Is Gardening Expensive? Do I Need to Buy Anything to Grow Food?

Alright! This is John Kohler with
today I have another exciting episode for you and this one if going to be Q&A of sorts.
So, actually the last episode many of you guys may have seen, many of you guys may not
have seen, was about a product that I reviewed actually called the Click and Grow. So this
is a product that basically allows anyone without any prior gardening experience, if
you live in an apartment in Manhattan or in the suburbs in a town house and they don’t
have any land for you to grow in this simply provides a way to get your feet wet, to start
growing without knowing anything about gardening. Now, this video was very controversial because
people were making comments that I’ll address in a minute, but what I want to get back to
before I talk about the Click and Grow more and the comments that I received is why I’m
doing my channel. Many of you guys may have been following me
since the beginning, maybe a handful of you guys. I’ve been doing this now for 3 years,
sharing my experiences with growing a garden and teaching people how to do it and many
of you guys don’t exactly know my story, so I’m going to explain my story and this
may lead you in and give you more insight on why I do the things I do. So, the first
thing is the reason why I got into gardening, number one is to improve the quality of the
food I eat. I learned at a young age, just when I was graduated from college that the
food you put in your body becomes you and you are what you eat. That’s an old saying
“You are what you eat” and if you’re eating junk foods and things that are not
so good quality then maybe you’re going to be a junkie; also I have done a lot of
research and there’s a lot of very high correlations between eating a poor diet, junk
food, processed foods and having actually illnesses and sicknesses. So, basically I
got into growing my own food for number one reason: for me, my health is the most important
thing that I own and hopefully you guys would believe that also your health is the most
important thing you own free and clear, because without help you can’t enjoy money, you
can’t enjoy your loved ones, you can’t enjoy your brand new Corvette Stingray, you
can’t enjoy anything in life if you don’t have your health.
You could be jacked up in a hospital and not have your health because maybe you’re not
living a healthy lifestyle, so… and I almost did lose my life and I was given a second
chance and I’m back now to figure out how to have the best food possible because it’s
in my opinion not coming from the agriculture industry because the agriculture industry,
even the organic agriculture industry or big industry, they’re concerned about one thing,
the bottom line, the dollars, the mullah… and you know I’m not concerned about the
bottom line, for me it’s about my health and I’ll do whatever it takes to grow the
highest quality food that money can buy. Because literally money cannot buy because farmers
are selling their crops based on weight or by the carton or by the bushel or whatever
and when they’re selling in quantity their goal, their mindset, is once again make the
most money. Their goal is to produce the most amount of crops that cost the least amount
to grow and that are the biggest and look the prettiest because also in our modern food
system people don’t like things but bug holes or with aphids on it like in my garden
right now. So I flipped that all around and was like
“John, if you want to be the healthiest, besides just eating an organic diet” which
I eat 95% plus organic foods on a regular basis, not including my garden which is all
naturally and organically grown without any chemicals or pesticides and things like that.
I needed to start growing my own food so I really got into growing my own food probably
about 13-14 years ago now. I’ve always had a little garden in the periphery of my house
but I really went full force with gardening about 13 years ago and started putting in
more areas around my house and planting fruit trees and what not and then about 3 years
ago I started making the YouTube videos because I was inspired to take out my front lawn which
I believe is a waste of space to start growing the majority of the vegetables that I eat
and luckily in California you can do that year round and many other places actually
frankly in the country you can actually grow year round and I have videos explaining that
and so I originally put up videos just to show others what I was doing because it’s
part of my goals and missions in life because I was literally given a second chance to be
here, to help my fellow men, to live in service because the whole thing is not about how much
money you have in the bank, the thing is how much can you give to make the world a better
place because so many corporations and people just find and see what’s in it for themselves
and I try to take a wider approach and really strive to make a difference because I’m
really grateful and glad to be alive today to share with you guys that.
So that’s why I started my channel originally because it’s basically showing my evolvement
of growing food and specifically how to do it and I was really motivated when I saw some
videos on YouTube several years ago by the Dervaes family in Southern California who
turned their little residential lot into growing food but the problem I had at that time is
that they didn’t explain how to do it. So I started making videos on how to do it and
if you look back three years ago and I have nearly over almost 700-800, almost 800 videos
now, you’ll see me and my videos skills were not that good I would just make the video,
show what we’re doing and explain it and talk about what I’m doing and what I’m
learning and sharing that with you guys. I mean, I do lots of research every single day
to learn more about growing food and to dial in and hone my techniques, many of you guys
might think I’m an expert gardener and while I do know more than the average person about
gardening there’s still a lot that I don’t know and I share in my videos the procedures
and techniques and things that I’ve learned that could totally help you guys out and I
specially have fun really because I get to go to different places and I love learning.
If you want to be a good gardener or good at anything in life you have to just be a
continual learner because the moment you think you know it all that’s the moment you’ll
stop learning and that’s the moment you’ll stop growing and then you’ll probably degrade
is you’re not still learning. So I like to just go around and show you guys
different places that are growing different ways and doing different things and share
this with you guys so that you can also grow because overall the number one reason for
me channel, my GrowingYourGreens channel, is to teach people how to grow their own food
because in my opinion the food you eat makes up you and unfortunately with all the highly
processed foods and all the other high amount of animal products being consumed by the standard
American eating at McDonald’s and all the junk food people aren’t having the greatest
health and I’ve learned that through diet, through food you can have greater health and
that’s why I grow some of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and that’s what
I teach you guys how to do just that because it’s really important to me, it’s made
a difference in my life and I want to spread this information out to other people.
So, as you guys just heard, my number one main reason for having this show is to teach
