Keeping stingless bees in Canberra 🐝

G’day nick from I While back. I Was contacted by a man called Leonardo Francis now Leonardo lives down in Canberra and he asked me can I keep stingless bees in camera? I’ve contacted all the stingless bee suppliers in Queensland, and everybody said I’m out of range and that it’s impossible and he said I would love the opportunity to be able to keep them if there’s any way I can do so a Story came to mind of a man that kept stingless bees in Melbourne for quite some time In a hive inside a freezer And so I said to Leonardo if I write a set of instructions as to what to do and You follow them and you document everything. I will sell you a beehive So that’s what I did and boy did Leonardo deliver on Keeping track. He sent regular emails of what he was doing and what he was up to he started with one of my cedar hives initially and He had a Really beautiful box made to put his beehive inside he fitted the inside of that with a heater and a feeder and His bees have now come through winter. No problems the the box to my knowledge is still sort of the Same weight and the bees are happily coming and going down in Canberra so I’ve written a blog post about this and I want everybody to Come have a look and check out His emails and the discoveries. He’s very thorough. He’s put up temperatures. He’s built a beautiful Or had a beautiful feeder built for him It’s just a really professional job and I’m super impressed At his work and also it’s exciting because it opens up other possibilities for other people to do the same I probably won’t be doing this again but for curiosity’s sake and Posterity I did send a hive to Canberra and I was keen to see what happens so Yeah, come check out the blog post on it and read Leonardo’s emails


  1. Hi Nick! Love your videos, keep it up! One question I have is when the queen dies of old age and a new (unmated) queen takes over; if there's no other hives in the area, how will the queen mate? Is it feasible for her to mate with other drones in her hive, or will this cause diversity/inbreeding problems down the line, will she even mate with her drones? Wouldn't have a clue how this works for bees.

  2. Hi how would i get in contact in contact with leonard i live in rural vic and have looked into doing this for some time. Its even harder for me to get a hive where i am…

  3. Hi Nick, Thank you for this and past posting!

    This experience is similar to my experience in Melbourne (with one substantial point of difference). My setup is a wooden hive wrapped with a propagation mat and temp controller (both fairly inexpensive and common) covered with a simple polystyrene insulation box.

    I received my bees last spring and though spring was cold for them, summer was a blast with lots of activity. Autumn and most of the winter went well as well with large numbers coming out on warm sunny winter days.

    The one difference is I did not have an in-hive feeder and the colony practically starved 3 months ago with a mass die out overnight. There was plenty of pollen stored in the hive but no honey. Surprisingly about 10% has survived that day and I have been feeding them sugar water ever since.

    My experience is that cold is not as much of an obstacle as food…

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