Is Honey Vegan? Healthy? Humane?

Hey guys welcome to vegan nugget number 14.
Were going to talk all about honey. People often ask if honey is considered vegan. The
short answer, no. Most people tend to shy away from bee’s, and it’s a little harder
for people to get the warm and fuzzies about them. Although they are fuzzy. For the most
part, bees are not valued like other animals. Could this be due to intelligence? Countless
studies have shown the incredible intelligence of bees. In the well-documented waggle dance,
bees use vector calculus and physics. After finding a food source, forager bees return
to the hive and perform a dance for the other bees, which conveys all the information they
need to go to the food source. Now not only does this dance convey the direction of the
food source, but also the distance to it. As if that’s not complex enough, every 4 minutes
the sun moves 1° to the west. Bee’s actually account for this in their dance. It’s been
documented that every 4 minutes, the angle of their dance moves 1° to account for the
movement of the sun. So you can’t really knock a bee’s intelligence. I mean really, how many
humans are using vector calculus to get themselves to the grocery store? Hell we’re lucky if
we don’t drive into a lake just because our GPS told us to. So if the intelligence argument
doesn’t do it for you, how about the ability to feel pain? If a living being can feel pain,
how can it be ethical to inflict pain upon them? And yes there are numerous scientific
studies documenting that bee’s in fact do feel pain. How are we to say whose pain matter
and whose pain does not? Is it only humans, is it only humans and their pet, is it only
warm and fuzzy animals? Now aside from intelligence and their ability to feel pain, we come to
the real issue that most vegans have with the honey industry. The enslavement of bees
and the stealing of their honey. And I know you might be saying “bees are slaves, really?”
I’d like again to turn to a quote by Alice Walker. She says “the animals of the world
exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people
were made for white, or women created for men.” The bee’s will not make honey if they
don’t have a queen. Some beekeepers will order queens, many of which have been artificially
inseminated, a process in which male bee’s are crushed and drained of their semen, which
is then forcefully inserted into a queen bee. Travel can be rough on the queens, who are
often injured or killed in transit. When a queen arrives in the mail and eventually get
boxed, beekeepers rip off her wings to prevent her from flying away. Within the honey industry
there is quite a lack of regard for the bee’s lives. A lot of beekeepers kill off their
hives before winter, especially with the large factory bee farms. The life and death of these
entire colonies are decided purely on economic ground. Still want some honey? Let’s look
at how honey is actually made. Bee’s swallow nectar into their crop, they regurgitate it,
add enzymes to it, meaning spit, chew it, swallow it, and repeat many times. Each droplet
of nectar is swallowed and regurgitated 50 times. You heard me right, your sweet sweet
honey is bee vomit. Let’s turn to Gary Yourofsky once more for a little nugget of truth. And
what about vomit? Come on you guys love vomit. You adore vomit in on and all over your food.
Then they give this one a pretty name though, no one’s going to want to buy and eat vomit,
unless we call it honey instead. Honey comes directly from a bee’s stomach, it’s regurgitated
right through a bee’s mouth. Look that up with any wildlife biologist but, no one wants
to eat Bee’s Vomit Nut Cheerios, we want Honey Nut Cheerios, so we lie to ourselves and play
euphemism games. The standard diet of meat, dairy, and egg eater is blood, flesh, veins,
muscles, tendons, cow secretions, things that come out of a hens ass, and bee vomit. Bee’s
use their honey, really their vomit, as hive insulation and food for themselves and for
their babies. Still don’t give a [bleep] about bee’s? How about your health. While honey
is often marketed as a healthy natural sweetener, all bee products contain sugar, animal protein,
and fat. And are unequivocally unhealthy. Now honey is the perfect food, for bees. Now if your sitting there and saying
I’m a human, I’m on the top of the evolutionary ladder, think about this. If every bee species
were to drop dead tomorrow, it would have an absolutely detrimental effect on agriculture,
plant life, and food sources around the world. If we lost all pollinators, foods sources
as we know them would vanish. However, if you take the mighty all-important human, and
wipe our species off the face of the earth, every other living thing would benefit. So
perhaps we should think about this when we are ranking the importance of a species race.
If it comes down to who’s the most useful, we humans are going to be the first to go.
Whether we’re looking at the violation of a bee’s rights based on their intelligence,
their ability to feel pain, their right to not be enslaved, or have their food stolen,
or the fact that every droplet of honey has been barfed and re-barfed 50 times, or the
unfortunate unhealthy aspects of honey, or the environmental importance of bee’s as well
as the environmental detriment that they are to North America. All in all, honey is about
as far from vegan as you can get. I hope you guys enjoyed this nugget, please go to as well as subscribe to the channel. Make sure to comment and like the video, and I’ll see you guys next time.