people to grow food and as being a teacher… because I’ve been a teacher, teaching about
health and nutrition and all this kind of stuff for many years now I’ve learned that
you have to meet people where they’re at. Some people might be ready and have a back
yard that they can clear out and just put in raised beds like this, and I have videos
on that; some people may want to convert their front yard, and I have videos on that as well;
but some people might live in an apartment in New York City and not have any space to
grow an outside garden like this and frankly they feel scared and intimidated, although
they shouldn’t, about just buying some planting mix and putting some seeds in there and watering
it because they’ve never done it before. That’s why I like to promote products where,
to meet people wherever they’re at, maybe you’re not… and I know probably the majority
of my viewers are probably not at the Click and Grow stage, because you guys are far beyond
that and I’m not insulting you by having this video but I’m letting you guys be aware
of your options. I do get contacted by many companies to show
their products on my YouTube channel, I’ve never taken any money from anybody to show
any products on my channel. I have accepted items for review to share with you guys and
make a video about them and share my exact opinions. They’re not buying me out, I’m
not selling out, they’re sending me the products and if I feel it’s a good product
to show and it can benefit someone out there in YouTube-land, because sure enough I’m
sure my video on the Click and Grow will find somebody that probably would’ve never grown
before; they buy this, they start growing, and yes, they have a 60 dollar tomato plant
or whatever because these guys are quite expensive but it gets them excited about gardening and
makes them like “wow! I grew some tomatoes, what else can I grow now?” because that’s
all what it’s about, you’ve got to start somewhere. most of you guys probably aren’t
at this point but I think this kit definitely meets a good niche, also the other thing is
I really like technology and this product, although I definitely agree that it’s way
overpriced, I wished they were maybe like 20 bucks for the whole growing kit instead
of maybe 60, but guess what? If gardeners don’t talk about these and these don’t
sell then the company is going to fizzle. If this product gets popular and it sells
a lot then hopefully with economies of scale the prices will go down and hopefully maybe
there’ll be even competition and companies that knock this thing off for less money and
the day that these are 10 dollars I’ll probably have my whole house full of them because this
is an amazing technology for 10 dollars so that you don’t have to babysit your plants.
Another thing I like to show is, I like to show many different products because they
may appeal to different age groups. A lot of people that have been gardening for a long
time maybe see no point in this but maybe they have kids that it would be good for or
somebody they know that it would be good for a gift because they want to encourage other
to grow but they don’t,,, they know other people won’t really learn how to do it but
they can just literally buy this, fill it with some water, put the batteries in and
they’re growing, so once again getting people started to grow.
I guess next let’s go ahead and talk about some of the comments that I’ve received.
Oh, another thing you guys might have noticed is that this video if my first video in HD
and don’t get too attached to it yet because I’ve still filmed a lot of videos in a non
HD that I still have to upload and I have a friend helping me out that is going to be
editing the videos produced on this new Canon HD video camera with external mic input which
I did get a Bluetooth mic, so the quality will improve whenever I’m able to use this
camera and get my friend to edit the videos because it also does produce a large file
size and frankly a lot of times I’m travelling and I’m… you know, I can’t upload super
huge videos from a hotel room it’ll take all night long. So the videos that I produce
are my videos, they share my opinions, my style of gardening and you might have a different
style of gardening. Once again, my style of gardening is simply this: my goals are probably
different than many of you guys, my goal number one goal for me is to grow the most nutrient
dense food possible; one of your top goals might be to grow the most frugal garden possible
and that’s definitely one of my goals but it’s not the top goal.
So, I try to combine growing the highest quality food at the lowest prices so that’s why
I get some different products and share those with you and also try to negotiate for you
guys with the people that send me the products and say “hey, you guys sent me the products,
why don’t you guys take the next step and offer my people a discount” so that you
guys can get truly better prices than you could normally find and I do that whenever
possible for you guys because for me besides also growing the highest quality food I want
to do it at an affordable price and also I want to do the best thing possible for the
planet environmentally consciousness whenever possible, although once again, my number one
goal is to grow the most nutrient dense food and if that means I’ve got to buy some microbes
in a box or something or add some rock dust I’m going to do that. Do you need any of
the products that I show in my videos to garden? No! All you need is to go out for a walk and
pick some dandelion seeds and put them in the ground and if you have rain come they
get rained or spray some water on it. I mean, that’s how easy it is to garden.
Everything I show in my videos is for my specific needs and once again, you guys might have
different needs, so if there’s a video I’m sharing with you guys that you don’t believe
in just turn it off. Number one, my videos are free; number two, my videos are my videos
and share my experiences if you don’t agree with my video it’s always easy to put a
little quick comment that I’ll read or whatever and I get feedback from my videos, you know
but putting in a comment is one thing, I want to encourage everyone out there, all my viewers,
to take it to the next level if there’s something you don’t agree with me on make
a video showing your method on doing things, make a video showing how to grow a garden
with no money or how to grow a container garden with no money for people who live in apartments.
Instead of people buying the Click and Grow give people alternatives, I’m into this
to just get more people growing; if the Click and Grow thing will do that, that’s great,
but if you guys want to make a video on how to make for free or at low cost that will
get more people involved in growing food, because that’s what this is about to me,
getting more people into growing more food at home however it is because we need to make
a big shift in the world for not only our health but planetary health by consuming more
of the plant based foods and growing your own high quality food because companies are
not going to do it for you. Alright, so next let’s on to some of the
recent comments on that Click and Grow video, the first one if from “aiuminum: John please
don’t sell out I feel like you’re getting closer and closer each day”. I don’t know
why people would think that I’m selling out other than just showing products, I mean,
if I go to a Home Depot or show a product is that selling out? Because it’s gardening
and you’re supposed to be like a hippy dude with long hair, back in the woods, with no
money and gardening like that? Well I’m sure there’s channels on YouTube like that
