course, so these will be kind of
take home information that people can have
after the course, but it will be available
freely to anyone at anytime for other
courses or people just want to
focus on technique. They can choose through
on the list of videos that we’ve provided here and pick and choose
what they want to watch. Thanks for watching we
hope you enjoy the videos and we welcome
any kind of feedback.


  1. Hello Dr I'm Elijah from Paraguay I just want to know if there is a program or Courses of Beekeeping available for foreigners like me.. greetings and thanks for all your videos [email protected]

  2. Your videos are excellent! Thank you for posting them. I am a hobbyist beekeeper in South Florida. There are differences. We sometimes treat the ground around the beehive with pesticides to control small hive beetle larva. Also due to SHB, we don't use plastic frames (the voids help SHB's hide from bees).

  3. Thank you to everyone for watching and supporting our videos! If you have any questions about our videos, please check out our list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on our website, which can be found at .

  4. thank you for reply.please send me a guide line and format,record sheet to record Hove evaluation regarding honey production.Lakshman Dissanayake.

  5. اسلام علیکم میں بھی مگس بانی کا پریکٹیکل کورس کرنا چاہتا ھںوں راولپنڈی شمس آباد سے ایک کورس کیا بھی ھے لیکن وہ نہ ھںونے کے برابرھے شفیق مرزا صاحب نے کورس کروایا تھاکاش اگرآپ یہ ویڈوزاردوزبان میں اپ لوڈ کرتے آئیدہ کی ویڈیوزمہربانی فرماکراردوزبان میں اپ لوڈکریں بہت شکریہ رابطہ نمبرموبی لنک 03085779921 زونگ 03155273750

  6. Hey but Ernesto si italian? GREAT! I'm Italian too! And obviously beekeepers too….It's a pleasure see other grate Italian work around the world! Nice to meet u and all the other nice worker's

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