  1. Ugh damn, I knew this would ruin honey for me as a vegan. I figured they just let them do their thing in the box, but I probably knew deep down it wasn't that simple.

  2. Oh yeah honey is bees vomit. But honey you're talking about bees vomit like it's humans vomit. The only thing they eat is nectar from flowers. And they have two stomachs which the first one is only for the nectar while the second one is for consuming. They only vomit the 1st stomach worth of nectar. This is then stored in their wax hives. They dry the honey so it becomes gooey. I am myself a beekeeper and i would never cut the wings off of my Queen. You talk about honey like you could only buy it from all the walmarts and other shit there is, go try real raw honey taken from bees in a co-existant way of taking but also giving. I am at your side when it's about mass producer honey where the beekeepers dont care about the bees or the honey but only the money. Im trying to help our nature by keeping bees in a natural way to help our wild bees which are so damaged trough us humans that they might face extinction in a very alarming rate. This could be stopped pretty easily but the old men in black suits care too much about their money and they cant come around the tought they wouldn't need more money than 95% percent of all other humans.

  3. Been vegan for two years but this has definitely convinced me to stop eating honey. I definitely agree that it is difficult to empathize with insects, (who knows how many spiders I've killed since going vegan), but it is important to in some way recognize that they are living and want to live their lives. (Even if their consciousness is limited in comparison).

  4. Hang on, every other single being would benefit? What about the amount of good that humans do? We are intelligent. I don't follow the same self depreciation as you do, I find it weird and unnecessary. We've helped animals and some people do a lot of good. Humans are very compassionate and caring most of the time. I see you live in a house. Not naked in a forest.

  5. Wait… whenever I used to crush an ant that white stuff is Semen?! E W

    Also I really don't gaf honey is good af and so is meat…never gonna be vegan! 😀✌️ Honey Nut Cheerios 4 life

    Think about it I'm sure they clean that shit before they sell it…just like eggs!

  6. With all respect, honey is powerful ,why does the honey have lots of benefits?, in fact it healed my friend disease that the doctors told her the disease will stick with her forever and she had to take medicine every single day and put on hospital every 3 month. and in my country there is that natural pharmacy that only sells honey for anything u struggle it’ll heal it right away. In one word “honey cures everything “natural honey” .

  7. I'm so sorry! I have been vegan my whole life and I still eat honey! 😢🐝 I'm so so sorry I'll stop today, is there any supplements? I'll still stop if there isn't but I would like it better if there were 🤔 tysm for opening my eyes!

  8. Thank you for the great videos, Emily! I am learning from you and sharing the information widely. Respect to You and Gary Yourofsky!

  9. you are not well informed! I am a bee keeper and we do not kill our bees in winter, we also do not cut our queen bees wings at all!! I also do not purchase queens. You have no idea what you are talking about regarding the rest! The bees are not harmed and we take great care to not harm them. We love our bees and only take small amounts of honey, leaving more than they need for winter over food. If you love living things, have you ever heard that trees have communities? so does this mean that you will not eat plants anymore?? no more almonds for you if there are no bee keepers. Almonds are almost 100% pollinated by Honey Bees, the kind that are " enslaved" in Langstroth Hives". By the way, we can in no way keep them there against their will. You need to become a little more educated!!

  10. The most important fact that YOU forgot! If beekeepers did not keep Apis Melliferis, (Honeybees), then 33% of your vegan food would not exist! So thank You to the Apiarists of the World, especially the Natural Beekeepers. Your very survival depends on us!!