if you want channels like that do a search on YouTube because I ain’t it. I’m going
to show you guys any technological products and any products that may help you and do
I always encourage you guys to go out blindly and buy these products? No! I recommend you
guys to use your head and think about the product, if the product will truly help you
grow more food. For me, I would not buy the Click and Grow
if I didn’t get it for free but I think it’s valuable enough to show in my videos
and the other thing is that I will always say what I think in the videos. I don’t
care if somebody sends me products for free, if I think they suck I’ll show it and I’ll
say that they suck but this is just what I think of course you may have different opinions
and different experiences. then I encourage you guys to blog, make videos about it to
share those with the world to get the message out because the one thing that would be the
best thing is if YouTube was overloaded and they had more gardening videos than any other
kind of video, than cats meowing or dogs saying I love you or whatever and then everybody
gets to watch them and there’s a video for everybody. Luckily I seem to reach a pretty
broad audience and a lot of gardeners but maybe you’re a backyard gardener with no
money and you could show how you grow and that’s great because there’s other people
that are going to tune in to you that may not necessarily like to watch me. But yes,
don’t worry I’m not selling out despite showing products, we do live in a consumerism
society and much as I don’t particularly care for it, you know I try to buy the minimum
amount of stuff as possible and once again if the overall product is going to encourage
people on my goal, which is to get more people growing, I’m definitely all for it as long
as it’s not some piece of junk. So let’s go to the next question here or
comment “lolalucy14: This is pointless and a waste of money, what’s the point of gardening
if you aren’t actually going to do it? Just a thought”. So, I agree, the Click and Grow
for many people and depending what your experience level is may be a waste of money but it does
get you growing, you do have to take an active role in growing. You have to buy it, number
one, you have to put in the batteries and then you have to add the water and then you
have to pay attention to the little LED lights and put in more water when it needs it. So,
it does get you growing and then you’re also harvesting the food once it’s actually
grown in the Click and Grow, so yes I do think that is a valid gardening device because it
does let people grow more food. Now, would it be really simple to just go out and buy
a planter with some good potting soil and some seeds and water and put it in a nice
sunny area? Yes! But the number one reason for people losing their plants lives is water,
water too much or water too little, people forget about watering, people overwater; with
the Click and Grow it does it all for you. So the next question is “cristalhaiku: this
seemed like an infomercial, you’re cute but I can’t watch the whole thing”. Alright,
that’s great! Once again, my videos are free you can turn them off whenever you want
to, I don’t say you have to watch them and frankly I may not recommend that you watch
every one if it’s a subject that does not interest you. Once again, the Click and Grow
video is a video for certain people that have never grown before or that are interested
in learning more about it, nothing more than that. The other thing I want to let you guys
know is that I was a Marketing mayor so in college I went for a degree in Business Management
Marketing and have a degree in Marketing so I AM a marketer and that being said in my
opinion I’m marketing growing food, everybody needs to grow their own food and that’s
what I’m marketing, that’s my message to you and once again, if a product can allow
you to do that I’m all for it. Now I’ve got the next question here it’s
from “theunisonproject: so in the end that is a 65 dollar tomato plant. I don’t think
that’s growing successfully”. You know, I think it depends on your definition of growing
successfully, if your definition of gardening is growing on the cheap and spending as little
money as possible to grow the most food, which is frankly some of you guys’ motivation,
then it would not be successful. For me, on the other hand, my goal every day to prove
that I’m a success or not is if I get up in the morning because if I get up in the
morning I’m a success because if you don’t get up in the morning you’re not a success
to even be here. So, people have different ideas of what success is, success may not
be growing a 65 dollar tomato for some but for some rich guy yuppie, or somebody who
is rich and in downtown Manhattan they can’t have a regular garden outside, if they grew
a tomato plant and 60 bucks later they got tomatoes to put in their martinis I think
that’s a success because they’re growing their own food and that’s a first step and
maybe sooner or later they’ll quite their Manhattan job, move out to the country and
have a farm because they already have so much money they can buy a bunch of land and grow
organically and grow the best possible crops because they’re watching my show and they
know about the special minerals, the micro riser, then the special fungi and soil microbes.
So, I always think that whatever video I put out there’s always a lesson to be learned
and something that I’m teaching in there and it can always help somebody.
Alright, the next question… oops, long one… or comment, it’s from “riverdale270: there’s
one thing I don’t like, you’re always saying do x, y, z because it’s going to
make the plants grow better, taste better, be more nutritious and so on, I don’t like
that kind of talk it sounds a bit like when people in commercials will say anything to
make you buy whatever they want you to buy, I like more scientific evidence. In the previous
episode you talked about why wait to get cancer, just reduce your chances now by eating your
greens. That’s totally not done without scientific backing IMO”. So, you know, I
do research like most things that I put on my videos, some of course are my opinions
and once again, this is my show. It is proven and there are studies that show that eating
a plant based diet especially rich in phytonutrients and phytochemicals that are in the leafy greens
can definitely help to extend your life and reduce the amount of diseases. There’s a
website in which Dr. Joel Fuhrman talks about this and if you want to
learn more about that there’s actually a book called “Eat to live” and that’s
all I have to say about that. Other than that, along with “I say things
like it’s going to make plants grow better, taste better like an infomercial” well,
as I just mentioned, I was a Marketing mayor in college and I have an agenda. My agenda
is to share with people how to grow the most nutrient dense foods based on my research
and you guys can do your own research, I don’t want to sit here and quote scientific studies
in all my videos that would be horrendous. If you’re this analytical mind I encourage
you guys to make your own videos about it, share your opinions and do this research oriented
stuff. I’m not that guy, I’m the guy that grows my food, tastes it and can totally taste
the difference in the food. I’ve also totally seen the yield differences in my food, is
that scientific studied? No. Another thing about scientific studies is
if you’re going to live your life by scientific studies I feel sorry for you because unfortunately
