Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof is a world-famous royal flower park in the Netherlands. Every year it’s visited by more than a million tourists. Let’s take a look! This fabulous floral kingdom is filled with
the blooming tulips of every sort and shades, hyacinths, golden daffodils, lilacs and lush red roses. The first flower exhibition was organised in 1949
and over time it has become an annual event which constantly attracts a large number
of visitors from all around the world. So eventually Keukenhof turned into the park that we know today. There are seven glorious modern greenhouses
in completely different styles, showing and inspiring visitors to update their own garden. You can also get advice from leading Dutch experts. In the XV century on the site of the current
Keukenhof was a hunting ground. They also collected herbs for the kitchen
of the Jacob van Beijeren’s castle. Hence came the name “Keukenhof”, which means – kitchen garden. Keukenhof offers an hour’s boat trip on the canals. It opens up amazing views of the endless
fields of tulips of different colours. This an amazing scenery, so don’t forget to bring your camera. There are over 7 million tulips of 100 different species planted. This year, once again, the international press has proclaimed Keukenhof one of the most popular tourist attraction in the world. The gardening is constantly progressing and here
you will learn about the latest trends and global fashion trends.
The local creative experts know no bounds. They believe that it is time to update: GARDEN 2.0.


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  2. yes absolutely ,, it attracts lot of tourists ,, this water canal in my view is the one of best water canal with hug roses coast line

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  4. Woww…!!!! very beautiful place..really lovely ❤❤❤❤❤❤Greetings from DUBAI ❤❤❤❤

  5. Amazing!!  I have to visit Keukenhof one day, but until then we have the Holland, Michigan Tulip festival here:

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  7. i been here not so long ago,…AMAZING & i even saw a hindu family that brought macaroni with them from home and start eat it,..inside the restaurant😄

  8. I giardini di Keukenhof sono una meraviglia che deve fare riflettere sul modo serio, intelligente, sapiente di come relazionarsi con la Natura. In Sicilia, che è la mia Regione, vorrei vedere realizzati tanti giardini come questo di Keukenhof. Penso che i Piromani Siciliani dovrebbero essere puniti secondo gli Articoli del Codice Penale. La Natura va amata e affettuosamente trattata. Grazie al Popolo Tedesco.

  9. 60%of our farmers in flowers have Parkinson desease! Do you like pesticides? Than you have to fome to keukenhof. There you get them all for free!!
    In case you catch Parkison desease ask the gemeente Lisse for help. They put you on the list of the dementing farmers…

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