  11. I dont eat honey except for small amounts in packaged foods, but if you're avoiding honey you should also avoid almonds since the production of almonds actually uses more bees than honey does.

  12. I didnt know this was common practice. My neighbors who have bees and have had them for year were very surprised when I showed them this. They don’t do any of these things. But instead use more natural methods. But to be fair they run a self sustaining farm. But I am vegan and don’t eat honey I didn’t know why so I inquired and it made me never miss honey again. But when I asked why people would do this to any being and my neighbors looked at me puzzled and said that’s not how we do things. So my question would be is there an ethical why to make honey or were my neighbors just justifying their actions?

  13. We agree with Bite Size Vegan. Bees make honey for bees, not for humans. Their labor shouldn't be exploited or stolen from them, plus eating insect vomit is pretty nasty…a few more thoughts on honey:

  14. Smaller bee keepers are more humane with how they treat the bees and extract the honey. Im looking to do so myself. Theres way too little bees pollinating plants that get eaten by everyone, even vegans. Also kinda not a big fan of arguements about the whole "honey is bee vomit thing". Its a childish statement. Your vegies get covered in shit to help them grow. Childish sounding right?

    Point is theres a right way and a wrong way to do shit as much as there is humane and unethical ways to treat animals we depend upon. I agree as much with cutting out meats, dairy, and eggs out of a regular diet but honey is too hard for me to give up, which is another reason i wanna have my own hive. I will know how i treat my bees and they will be treated right. No clipping of the wings, no shit delivery, and give them the respect they deserve for what they do for myself, and the planet we live on.

  15. God what a stupid little trendy bitch.. so worried about bees but she's ready to get rid of all of human population, nice scientific study proving honey is unhealthy lolol she just takes some random land as fa ts and produced zero evidence

  16. The intelligence argument is highly unsubstantiated, bees are amazing insects though. Feeling pain of course, however there's really not much use of force, is it vegan to eat honey? I don't think so but hey I'm plant-based for a reason, I don't eat meat, drink milk or eat eggs, I don't wear animal skin but I'm fine with riding horses, eating honey and am against 'giving copyright right' to animals. There's more than one way to be plant based.

  17. Bee farming can be very humane now days. We no longer have to kill the bees to get honey. While honey is not a magic health food it is is not a deadly poison. Should we really not eat honey because it is vomit? Fruit is the mature ovary of a female flower. Nutritional yeast and mushrooms are fungus. Vegan b-12 comes from bacteria. Yuck bacteria! Humans can provide a much more ideal life for animals then "nature" can. That includes bees. This kind of argument distracts from valid arguments against animal slaughter and commodification. How can we expect people to trust us when we say appropriately planned vegan diets are healthful or animals want to be loved when we stretch the truth and say things that alude more to an eating disorder like saying "because it's vomit!" If people want to buy honey from a humane beekeeper I don't see how that hurts the bees. Honey is just an overpriced sugar syrup.

  18. I’m 15 years old and have been beekeeping for over 3 years now. I have 5 hives now. But as a beekeeper, I’m not hurting my bees in any way. I do take some of the honey, but I only take honey if they will have a large enough supply of food stores for the winter afterwards. They aren’t kept prisoner or captive as they can go anywhere they want, and swarm when they feel like it. It’s just like nature, except their home isn’t in a tree, but in a hive. Honey is amazingly healthy and is very tasty as I might say. I also do it for other farmers and gardeners around me. I always say that beekeeping is one of the best hobbies out there, and I insist you try it. As it is very expensive starting out, I can tell you it’s one of the best things to do in life.

  19. This is the dumbest of dumb arguments. Bees produce copious amounts of honey and it has been harvested for mellenia why do you think they evolved to sting! To stop animals and such like from raiding their nests
    Everything they do is instinct bees are no more inteligent than their ant cousins it is pheromones that they react to. Take the lid off a domesticated beehive and see what happens.

  20. But if there are no honey producers there are basically no bee colonies which would be terrible for the planet? Can someone answer pls?