a lot of the way scientific studies are funded are by companies, companies that have big
dollars, who have an agenda, who want to sell their GMOs, there’s hardly any studies out
there that say that GMOs are bad, they’re out there but there’s hardly any. Most of
them say they’re fine, now what do you believe? Companies that have big money who pay people
to make research studies that show things are alright when in my opinion they’re not
alright? So, once again, these are my videos, take them with a grain of salt, don’t believe
me, try it for yourself. I always encourage you guys to try for yourselves, whether you
believe me or not “Oh John said this well, let’s try to rock dust, let’s try the
good brand rock dust not just some sea sand rock dust, let’s try some azomite, let’s
plant it in my garden, let’s plant one raised bed with the azomite in and one without it
and see what happens, see if the plants taste better, see if they yield more, see if what
John says is true” and like many of you guys that have tried that and if you have
post down below, because I know there’s many of you guys that have used the rock dust
because of me and it does work man! I mean, it just does work so I’m not here to lie
to you guys, I’m here to share my experiences and once again your experiences may be very
different than mine but these are my experiences. And it’s easy to make a few comments, the
other thing is put your money where your mouth is and you guys, once again, start making
videos to share this stuff and once again you make a video and research it on Google
for half a night like I did before I started using it and then cover it all in one video
because there is research that shows that using the trace minerals makes a difference,
using the micro biologics: the fungi, bacteria and things in your soil does make a difference,
it is how nature works and, you know, don’t argue with mother nature.
So, down to the last comment here it’s “kaylajones: I love these vids but it seems like he’s
promoting an awful lot, stuff that’s awfully expensive and not very useful. I too feel
like he’s getting closer to selling out but at least we have the knowledge he’s
already given us”. So, once again, I’m not selling out, I am showing products and
if you feel showing products on my show is selling out then maybe you need to find another
YouTube channel that doesn’t show any products. You know, my goals are to show you guys how
to grow food, I don’t care how it is and maybe it’s an expensive 60 dollar product
that allows you to do that. I’ve shown 10 dollar Growums boxes but that
was accepted and it sure got praise but everybody loved that video and I know many of you got
the 10 dollar Growums boxes and I’ve got 20 of them back there growing now. How many
of you guys are now growing food gardens because of those 10 dollar Growums boxes? Post that
down below. You know, maybe 1% or less than 1% are going to buy the little Click and Grow
kits that I showed but I don’t care because if it gets one extra person growing I’ve
met my mission of having people grow more food. Yes, I will show products whenever I
think it’s a good deal, whenever I feel it’s going to make a difference for somebody
to grow food because that’s what it’s all about for me. It’s not about like “Oh,
it’s a product, products are bad it’s a consumerism society, it’s crap, it’s
going to end up in a landfill”. Yes, I agree, I always encourage you guys to grow the most
natural way possible using wood, bricks, stones, even glass bottles because they’re real
materials versus plastic, I’m not big on the plastic but, once again, if it gets somebody
growing and that’s your first step into it, it’s far better to grow in a plastic
Growums container or a plastic Click and Grow than to buy the conventionally raised food.
I hope you guys all agree with me on that because that stuff: number one, cars are driving
by it; number two, they’re adding three minerals; number three, they pick it, they
hydro cool it, they ship it. They’re losing lots of nutrients on the whole process plus
you’re losing flavor. You could easily have the best flavor, the best taste and yeah,
growing in plastic is not my first choice but growing in plastic is a far better option
in my opinion and growing your own food than buying any food from the supermarkets because
it’s going to be fresh harvested, fresh picked, and you put your love and intention
plus all the nutrition in the soil that most farms and growers are not doing. So, once
again, if you think I’m promoting a lot turn the video off, this is my channel, I
encourage you guys to make your own videos showing not promoting products if that’s
what you’re into. I appreciate all my viewers out there that watch me because I do have
a lot of information out and occasionally I have a video that shows some products and
coming up pretty soon it’s going to be the National Hardware and Lawn and Garden Show
and I’m going to have another video full of products but these are going to be the
coolest products to help people grow more food and if one product get one more person
growing I’ve done my job and that’s why I do these videos because I know that I’ve
definitely created a lot of gardeners out there.
Hey! If you have started gardening because you watched my videos post down below to let
me know and to let everybody else know that I am making a difference because it’s very
important to me to make a difference in this life and to live in service to others. Because
a lot of the other commenters, I mean, what have you done for the world at large lately?
Have you gotten other people to garden? Well, I encourage you to make videos, you’re sitting
there just commenting, it’s easy to comment. Put up or shut up! make some videos and teach
your growing methods if they’re different than mine, I encourage everybody to make videos
about any subject they want to teach to get more good information out there because a
lot of the information is coming from the top down and I think it needs to come from
the bottom up, just like how the plants grow. In any case, I hope this video answers the
question “did John sell out?” and why do I do my show and gives you a little more
insight on me because I know many of you guys may have watched some of my videos since the
beginning and you know my personality, you know I’m a very frugal gardener but I want
to grow the highest quality stuff. many of you guys may have just tuned in to me recently
and saw one cool video and now watch me and have no concept of who I am because this is
just the second or third video you watch. I want to encourage all you guys to actually
check out my past videos, I have nearly almost 800 now I believe… or something. There’s
a lot of information contained within so, when you have some free time, click on my
past videos and watch the ones that interest you and skip the ones that don’t. And if
you are a subscriber I want to once again thank you and, once again, if you see a video
about products and you’re not into products, just skip it, don’t watch it, wait for the
next one because trust me, while I do like the products and do feel like they can beneficial
there is definitely a way to garden without them and I show you all the ways. I’m not
prejudiced to any different gardening way. I just like them all because once again my
mission over all is to get people growing and I think I’ve been fairly successful
at doing just that. So, hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode,
I have another Q&A video coming up really soon. Once again, this is John Kohler with we’ll see you next time and remember: keep on growing!


