ISU Crop Marketing Information

Hello my name is Chad Hart. I’m an Extension Economist with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Today will become an ISU crop marketing information. Now there are a variety of sources out there to learn about crop marketing. What I’m going direct you to towards are the ones through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, and our main portal that we use on the marketing side is what’s called Ag Decision Maker. Alright, the easiest way to find it I’ve got the address here on the screen but it’s the google Ag Decision Maker and I’m going to tell you it’s probably going to be the top link out there. Ag Decision Maker is sort of our one-stop shop that contains not only marketing information but all sorts of farm management information out there. Now the easiest way to find the marketing information is when you go to the Ag Decision Maker page there’ll be a little bar on the left-hand side that basically if you will subtitles the major groupings of what within our publications. Whether its crops, or livestock, whole farm or even new business development within agriculture. But the marketing aspect especially for crop marketing is in that crop section. You click on that it’ll pop up a secondary menu which will list not only marketing but costs and returns, outlook, other pieces about machinery, and leasing things such as that so it really is this one-stop shop. Once you get into the site what you’ll find is a variety of tools. Here I’m just highlighting some of them on the marketing side. We not only have these in sort of fact sheets and information sheets but you’ll also notice the little Excel marker there that shows you spreadsheets that you can utilize to analyze your farm business decisions in your marketing decisions here. So it gives you a variety of techniques with which to work through. Some of the issues that you’re working with within the crop marketing aspect. We also have along with that, the Iowa Commodity Challenge and in this case this is a series of webcasts that go along with an extension assimilation game that actually takes into account what’s going on in the markets today, to get you some experience, utilizing marketing tools, within the simulator marketing framework, and so it it helps you work through real-life pricing of crops using real-life prices. You’ll also have the Iowa Farm Outlook. This is a monthly newsletter that has put together by extension economist here at Iowa State University, mainly looking at what’s going on in the marketplace today, where it’s driving the markets, and water influencing the prices that farmers are seeing. We also have e-courses, online courses that can help you work through some of the grain marketing tools that we’ll talk about in this series of videos. That’s available for you to work through at your own time at your own pace. But the main resource that we have our people, and when you look at Iowa State Extension and Outreach it’s our farm management team that really deals with crop marketing issues. Right now we have eight people throughout the state represented by the eight regions that you see here within the state, that can help you with your marketing questions. Many times these people will have on their own personal sites also some crop marketing information out there. Fact sheets, information sheets, that can help you work through decisions as you look at your marketings out there. And I want to thank you for taking a little time investing in looking in crop marketing decisions but again my name is Chad Hart Extension Economist with Iowa State University thank you very much.

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