Justin Bieber the Gardener

– I didn’t realize, by the way– thanks, Twitch–
there were going to be so many plants onstage. I unfortunately did not bring
Nick the Gardener. audience: Aw!
And–I know. I was like,
“Well, I don’t need him, because there are not–”
but there are plants, so I made a call to
a friend of mine, to ask if he would
spritz my orchids. And he said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “What do you mean,
‘what do you mean’?” And–
[audience members shrieking] Long story short, he couldn’t
come, but please welcome, my East Coast gardener,
Justin Bieber. [screams and applause]
– What’s up? [screams and applause] – Justin Bieber!
[screams and applause] [screams and applause] So–
[screams and applause] Hey, congratulations,
your song is number one. What do you mean? [screams and applause] All right, so… You have no water in here,
do you? You have nothing in here.
– No, it’s empty. – No, you just decided to show
up just to say hi. – Yeah.
– And I love you for that. – And, um–
[audience laughter] Well, go to–
Oh, there’s people excited. [screams and applause] Someone who loves you.
– Yeah. – So we’re going to go to break,
and before we go to break, I thought we would maybe pass
some T-shirts out, right? – Cool, let’s do it.
[screams and applause] [screams and applause] [air cannons firing] [air cannons firing] [air cannons firing] – Whoo. [audience laughter] [air cannons firing]
[screams and applause] – We’ll be right back!
[air cannon fires]


  1. All the girls screaming and shit like that, he's used to it. And he pretty much over anything like that crazy girl, he see that a lot so it like whatever

  2. if justin will back with his 2010 hairstyle than he will look as it is same as he was before in 2010 this is my request

  3. Happy birthday Justin Bieber. Congratulations on your 25th birth day. I am going to write this same comment on different videos of Ellen with Justin Bieber ( 1 March 2019) ( from India )

  4. Looks like church, it's my brain I can talk about what ever I want, he has nice hair2:;))owee 🙂 😉 (;Ellen shine(:

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