  1. John, IMO I always appreciate seeing your reviews on new gardening products. And of course your vids are your opinions and not an endorsement. The trolls out there just need to lighten up a bit and enjoy the info. I really love all your vids, but if I don't agree then I just pass it by. Keep growing and smiling!

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  7. You are making a difference john. I not only have tried gardening again but did it with great success! Additionally I also have done a test between conventional miracle gro soil/fertilizer against compost/rockdust/wormcasting ect and your method won in both taste AND yield!

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  9. Hi John, this is a fantastic video, and love your wonderful presentations. Following your videos has led me to transition into creating permaculture food forests. Thank you! : D

  10. thank you! keep doing what you are ding. to heck with those sorry stupid comments you are reading to us. please do the educating and not the negative comments any more. i enjoy you 110 %. i will  be using the products you talk about.

  11. I get re-inspired after every video I've watched to start growing some sort of food plant. Your enthusiasm for everything green is what really makes me feel so energetic to get into gardening. I tend to not watch certain videos where you show off products, because I know that I will not be buying them in the near future. Some products I do watch though, because I don't know what they are or they're really great for a noob at gardening like me. Like you said, it's free knowledge and entertainment, nobody is making you sit at the computer and watch all of your videos. I pick and choose which of your videos to watch, and what I feel will give me knowledge that I want to pick up.

  12. Thanks john! I started following your videos recently just as I started gardening, and your videos have proven EXTREMELY helpful to me. If it weren't for you I may have never discovered tree collards! Anyway, I appreciate everything you have done with these videos, I've used them to inspire people to garden, and I've used then for reference when I needed some insight. Thanks again. "Keep growing your greens!"

  13. Hi John, 

    Thanks for the great video. I began farming using your videos as a guide. Now my wife and I are transitioning into the Urban Farm life!!! Please keep the videos coming. And maybe even write a book (or even a couple of books) for the benefit of your "tribe."

  14. Hi John,
    Gardening is my favourite but I have not ever done gardening before. Your video is my first studying. Thought we are in the same opinion why we should grow food. Thanks a lot for sharing us.
    I'm Vietnamese and I'm following your video ^^. They are so excited and helpful for me to start growing my food. All the best for your garden.

  15. I love his videos! I love how he tries different mediums to achieve the best result. I've watched countless amount of his shows. I'm inspired to garden because of him. Keep on growing John! 

  16. People have nothing better to do….if they put as much energy into growing their own food as they do into trying to chop John down they would have a garden to call their own. Keep up the excellent work!

  17. I love your channel and videos, thank you so much for dedicating yourself to informing others of your wisdom when it comes to gardening.  I went out and built a raised bed in an hour because I was so motivated.

  18. I tottaly believe in the plant based diet. Ive see several Documemtaries about it like forks and knives and Food INC. people should really give it a look. Also i love all your advise about what to put into the soil to help. I live in Florida right by the beach so most my soil is very sandy and needs other things in it to help thing grow good. I also love when you show diferent producks that you like, if its too $ i just try to find a way to make it myself really cheep. Im handy and enjoy creating thing myself. it gives me a feeling of self accomplishment. I've started turning most of whats left in my back yard into a garden and im going to have to start in the front soon. Grass is for the most part pointless. you've really inspired me, thankyou.

