[soft music playing] The JFMC is a lot of things for me but one word that I think of is Home like it’s a place where I can like relax especially going to a PWI I step into the JFMC and I immediately know everyone and I can just I don’t know…be myself. In the James Farmer Multicultural Center I just feel like I’m with like family. Um, the JFMC is like a very safe space I like to go to I normally just go there to do homework and, like, print out assignments because it’s free but um, but I really enjoy it because the staff is very nice and, like, I always feel as if I am at home when I’m there Like the positive experiences that I found on campus so far has to do with the JFMC: my job… Just…everything like, the existence of the JFMC is one of the main things that brought me to this campus One thing that I’m most proud of that we do is work that we do to nurture and support our students Each year, we offer our Cultural Awareness Series offering of different Cultural Celebrations When we first started in 1990, we had two. Now, we are celebrating over eleven cultural celebrations. We’re very proud of that. They range from one-day events such as the Multicultural Fair To month-long celebrations such as Black History Month Women’s History Month and Latino Identities Month. There’s always something going on in the JFMC and I think that’s what brings people there like I said it’s just …It’s lively! All of these things that we do because we want our students to have more enriching campus experience But to also feel that they are welcomed and valued part of the campus community. I like the JFMC and everything. It’s a great space. I love it. It’s awesome At James Farmer Multicultural Center, we Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity! Celebrate Diversity. #JFMCTogether

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