It’s a Cow Round-Up | The Incredible Dr. Pol

NARRATOR: On the other
side of Isabella County– [laughing] –father and son gear
up for a three-fer. CHARLES: What do they got? DR. POL: Bunch of work. [cow mooing] Greg is a hobby farmer.
GREG: Come on. Hey, let’s go. DR. POL: It’s nice to
have these animals around, and he loves to
take care of them. Hello, Greg. NARRATOR: On this small farm– DR. POL: (SINGING) Tweedly-ti,
tweedly-ti, tweedly-do. NARRATOR: –doc’s
prepared for anything. DR. POL: Where’s my screwdriver? OK. I have one pregnancy check. GREG: Then these three here. DR. POL: And then you
have one with a lame foot. [cow mooing] NARRATOR: First up– DR. POL: Here he comes, here
he comes, here he comes. NARRATOR: –the lame steer. DR. POL: How bad is he? NARRATOR: Just seems to be
kind of slow getting up, and he don’t seem to
be gaining weight. [music playing] DR. POL: It’s not in his
hoof, that’s for sure. See, it looks to me like that
front leg above his dewclaws is swollen. GREG: Yeah. DR. POL: See right
there, on the inside. Nothing is broken there. It is just bruised. You know what, I’m gonna
give him a shot of selenium. So we can take care
of that with a shot. NARRATOR: Selenium will help
the steer’s sore muscles relax. DR. POL: And time
will heal it up. NARRATOR: Next, three
heifers Greg plans to breed. GREG: Come on, girl. Hey. Hey, come on. NARRATOR: Need to get in line. GREG: Whoa. Here, girls. Girls, girls. DR. POL: That’s OK. That’s a heifer. What we have to do is give
them a shot of Lutalyse so they come back in heat. NARRATOR: The shot
will synchronize the cows’ estrous cycles. DR. POL: Turn around, girl. There you go. NARRATOR: So they can be bred
and calve at the same time. OK, now you can let them
all three out, if you want to. GREG: OK.
Yep. One at a time, please. Ah! NARRATOR: No bovine
call’s complete– GREG: Come on. NARRATOR: –without
a little rodeoing. Ha! Ha! Ha! And then he has still a
couple dairy cows there. Heh, both of ya. And one of them
hopefully is bred. And then we run it in
and do a pregnancy check. Oh, yes, she is. Yes, she’s pregnant. That’s it, right? GREG: Yes. Overall, it went
very well for Greg. You know, the steer
is fine, the heifers are coming back in heat later
on, and the cow is pregnant. All good news. Yes. Thank you very much, Dr. Pol. DR. POL: Thanks.
GREG: Thank you. DR. POL: See ya.
GREG: Yep. [music playing]


  1. А нельзя ли сделать перевод на русский язык!? Очень хороший канал, и поучительный. Я смотрю по ТВ. и на комьютере

  2. Docs car is literally the office on wheels just without any machines in there . He has everything in that Jeep 🚙 😂

  3. That's ok. That's a Heffa 😂😂😂😂. Remembering back when i was young my grandma calling me & sister's Heffa when she was mad at us🤦🏽

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