  19. i am so new to gardening, i have several family members wanting to a garden with me in my back yard, what to you recommend to make raised beds out of? i have a total of 676 square feet of space, i want to make it 2 feet tall but i am on a budget. i dont want to use any treated chemicals, like you said you are what you eat and i dont want to feed my family chemicals. i watched several of your other videos and i will be adding 1/3 compost 1/3 vermiculite (or rice husks) and 1/3 peat moss( or cocount husks), i will be adding gia green glacial rock dust and azomite and worm castings! the compost i will be getting is from our neighbor county city compost ($6.00 per cubic yard and we need at least 18 cubic yards from what i understand)(i would love to share pics and videos with you for our journey, you inspire me to garden and make the best garden i can for myself and my family!) thanks so much for making your videos! i really want to go the organic route. i also realize that its very expensive but our bodies and our health is worth the price to pay! agian thanks so much! – mellisa

  20. I love your channel. I think its evident in most all of your videos your reasons and dont think you need to justify or prove  yourself  to viewers who think your motives are money. Its clear in all of your videos that thats not the case. Your channel has inspired me to start trying to grow my veggies and fruit. I've see lots of videos on youtube and yours by far is my favorite channel to watch. Why, because its clear that growing food is something youre passionate about, and want others to be inspired to grow something they can eat. Keep doing what youre doing. 

  21. John, keep up the great work! you helped me expand my gardening, techniques, and thought processes. Secondly, with so much junk out there its good to get recommendations on products that may be helpful, it is appreciated. 

  22. THANK YOU John for all the information you provide. I live in England and I love your channels. Please carry on being you and doing things that are you. I think it's plain to see you are a genuine and kind person (and there is nothing wrong with selling products you believe in anyway!)

  23. John, don't worry about the trolls, you're doing an awesome job. I did a small amount of gardening throughout my life always using traditional fertilizers/gardening methods, I never really paid much attention, or gave much merit to "normal" agricultural organic methods. But watching your videos has entirely changed the way I garden and think about food I grow, compared to food I purchase. Thanks for the help, keep it up!

  24. Keep up the great work John! Haters gonna hate man it comes with anything positive in life, and you are doing a lot of positive things for everyone. Your videos got me into juicing ( I waited and got the Kuvings whole slow juicer upon release because of your videos and I love it). Now I'm checking out this channel and thinking about trying to get into gardening. I live in a small apartment but watched your video on the Garden Tower Project and I think that may work on my patio. Now to source some rock dust local here in Houston! =) So please keep showing new products on your channels. 


  26. Thank you John doing all of this work for making the world a better place to live your way! Keep it up!

  27. John has done reviews from the dollar store and home depot. All of the reviews John has done has motivated me to have a garden on my own, which I was very intimidated by before I began to watch John's videos. So I appreciate very much ALL of your reviews thank you!.

  28. thank for being you like you more and more with every video trying to start with my own garden but it been really hard getting started

  29. Dont know how I stumbled across your channel… but in last few weeks I have gone from empty backyard to a backyard garden. All kinds of peppers tomatoes cucumbers onions radishes watermelon and strawberries… not having much luck with strawberries… thanks for all your videos. You da man ūüôā

  30. I started watching your videos this previous winter and decided to start growing a garden this year. I showed my boyfriend and nephews your videos and they decided that thet wanted to get involved as well. So my boyfriend started one at his house…And my nephews and I started a couple at mine… my dad eventually got motivated to start gardening as well. So you are making a difference. Your videos are very motivating! I hope that I can try to find some of that rock dust for the next go-around. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  31. I am glad you chose to use your marketing skills to this end. ¬†Grateful. ūüôā

    That fact gives me so much hope…

  32. Screw all those guys that said that. YOU are an expert in my opinion. And as a new gardener (1st year here from NJ). ¬†You have inspired me, and educated me, more than ANYONE HAS. ¬†I will trust everything that you say, because like u said, money talks. and when i see your garden, and what YOU produced. It really goes a long way into showing me that you are the real deal. ¬†Thanks for all your time and effort into educating new growers like me. ¬†The product aspect of everything, i may o may not buy. depending if it is something that I would use. ¬†But the basics, the soil, compost, rockdust, etc. ¬†your raised bed design, irrigation, etc. i follow you step by step, because i want my garden to look like yours someday ūüôā ¬†Thanks for everything.¬†

  33. I want to start a gardening revolution in my area and help my community help themselves get healthy and stay healthy.  I send you a message about needing a mentor to walk me through how to start this revolution in my community.  Would love to talk about why I am so passionate about this, which includes the loss of several family members to cancer.

  34. I think all the negative Nancies are skrewy!  They dont know what they are talking about and need to wake up and lighten up.  Your video's are VERY educating, VERY informative and VERY enjoyable to watch.  They are also very MOTIVATING!!  Those negative people just need to take a hike.  You ARE AMAZING!!!! <3 <3

  35. John, don't listen to the critics!
    You are a great teacher and such an inspiration to me and my family's garden. Not every video can benefit every viewer, but I'm sure every video helps someone in some way. I know I've learned so much in just the past few months of going through your videos. Keep it up, brother! I'll be subscribed for life!

  36. I start growing organic thanks to you. Your videos make a lot for me and my family. Learning a lot since i was a traditional gardener and now i want to grow nutrient rich food at the lowest price posible. I was able to get azomite, p90 and other important product at an afordable price delivered to Puerto Rico thanks to you so keep on with your videos and we will keep growing!!! Good job john.

