Hello. The Ministry of Culture inform you that if you like this video, you can click the blue thumb and subscribe to the Amixem’s channel, goodbye. *Clap* Well hello. Today we meet to the incredible video “I WATCH YOUR GREEN BACKROUNDS” There’s some days I provided plans on the green background I was doing absolutely crazy things, * Strange noises * And I asked you to make a video and you were many to make one. So 27 pages with 20 videos per page, It’s nearly 600 videos. I have for, huuu what? 10 hours of viewing? Nothing, I think I’ll laugh a lot we will look at the maximum possible videos, I’m really sorry if I messed too well, But I can’t just watch 600 videos. I can’t wait to watch your bullshit. Lets go, Shit! So first video … 94,000 views! The guy has almost 100,000 views with 7 seconds So i say to you “Sniteur” euuh I’m waiting for a “high level” Because almost 100,000 views in 7 seconds I hope I’ll piss on me, OK? * Laughs * Well done! Sync a very good idea What? you got almost 100,000 views just for that? A scam … a beautiful, beautiful scam “Sniteur” it was beautiful, it was beautiful. [Amixem Video] I have never talked about but I have a super power! Here it is * Laughs * [Amixem Video] … Impressive right? * Laughs * [Amixem] Oh fuck the guy did effects The guy is heated on After Effect … Wow! * Laughs * It’s buggy of relief [Amixem Video] * strange sound * [Amixem] What the fuck … * laughs * [Hollande] We uh … have capabilities to be the best [Amixem Video] Everything was as it’s true yeah! [Amixem] * laughs * Do not tell me you’re going make a rotten movie … Oh no it’s good * Laughs * So that was good with Kassos found it was very well found (Elevator music) What the fuck?! He just made a short film or me there. [In the video] Hello! * Plate that breaks * Whore ! It’s smart to make the con like that! You’re going to now repay the dish? Well hello already we will start with that, it would not hurt Well, there you go, [Amixem-Out Video] Fuck he made a short film …
You saw how you m’dit hello? After that, there is no way that I say hello Polite guy, super Blah blah blah … Rude my ass! What happens there? Eh bah is another bum that was recovered in the street last night, he made us drop our “gratin daphinois!” (Amixem) Daphinois! Let me do… Hello sir! CLAP! (Amixem) * laugh * Silent It’s still crazy how I’m fighting the balls are you talking about! It’s still crazy huh! Eh oh, calm your ass Nicki Minaj, you’re OK with me? scumbag I shit you in the mouth, a good day See you! Asshole! (Amixem) Oh vi … haha! Wait, but what he seeks here? I dunno… Sir? What are you looking for? * Bizzare voice * (Amixem) * laugh * I’ll fuck you your race! NO! Do not do that! * Cries * Strange Sir? What are you doing? But you will not break anything if you continue! * Bizzare voice * No, but you listen to me when I talk to you? .. (Amixem) You’ll break something … He must be stopped before it breaks something! But how to do it? Damn but he will break everything there! Do something OK. * Laughs * What the f * ck? What are you going to fuck there? I panicked Bah and so I can tell you it is not stung Hann … Thou poses The whore he is armed It’s good, it’s good I loose It’s good, it’s disgusting finally Hold on ! I have a solution Wow What? * Noise pulls * Oh my God ! You want a kiss ? Mario: No You want a kiss ? Nooo !!! You want a kiss ? No, please god no! No! You want a kiss ? Huh? Hey You want a kiss ? NOOOO !!! * Laughs * You the poses! You the poses, slowly, slowly … You the loose, you loose the you the … It’s good It’s disgusting finally * Laughs * OK, here it goes eight seconds you see … It’s short, it’s effective, we’re happy! 16,000 views agree, then OK to agree … “The return of Gandamixem” Well okay let’s go! I am scared … * Voice bizzare * Hello, welcome to my chain youtoube Where are they ? And hello ben already … We’ll start with it would not hurt! Bah voila … the Poli great guy! Who are you ? I Amixem, subscribers up This can only be Amixem: If anything can Stop talking to me do not talk to me Do you want a kiss ? Do you want a kiss ? Hey! Do you want a kiss ? (Amixem) is too well done !! I have never spoken to you but I have a super power. Here it is whoua !! Impressive right? * Laughs * Ho fuck !! it’s too good !!! WHOUAAA !!! CinéGaming more !!! Put *** !! I did not see ! CinéGaming .. Excellent youtube channel! Subscribe to CinéGaming that’s so cool! Hitler against Amixem okééééé Go ahead Balance sauce … (Video) Hello and welcome to the General Meeting of this company, thank you for coming so numerous! I’ll present my PowerPoint will summarize the year The first slide it so that was Thierry and Jaqueline Thursday evening (Amixem) Well done !! (Video) And hello ben already we’ll start with that, it would not hurt bah voilà … (Video) Poli super guy … * Laughs * (Video) You want a kiss? Huh? Do you want a kiss ? *to laugh* Hello !! (Video) Behind I undressed …. (Video) Usually we do it the other way … Ah … D “therefore agree that this is one of the valves … … The least funny of my Youtube channel (Video) It was the joke of ass! *silence* It does absolutely no laugh … * laughs * * Laughs * strengths Ho whore ….. * laughs * IV2FI thank you very much! I hope I not flay the name of your chain … 100 000 subscribers !!! Not bad ! And bah I hope you have a little more with this video! Because it was really very nice, thank you! So this video is a bit different we sent it to me on Tweeter but we will still look obviously it’s … from Stéphane Stephane I look at your work focus .. * Laughs * It’s too well done. Sarah Connord? Huh? Oh no no. * me * weird sounds anything. * Laughs * Sarah Connord? Not at all, I live in Gland So uh no sorry. It is too well p * cking Sarah Connord? You’re a * c nnard not I love you I never loved you at the same time, yeah the same time I told you that I did not love you, you’re a * c nnard same time it shows on your face you’re a n c * so uh, stop talking to me so ah do not tell me you feel bad so um bye. 30 seconds magical thank you very much Stéphane was p * cking convincing because there in uh look at that! It really looks like that I filmed incredible, incredible! OH ! so that I can tell you that this is not stung beetles. Amixem that is what are you doing here? Bah hello and we will already started that it would not hurt Well, uh, hello. Bah voila, polite guy, great! Well, waiting is you who lands there! Now that you are there, you think what the chain? That is the big sea ** we will not hide It’s not funny, it’s not working, it’s disgusting! Ah outright. this is the big sea **! Yes, it’s true, we can say it like that Ah, but you got totally no respect for what I did in fact Yes absolutely, it’s true! You just came to spit on my channel


  1. Ça m'a fait bizarre de voir neoxi en tant qu' abonné qui fait des vidéos sur amixem alors que maintenant il travaille ensemble

  2. On peut quand même constater que en dessous de la vidéo de Neoxi on voit qu'Amixem n'est pas abonné à sa chaine ^^

  3. Les gens qui ont cliqué sur la vidéo pour la photo porno on a la même intention apparemment

  4. Bonjour je viens du futur je viens de 2019 cetait juste pour dire que on est beaucoup sur cet vidéo de venir du futur

  5. Un moment Amixem est désabonner de la chaîne de Neoxi dans un fond vert et après quand il l’a regarder il était pas abonner à sa chaîne 😂

  6. Je sais même que celle que tu iras jamais ce message mais bon pourquoi tout le temps tous les youtubers arrête pas de dire Timothée je m'appelle Timothée jeune ah ça me saoule et je pense que tout le monde pense à pain tout ce qui s'appelle Timothée

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