  21. I have one hive, in my yard, and I love my bees. All the apiarist, "beeks", I know, are the happiest people and also love their bees. I live in the suburbs, with a Mediterranean climate, so my bees have flowers all year around. This means they have constant access to fresh food, fresh is always best, and my wife and I taking a frame of honey, occasionally, there are 27 frames in my hive, helps keep the hive healthy. I applaud your life choices but sometimes life is not always black and white, I see our girls the same as a pet dog or cat

  22. if you go by no animals or animal by products you would not be able to eat fruits and vegetables since it comes from bee pollination and since its polinated by bees it technically is not vegan so honey is vegan its nector from plants that the bee sucks out with his mouth.

  23. Veganism by it's definition means eating only plant based products. Only Western culture has made it synonymous with Industry cruelty towards animals. If we look at honey in terms of what it is, it's plant product that is carried by the bee in a special sack inside them where enzymes lower the pH of the nectar of the flower. Therefore it's like a human being taking plant based product like soy and transforming it into something edible by eg. Fermentation. It's still a plant product even after being modified by human activity. Same for honey, it's still nectar of the flower, even it has been modified by the bee. It does not turn into animal product as the bee only adds enzymes, not say animal protein or similar to the honey. Many vegans liken honey with milk production which is utterly incomparable. In milk the cow produces the milk by adding animal protein and other products into it. In honey production all the bee does is collect, transport and lower the pH of the honey, and lastly drying water content from it so it becomes syrup instead of liquid. The end product is still plant based as it was before the bee touched it. Also honey is not technically puke because it's not stored in the bee stomach but in a special sack where the nectar is stored.

  24. I love honey. And just to set the record straight – bees will typically overproduce honey. None of them are harmed when the honey is harvested, and most hives don't contain forcefully inseminated queen bees. There is a lot of misinformation here, I would hope that next time you do your research and get your facts straight.

  25. In most of the countries where honey is harvested right now bees are concidered invasive spiecies. Did you know that out there in the wild there are millions of spiecies that are far superior as pollinators than bees? And they all got fucked because of bees. Fuck the bees.

  26. All other species would not benefit if humans went extinct. They would just be left to the meatgrinder with similar pain to factory farm animals.

  27. Hi! I have been vegan for 2 years now and I have been consuming honey from a local source which I ensures doesn’t harm the bees and does not artificially inseminate them. I was wondering if you would consider that to be vegan. After all, since bees are facing extinction, shouldn’t we be supporting their owners in an effort to keep them alive? ( as long as their owners do so sustainably and without harm, of course ) Anyway, I was hoping you would share what you think on sustainable honey, or if it is even a thing in your opinion. Of course if you convince me there are still issues with this type of honey I will stop consuming and supporting it. Thank you! I hope you can respond to this <3

  28. But if your eating fruits and vegetables that have been pollinated by bee farming isn't that still contributing to be farming… kind of like saying your against slavery but you wear clothes that were made by slaves.

  29. This video explaines everything. I am a vegan since 6 months ago but i taught eating honey is harmless for bees ( my bad) plus i taught it is healthy. So thanx a lot for your video and for changing my view and my diet😊

  30. Beeing over all other species include to protect those we need, moreover honey is very good for health (reducing blood pressure, hearth attack, also it has a lot of nutriment, and yeah this is puke but apples are tree fetus after, when it come to biologie everything can be gross.)

    Also honey farmer (I don't know how do you call them in english) are one of the last wall between bees and their extinction, why ? Because monsanto.

    Oh and obviously bee doesn't acknowledge their use of physic science, just like us in fact.

    But did you know what we have to indicate a position and a distance ? Language, wich is way more technical than a danse written in your genes.

  31. There are a lot of errors in this video. I hear nothing about how people pull up carrots, salads and other plants straight out of dead carcasses, vomit, shit and piss, because that's pretty much what the soil is made of. See how ridiculous that sounds even though it's based on the same factual concept as this video?
    Honey IS healthy. Because of the enzymes. It heals burns and wounds if applied fresh. Our bodies contain millions of different bacterias and enzymes that coexist and NEED each other to provide a healthy living entity. Giving up honey on the notion because it's "bee vomit" is ridiculous. Keep it factual without ridiculing it, and please don't generalize. Get educated, go meet beekeepers and learn from them.

