Kelly Rowland Sings Aretha Franklin, Destiny’s Child, and More in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

– This is a great game. (laughing) We’re gonna play this at home. Hey I’m Kelly Rowland, and
I’m here to play a game, song association with Elle. The rules of the game are simple. I’ll be given a word, and I have 10 seconds to
sing that word in a song. I don’t know what’s going
to happen in this game. But I know I better come up with something quickly in 10 seconds or else. Here we go. (laughing) Own damn song. (laughing) Sorry. Honey. (clock ticking) All I could think of is Aretha’s… (ding) ♪ Honey ♪ ♪ Honey baby ♪ ♪ Honey, oh how I love you so much ♪ ♪ Honey, oh how I love you so much ♪ Something like that, I think. Honey. Bills. ♪ Can you pay my bills ♪ (ding) ♪ Can you pay my telephone set ♪ (laughing) There you go. (laughing) Bills! (laughing) (clock ticking) (whispering) Oh, oh pressure. (buzzer buzzing) I am really broken that
I could not find a song. Dang. ♪ Broken, broken ♪ (laughing) Own damn song. (laughing) Sorry. Sorry. Kiss. (clock ticking) ♪ I like my kisses down low ♪ Y’all know what I’m sayin’. You can be like that on Elle, yay. ♪ I like my kisses down low ♪ (laughing) Yeah. Y’all know what I mean. Name. (clock ticking) ♪ Say my name, say my name ♪ (ding) Duh. Crazy. (clock ticking) ♪ Does that make me crazy ♪ (ding) Right? Night. (clock ticking) Uh. Night, night. (buzzer buzzing) Ah, night. It’s actually funny when I miss it. It’s actually funny when… She was like, “Midnight train to Georgia.” Okay. Love. (clock ticking) I just think about… ♪ Love ♪ ♪ So many people use your name ♪ I can’t get that low, but Love. Dance. (clock ticking) Dance. ♪ From here on out I’ll
be your commander ♪ Dance. (buzzer buzzing) That’s in that song. I don’t sing it, I just go, “Dance.” (laughing) I got you, I promise I know the words. Blue. (clock ticking) Awe you can sing Blue’s name anyway. Blue. Yeah, uh, uh. ♪ Blue ♪ (ding) Except I didn’t yodel. Leann Rimes, Leann Rimes Blue. I was trying not to sing like, B’s song. I was trying to think
of another blue record, I’m like, “Uhhh?” Angel. ♪ Angel of mine ♪
(ding) I dunno, that’s one. That’s the only angel I know. Or… ♪ In the arms of an angel ♪ ♪ Fly away from here ♪ That one. Oh… ♪ Oh my angel ♪ Yes. Anita Baker. If you don’t know, now you know. And If you don’t know you need to get it. iTunes, Anita Baker. Woman. (clock ticking) ♪ All my women, who independent ♪ (ding) Independent Women. Yeah. Sweet. (clock ticking) Oh. (ding) ♪ Sweet love, hear you
callin’ out my name ♪ ♪ I feel no shame, I’m in love ♪ You know, sweet love. Deep (lauging) (clock ticking) (laughing) Sorry. Um, deep. (buzzer buzzing) I’m over. My time is over. Where y’all thinkin’ about Blackstreet? ♪ Can we go deep, deep ♪ I was like, “What are they laughing at?” One. (clock ticking) One. Oh my god, what is wrong with me? (buzzer buzzing) This is a great game. We’re gonna play this at home. So I got 10 out of 15 songs but… (loud exhaling) I think I should get an extra three points because I sang Angel three different ways, three different songs. (affirmative clicking) Thank you so much for watching, I hope you had as much fun as I did. You can check me and other women, and all of our stories about style and fashion, and evolving
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  1. I’d love to hear Kelly sing In the Arms of an Angel it would sound so beautiful from just those few seconds

  2. Deep – To put it on me deep in the right direction ohhhh, you understand the facts that i'm trying to get to you.

    Like…That's literally her part in Lose my breath. I'M SO MAD AT THIS WOMAN

  3. I “BROKE” the windows out of your 🚗 jazmine Sullivan

    At “Night”when you far in I’m alone I feel the fabric from your T-shirt Beyoncé

    Your love is ah “One in a million “ aaliyah

  4. I'm only here because the God of the Universe's return is imminent. I've seen the Living God, Jesus Christ. He looks nothing like the iconic images, and His voice is like a Mighty Lion surrounded by many waterfalls. He's very real.

    If you seek Him, you will find Him. It's your choice to accept or reject Him, nothing is forced. God gave us freewill.

    I don't wish to see anyone disappointed for all eternity because they never knew that Jesus is coming. Now you know.

    You decide where you want to spend eternity. I don't want anyone to say they never knew. It takes patience and persistence to hear from God.

    Once He becomes real to you follow Him until the end, and even unto death, your reward will be with Him in heaven. My desire is to see many of you changed into the image of Christ and all for His Glory.

    Everything written in the Bible will come to pass. I have the devil by his neck. It's your choice to choose life or death, heaven or hell, Jesus or satan.

    Take care and God bless you all

  5. Honey:
    Bills: bills billsbills destiny child
    Kiss: let me kiss you one direction
    Name: whats my name china
    Crazy: crazy in love beyonce
    Love: love me justin bieber
    Dance: i hope you dance
    Blue: blue aint your color keith urban
    Woman: more than a woman aaliyah
    Deep: deep inside mary j blige or alicia keys

  6. You could’ve said for love say my name say my name when no one is around you say baby I love you if you aint playing games

  7. 1:42 LOL started staring at her like giiirl.
    Then i start singing "Say my name, say my name" as if she could could hear me giver her the hint! 😂🤣😅
    Yo i love kelly but I'd lowkey be mad if she didn't get that 😆

  8. In this whole video she was just tryna be recognised as Kelly and not be linking Beyonce so she didn't sing the other 5 songs on purpose otherwise she did have songs in her head. It was quite annoying to watch her do that but i do get why she did it

  9. It always amazes me how much she and Beyonce sound alike when they talk and sing. She is so underrated. I love her voice and personality. I hope she is very happy in life

  10. Love on top- Beyonce
    Bills bills- DC
    Broken – Kelly Rowland
    Kiss from a rose
    Say my name-DC
    Crazy in love- Beyonce
    All night long- Lionel
    Love- Musiq
    I wanna dance with some body-
    Angel of mine- Monica
    Woman- Alicia keys
    Sweet love – Anitah Baker
    How deep is your love for me- Dru Hill
    Two become one- Spice girls

  11. Wait, is Beyonce on the background, (lol) 😊😂😊 she obviously li-syncing….(lmao) 😅The number one song : honey, sounded so Beyonce 0:44 – 0:48🍯❤️

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