  37. I love your channel.I watched the first video by chance, just looking for how to's on gardening.Lucky to have found you.Youre very entertaining and experienced.Videos are easy to follow and I've learned a lot… Started gardening again after 20 some years, because I was always too busy, now I'm carving time from my day to dedicate myself to veggie planting and trying to eat healthy.God Bless you and keep the video's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. John's videos are the only reason I got off my butt and started a garden. I took some of his suggestions and overall it has worked out well. I don't regret trying anything.
    At the expo this week overheard a viewer ask a vendor if they pay John and that John refused to accept any cash for posting a video on that product.
    He really is passionate about his cause.

  39. Hey John! I'm re hauling my soil from last year Рmy plants have had a ton of viruses last season.  What soil do you recommend for a raised bed garden? I'm wondering if I should dig out my grass under my raised beds?

  40. Thanks John. I love that you have opinions backed by experience. People who listen to People who criticize you have nothing better to do.

  41. U out are the best John. I listen to a lot of other videos and 2 out 3 refer to and thank you on their channels. Keep gro we in and exploring. Love you man!

  42. Sixty percent of the Nitrogen in most people's bodies, is made with  the Haber Bosch process. Haber Bosch is very energy expensive, which raises the carbon dioxide levels. Also, the military likes the Haber Bosch process, because the Nitrogen is used to make explosives. After World War Two, we used Nazi technology to make pesticide. Most pesticides are not that different from nerve gas. The United State gave up their stores of nerve gas because all those pesticides factories could produce a thousand ton of lethal nerve gas in a few weeks. That why the U.S. military is behind the pesticide use. Ask me about genetic engineering.   I try not use the word "Hippie". I find the word is derogatory, and is used to label anyone who cares about about anything other than themselves. I mean you fall in that Hippie category. .  

  43. God bless you and all you do.  YOu have inspired countless people.  Please stop listening to negative people.  Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight. 

  44. John, I am 54 year old single woman. I work full time and have 3 foster children I am responsible for. I am a very busy woman. I have been increasingly concerned about my diet, you know the norm American grocery bought stuff.. boxed food, meat, frozen vegetables, sugar and hidden ingredients in almost everything that are cancer causing and just plan bad for you. I watched a video about the GMO foods, and pesticides being used to grow our food supply, and understand the organic grown food has some issues as well.
     I have been contemplating growing my own garden on the side of my home in a raised bed for about a month now, and adding some fruit trees. I have grown flowers and house plants int the past and have had good results.. I love live plants especially in the house. I have never grown a vegetable before.
     I began to do some research on eating "raw foods" and came across your how to video to grow food. Your passion caught my interest, and the knowledge you have is amazing. I subscribed to your channel and plan on watching many more. Thank you for all the great information, I needed someone I could trust that had lots of experience with this subject matter. Makes is so much easier for me to be successful (me being new) Again I love your passion and thank you for sharing your heart felt interest and passion with me.. Your a great inspiration..I will keep you update as to when I begin to build my garden beds, and I will watch many more how to videos.. Thank you for all your help in this matter.. my health is important to me and I want to do what ever I can to be healthy long term.Your simply amazing keep up the good work.. THANK YOU!

  45. I am so excited to find your channel. I am also on my journey to better health. I went through the same learning curve about a year and a half ago, in regards to how food really effects everything! We truly are what we eat. I just bought my first house here in Az, and am so eager to start my own garden. I do not have a clue how to do it, so thank you for sharing your knowledge. Please keep doing what you're doing!!! You have already been a HUGE help to me, and my understanding. 

  46. John, the rock dust definitely works! I'm here to provide my testimonial that yes worm castings, mycorrhizae,  and rock dust are making my garden rock! I also really am loving the boogie brew compost tea, and after finding out what is in it, it is worth every penny! Hopefully one day my garden can make it on your show because even though I always wanted to grow my own food, you motivated me and pushed me to work my best and get my gardens going! And gardening is cost effective just check out Roger Doiron's ted talk on my subversive plot. Keep those videos coming John, you are the man!

  47. i love all ur vids!! thank u ~!! please can u advise can I grow kale in my country (Malaysia) humid and hot, xx

  48. Dude keep it going its a lot easier to comment on negative things that people are feeling then it is on the positive, proof is in the news. Its nature not sure why but it is what it is. i have watched over 500 of your vids and i have learned a ton but i have never commented, " again not sure why" my apologizes i will do better i know the work you spend on your garden, not to mention the vids there is a lot of us that do enjoy very much and we thank you for the public service.

  49. Your videos are great man! Really empowering. I wouldn't care if you were getting paid to do product reviews because the information is so high quality.

  50. If it wasnt for John i wouldn't have walked into 4 different gardening stores today to shop for local high quality soil, and high quality rock dust. ¬†Actually, i never even thought of gardening for myself! ¬†4 garden stores later, and MANY of Johns videos later, i now own 2 Organic gardening books to teach me about winter gardening, and garden terminology.. …… If it wasnt for John, none of this would be possible. ¬†Thank you John!!!! You are a true pioneer.