  32. This was poor argumentation on the points about intelligence and "bee vomit." Many plant species are capable of intricate biological processes like what you described. Does that make them intelligent? Evolution has this effect on all organisms; that doesn't mean they're capable of higher-level thought. Also, stating that "bee vomit is gross" is not an argument; it's just an opinion on the matter. Personally, if honey could be obtained ethically, I would continue to consume it.

  33. I buy honey from small bee keepers, never industrial and I will continue to do so because they don't harm their bees (ok execpt for the queen insemination process… yuk) and because they are one of the first defenders of bees. I do believe that bee keepers help preserve the population of bees, will be there to raise awareness when their numbers diminue and fight to ban persticides that harm bees and could cause their extinction.

  34. Your telling only half the truth. Bees have two stomachs…one that is called the honey stomach, which is only to store the nectar they collect , and then the main stomach which is for digestion. The honey never comes in contact with the digestion of the 2nd stomach.

  35. Dumb you said nothing about non pasteurized honey and how wonderfully it is for your health and all the benefits or all the good things bee farms do for surrounding crops and why would they kill the bees? Your full of it

  36. Well yeah, it's vomit, but it's not really like, vomit. It's substance. Vomit is more so like, the animal is sick.

  37. I feel like vegan sources of honey are biased. I want to contact honey sellers in my area and find out if they're ethical or not before I just blindly accept that all honey is bad for bees

  38. How about I tell you bees are endangered by the production of your own vegan food. Yeah, pesticides. And bee farms are the core of their survival. Knowing that you choose to boycott this industry, how the fck do you think youre gonna get your vegetables without them. If it wasnt for bee farms, we wouldnt have vegetables where I live in Quebec. I need an answer

  39. So veganism is really about animal ethics not healthy diet. Thanks, I dodged a bullet. Almost was ready to eat a plant based diat till I found it the real reason. Have no ethical problem with eating animal products.

  40. Tons of incorrect info about bees here.

    I have NEVER nor have i known a beekeeper that rips the wings off the queen.
    No beekeeper is going to purposefully kill their bees unless they have a rare disease called foul brood which is highly transmissible and legally requires burning the hives.
    Bees use honey thru the winter as an energy source so a beekeeper will only take the excess.
    Artificially inseminated bees can cost as much as $2000 because of genetics. Most queens are not breed this way.
    The Male bees "penis " naturally "explodes" when mating. The queen has multiple males breed with her. The next male removes to other males detached penis from her before making.

    Last….plants are living things. If you did your bee research you should know that they even "talk" to the bees thru frequency to let the bee know to come to it. I beg you…please quit eating these beautiful plants. Even if they are not as "intelligent " as you they don't deserve to die. Every plant has it's purpose on earth and that isn't for you to eat it.

  41. So what your saying is we need to stop buying honey and let bees go extinct? That's how you suggest we show we care about bees? And if they killed the entire colony over winter they wouldn't have enough bees for the next season. And how they hell are bees detrimental for North America?!?!?! Make up your mind, do we want to care about bees or wipe them out?

  42. I don't agree that "honey is as far from vegan as you can get", simply because during exploitation of bees they don't suffer as much as for example cows or pigs. So on the scale of suffering, considering also that they live in their natural habitat and are doing what they want, it's not that bad. Also you are talking of intelligence: this bee dance is not intelligence, it's their instinct. Intelligence is when you are finding innovative techniques, solutions to solve a problem, and bees with their nest finding and decision making act more like a sophisticated algorithm. But I support your vew generally and high five, cause I'm also a vegan!

  43. I'm not sure I'm convinced. I don't support the killing or mistreatment of intelligent creatures, but this video didn't really help me determine if bees are really intelligent. You provided examples of complexity, but didn't show that this complexity came from the bee's brains making decisions. It may be instinct, in the same way that a plant's stem grows toward the sun, or a plant's roots grow toward the sound of running water. I still don't eat honey, but I don't know how to justify this choice to myself or others.

