Killing Honey Bees In My Walls (CC Subtitles)

Okay. Ohh shit. So as you can see, we have
a problem, with the bees inside the house. So I’ve been working on killing them. Now,
if these bees were just outside in the yard, I’d be like, “Okay, well, whatever.”, and,
but their in the house, and not only are they in the house, they can get in through my vents.
So, it causes a problem. Now, I know maybe some people, well actually I think maybe some
people might be saying, “Ohh, well call bee removal people, and they’ll get them cause
we need the bees.”. But, the fact is, is I don’t have 300 plus dollars to spend on getting
rid of these bees, and no, there’s no one around me who does it for free. So, and these
things are inside the house. You can see they go inside. So, if a bee removal people were
to come to keep them alive and stuff, they’d also have to cut into the house; so I wouldn’t
just be paying for them to come and remove the bees, I would also be paying for them
to put the house back together; which, I just can’t afford. So… I have some of this Boric
Acid. Now, some people don’t like the Boric Acid, because it takes a long time, and to
be quite honest youuuu, its not a pleasant experience for them. They ingest the stuff,
they get it all over their food and everything and they eat it, and it causes them very bad
stomach pains until they, eventually die from what’s happening inside their stomach. So,
it’s quite painful, it’s quite sad, but so is getting swarmed at night while you’re sleeping.
And like I said if they were just outside, that would be fine, but their not. Now, this
process also takes a long time, ta one, get, get to all of ’em. Do you want to try? Uhh.
Just, just walk up there an, an shoot it in the hole. Why can’t I just aim from here?
Be-because it’s just powder and it doesn’t work that way. So now, it’s best to do this
at night, but then you can’t see at night, an, normally there’s no where near this many
out here when I’m tryin’a do this; but i’m gonna go ahead an do it anyway. So you need
to put it in an area where they’ll get it all over themselves as their coming and going,
and as you can see there’s the brick, in there. An I can spray it, onto the brick. Holy crap.
Okay. Move dog, move dog. Oh shit, their coming after me. Holy crap what’s wrong? Nothing,
it was just coming right at my face. So now, you can see all the whiteness. It’s right
there on the brick, so as their coming in and out their gonna get it all over their
fur, cause yes, bees have fur. Their gonna get it all over their fur, all over their
legs, all over the pollen that they’ve just collected. It’s all going to go into their
food, and they’ll digest it and slowly but surely. And if you’re gonna use this method,
like I said it takes a long time, so possibly get into the habit of doing it as like your morning routine. Or your nightly routine. Just go on ahead and spray in some on their entrance
and exit. What? What happens if the bee stings the dog.. though? The-the bees aren’t going
to sting the dog. How do you know? Well, I don’t I’m just assuming, but then. Like if
it still has the powder on it, and it stings the dog. That little bit of powder is not
gonna bother him. Okay. But anyways, just make it your routine for. Awe, there’s a bee.
Where? For a week or two, or three. Until, basically you see that they’ve all, died.
Now if they do start to see that somethings up with the area, they might just move the
nest after several have died. Umm, an another thing you want to do, try to do is, once they
have all died or vacated the nest, is to, somehow get in there an remove the hive because
otherwise the dead bodies and the left over honey is gonna do nothing but attract more
bees. An then, of course after that, go ahead and seal up the hole as best you can. The
hole was more sealed than that, but I ripped off part of the wood a few weeks ago so that
I could, i could get to them easier. So, alright, you guys take care an that’s how, we’ve been
killing our bees. Love you. Bye.


  1. Interesting. As with you, I also do not have money to pay a professional that may or may actually rid me of them. My issue is I cannot find the actual nest. I removed a 8×11 panel, and 3/4 of the way, was attacked. But I cannot find the nest. And, if I get stung again, I could die. So I am at a loss of what to do. Good post. Thank you.

  2. I meant, if they were in your house, you had to, but honey bees already die a lot by other bee/hornet colonies, so I feel sad for the honey bees

  3. remember that once you kill the hive, other bees will come along and get the unprotected honey and spread your poison for up to three miles. so not only do you kill your hive but possibly all hives in a three mile radius. Plus possibly the local honey supply. This is why it is illegal (where I live,).to use poisons to kill honey bees. So while I am sure you did lots of research, how much research did you do on if you should, and what the consequences are. Next time if you insist on killing these animals, then at least use soapy water like recommended.That way you don't spread your destruction to other hives.

  4. I seriously doubt that there were no beekeepers willing to come and remove this hive. I know hundreds of beekeepers just begging for people to let them know about bees and will drive multiple hours to get them for free. This video is ridiculous and you obviously did not care enough to try and remove them without killing them.

  5. Soapy water kills them instantly. You did no research on how to kill them. You also did not look for any local beekeepers as they will do it for free and killing to travel hours to reach new bees as they are desperate for them. They will also repair any damage done to the house in an effort to reach the bees. All done for free. You would have also gotten some free honey. You could have had a win-win situation here.

  6. Paid $325 to get rid of the hive in my house. Guy had to come out twice because the hive was quite old. He removed the queen and most of the hive but there's a remainder of bees that I will kill. They won't go to another hive to spread the poison because this hive is in their DNA. There's no honey (removed), but if I don't kill them, they will re-queen themselves

  7. Beekeeper here. I have had to do it myself. Don’t like it but it happens. I hated it but there really was no other option. If there had been I would have done it.

  8. Who gives a shit what you all think we're all gonna die anyways I don't mean to be a dick but that's the nature of the beast, natural selection.

  9. congratul fucking ation bud you help honey bees go instinct how to you feel about it?

    If you would off called a bee keeper they would have taken it. They are called bee keepers for a reason you dumb ass

  10. Killing honey is awful first of all, I don't care what you say. Second…..spraying them and leaving the hive in your walls is a disaster! That's a great way to get a bunch of different bugs/animals coming in…..I would NEVER recommend this.

  11. Enough of you snowflakes attacking this woman for doing what she has to do! Set up a colony in your walls and see if you guys dont change your whining from "save the bees", to "I want them gone", especially when they attack you or your love ones.

    I like bees too but in CERTAIN EXTREME CASES like this woman's, get the F**k over it! There is no one who is going to take away bees that set up a hive in the walls of your house, especially for free!. I know this because my neighbor tried just about everything to hamanely remove a hive in his walls and couldn't find diddly squat. Even after risking being attacked while tearing open his wall, bee keepers still wouldn't come around and take them away, let alone do it for free, so he happily nuked the hive with Dawn soap water and that was that.

    And there was no need to lose any sleep over it because the 5 other colonies that spun of from the one destroying his house and attacking his kids, are most likely doing fine pollinating blueberries so that your snowflake vegan diets aren't interrupted. Here's some news for you, there were most likely other colonies that spun off from this lady's infestation so there you go!!!

    If you guys are such humanitarians, please feel free to set up a go fund me page and donate money to help those less economically fortunate than you to pay someone to open up their walls, humanly remove the colony, and then repair the building wall. Otherwise shut your Bohemian bourgeois traps!!!

    As for the person who posted this vid… great job, but try Dawn soap mixed with pepper mint and cinnamon first before resorting to nasty chemicals. 👹👍 GIVE EM HELL!!!

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