  51. I started my first garden this year. You were my biggest motivation for this. I believe that what you're doing is extremely noble. Please never stop making videos!!¬† ūüôā

  52. You have and will never sell out. These dummies don't know a knowledge you have john it hurts to hear people say these comments. I'm glad you can take it and stay cool. Keep it growing brother I know you have. It's 2015 and I watch your new videos from start to finish even old .

  53. This year I turned my back yard into all raised bed gardens. I love the information I get from you. You are very inspiring. Thank you for having your You Tube channel.

  54. Don't schools these days teach kids how to do some basic planting? I find it baffling that there are people out there with zero experience in planting. Back in elementary we even went to trips to our local watershed to plant trees.

  55. You have made a major difference in my life. I am starting a garden this spring and looking into all the products and tools that I will need to support my soil and plants. Thank you John! I also watch Jake Mace, who also learned through you! Ignore all those negative trolls!!!

  56. After watching your videos and learning so much from them I just started my first 4×4 raised garden bed this week. I appreciate what you do and the help that you give to beginner gardeners like myself. Thank you John, keep making videos, I will continue watching.

  57. You have gotten me excited about growing food. I love watching your videos. I've learned so much from watching you and I love seeing all the products that are out there.

  58. Please continue doing what you do best, have a drama free zone and like you said if they don't like it let them move on. i for one love your videos and appreciate everything you do.

  59. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences and opinions with the world here on YouTube. I appreciate you passing on your knowlwdge for free in your effort to get more people to grow their own food. I will be using your advice to start my own garden this spring. Thanks again and keep doing what your doing !!!

  60. 19:00 your words speak to me! That moment is how I feel everyday. To be alive is just another success. Thank you John Kohler ūüôā

  61. On the other hand, if you DIDN'T give specifics about the products you use, people would HOUND you for such details. "What brand of potting soil do you recommend, John? Where did you get that self-watering container, John? What kind of rock dust do you use, John?" and they'd probably accuse you of keeping your methods a proprietary secret! LOL! Damn if you do, damn if you don't. Truth is, though, you have a plethora of videos about doing stuff with little or no money: sourcing local vendors for compost, the BIG BAG BED, FREE plastic crate bed… In fact, I'm surprised no one has called you out for being a cheapskate! ;o)

    Besides, if people object so much to you personally endorsing this or that product, then they also need to question our consumer culture as a whole and call out athletes who endorse big corporations for their own profit or celebrities that use their fame to tout the perfume, clothing and/or other goods they're selling. Personally, I am very happy to learn about the gardening products that are out there that I would've never known about. (I live in Hawaii where those things are just not available in stores here, PERIOD! And Honolulu is not the only remote place in the country.) You've sold me on many of them, but I'm also confident in my ability to resist the ones on my own accord that I can't afford or would not work for my purposes. Nevertheless I still enjoy seeing these products–the in-depth information you provide about them gives me ideas about what is possible in gardening and my mind is racing with ideas about hacking my own DIY versions!

    You can't please everyone and there will always be someone out there who will find offense with what you do. Although the critics are oftentimes the LOUDEST voices out there, take comfort in the reality that the numbers of thumbs up in your videos far outweigh the thumbs down–and there are far more people that understand what you're trying to do and GREATLY appreciate the vast wealth of information you provide in such an easy-to-digest format–and for FREE! I hope you never allow their obnoxious voices to silence yours! Keep on keeping on, John! Don't let the negative ninnies get you down!


  63. You, John, are the reason I started gardening when I did. I have been retired for a few years now, and was getting quite bored. I ran across a few of your videos and decided to give it a try. I started my first garden this year, and am planning on putting in a couple more next year. I am now having fun again…especially since my first tomato started growing. I ate it off the vine when it turned red and noticed a difference right away. The taste is unbelievable. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being there.

  64. John, you're light years more enlightened than the idiots that left negative comments. Just let it be. You can not explain yourself to a bunch of idiots and hope they would understand. Do what you are here to do and ignore comments from shallow thinkers. Genuinely enlightened people will see them for what they are. You don't need to waste your time explaining to idiots who are either advertently or inadvertently trying to sabotage your benevolent goal.

  65. I don't think you are selling out just because you show products. I really appreciate your show. Can you share how much time you spend on maintaining your garden???

  66. thanks for the introduction to tree collards. i have now been growing them for years, and give cuttings to people. your channel is one of the best.

  67. John you do you regardless of the trolls. You do not need to prove why you do anything in your life the way you do it. Its no one elses business to judge you.

  68. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself !
    I worked in the farming industry since I was 19yo, I have seen how corn is processed, celery, cabbage, bib, Romain, once I saw that most of the store products are either gassed to ripeness or waxed to death to last longer. ūü§Ęūü§ģ I decided it was time for me to plant and grow my own !

    ūü§¨$60 what ! ūüė≥.

    I have been watching your videos on/off for about a yr. .

  69. hello john i write you last week but i have no answer yet,im french women flow you at youtube,please can you took moor slow so i can understand all, i learn alot with you and i do all what you say ,some times its work and some times not work,my probleme is i dont find alot of vegtables and fruits that you took about and i cant find tower for strowberry ect……do have idea for me;waiting for answer ,thank you for all

  70. of course you have sponsors and you promote products that you find work well. Jeepers, i cant believe folks are cranky about it. LOVE your videos.

  71. No offense but you don’t need repeat the same thing over and over. Say once on each video why you grow your own greens. We get it. I want you to get on with the lesson.

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