  44. It is so sad that someone can be so blissfully ignorant of the facts and yet feel they have the mandate to propagate utter rubbish. Has this lady even studies bees and beekeeping? She has so many things wrong here it is deplorable.

  45. Has this lady ever heard about symbiotic relationships between species within nature? It happens throughout Nature where two species will mutually benefit each other, each gaining something desirable from the other.

    In the case of beekeeping, the beekeeper gets honey. In return, the bee colony gets protection from a host of things that often kill wild colonies.

    What benefits does a bee colony receive? A perfectly designed bee space for the colony. Often bees will choose an empty hive to colonise over other spaces such as hollow trees, house roof space etc. A colony receives protection from predator attack. What are bee predators? Wild colonies are often attacked, raided, and ultimately destroyed by badgers, some birds, hornets, wasps, woodpeckers, mice, moths , mites, and viruses. A bee keeper will protect the colony from all of these. Cold can also destroy a colony in the winter. The bee keeper will always make sure the colony has plenty of food throughout the winter. A colony is very likely to starve to death in the winter if the colony was unable to make enough honey in the summer, or if the honey has been raided by predators. Or even if the honey has crystallised in the cells making it hard and unusable for the bees. Certain types of pollen will mean some honey crystallises much faster than others. The bees don't know this, they just collect pollen from any source. But they will suffer for it in the winter if they have collected the wrong pollen. Without the bee keeper feeding them through the winter they will starve to death. This is relatively common in the wild.

    The colony is nurtured by the beekeeper, not exploited. There is no exploitation at all, whatever is taken is given back tenfold.

    Of course this lady will never understand this because she blindly follows the ethos of most vegans which is to totally disconnect from the natural world, and choose to live an impoverished life, divorced from a close relationship with the mutually shared life support system that the rest of life accepts without any emotional baggage of guilt.

  46. Don't come at me but is it ok if you 100% know where is your honey coming from and that the queen bee wasn't bought and are fed properly. +nowdays bees are on the edge of getting extinct because of pollution, because of network (they can't fint their homes because of signals, and other factors.) So by farming people give them homes, food, help them to continue living and get honey from them in compense

  47. at 1:44 onwards, do these practices occur with bees used for cross-pollination? Or is this only for honey bees? Because my defense for cross-pollination bees is that the bees are not actually harmed, and most importantly, they fly back to the hive of their own accord. i.e if they wanted to, they could just fly away after pollination and not return to the hive.

  48. Totally unbiblibal, and it is vegan. God made woman for man, animals for humans to eat. But then again you probably don't believe in God and worship trees.

  49. Imagine your audience is so fucking stupid that you can make a 5-minute video blatantly lying non-stop and all the idiots eat it up and call it "factual"

  50. Amazing thank you! Loved that your videos are so informative and kid friendly. At least the ones I saw. My 5 year old watched this one with me🌞

  51. Trying to get people to stop eating honey by calling it bee vomit is kinda silly. By the same reasoning you can call almond milk squeezed tree fetus blood and call fruit engorged plant placenta.

  52. This was my exact conversation just now. Me: …"honey isn't vegan"
    My friend: "yes, it is"
    Me: pulls this video
    My friend: grumble "ok.."

  53. Not all queens are ordered. Many are born from the original queens and removed before they hatch and moved to start their own colonies. The wings are not ripped off as that would kill her, one wing is clipped. I don’t clip, oh btw I am vegan and I don’t harvest honey. Just as any industry there will be cruel people but they whole thing isn’t cruel.

  54. Genuine question. If you eat fruit or vegetables, isn't it technically not vegan because the flowers are required to be pollinated by bees? Apparently some bee keepers manipulate bees using drugs to go to certain plants like avocados, orange, etc,( We own beehives at our house and we don't do that) and then that fruit could be consumed by you.

  55. I wonder how vegans feel about other species that are not animals. Technically all plants are living beings but do we know if they can feel pain? And what about bacteria and other microorganisms? Officially the only thing hoomans would be allowed to consume would be water and other very rudimentary elements to keep us alive since most living beings must contain carbon as the source of life.

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