La Mer Soft Fluid Foundation Amber & Honey + LaMer The Powder + Hourglass Blush Palette – Ghost

hi beauties and welcome back to my
channel in today’s video I’m going to compare two shades of la mer’s the soft
fluid foundation I’m going to compare the shade honey to the shade amber I
also am going to try out the powder by the mayor and I did pick up the ambient
lighting blush quad by hourglass this is a part of the holiday collection so I’m
going to try that out in today’s video too so if you want to see all of this
going on in today’s video then just keep watching it’s been so long since I
filmed I almost forgot how to set up my equipment that’s how long it’s been
I’ve been talking about wanting to film this video for quite some time in several of my
previous videos if you watch my chatty get ready with me I talked a little bit
about my current living situation and I’m kind of between two homes I have a
temporary home near where I’m working and then this is my permanent residence
so I haven’t filmed since I moved or started this new adventure so this is my
first time filming in like several weeks I’m excited to finally be filming this
video and I hope it won’t be forever before I get it posted so let’s go ahead
and start out with our Smashbox primer water this is like the last little bit
of this I’m just gonna use my Beauty Blender to work that into the skin a
nice new Beauty Blender I am still working with my holiday set that I
bought so this year guys if they have another holiday set I will be picking up
another one this came with four Beauty blenders and the little soaps and it was
like really really affordable so be on the lookout for these holiday gifts it’s
at Sephora because a lot of times it will save you money I have other videos
to film today so my plan is to kind of partially makeup my face just so we can
see this comparison and then I’m gonna take it all off so we’re just gonna play
with the makeup for a little bit here just so you guys can see the comparison
this is my Bobbi Brown vitamin-enriched face base I decided to switch it up with
my primer I did film a review of this foundation
before it was just the shade honey and I think I used the YSL primer maybe I’m
not sure but it wasn’t this one so I just thought I would try a different
primer this time and this one is good for oily skin actually but sometimes
people think the way it sounds vitamin-enriched people think that it’s
good for dry skin but it actually is good for oily this is the tarte timeless
smoothing primer okay and this is a new one it is the limited edition and I
think they still have it out if you want to pick this up because the top is so
pretty oh my goodness I love it but it is really good for blurring the pores so
we’re gonna just put this in the t-zone okay and I used some new skin care
products like exfoliating products and I’m wondering if that broke me out I
don’t know if it’s a breakout or if my skin is just purging you know sometimes
when you put certain products on to kind of clears your pores and your skin will
purge all those impurities I’ll have to just monitor how my skin reacts to that
product again this is the shade honey this is my new shade amber spoiler alert
guys I have already tried this foundation I actually tried to wait
until I filmed this video but it had taken so long for me to be able to sit
down to film that I went ahead and opened this because I thought what if
this doesn’t match me at all I’ll have it so long that I won’t be able to
return it so you better go ahead and try it and be sure you like it in case you
need the return it so that’s the only reason I went ahead and tried it out
guys the price of the foundation is a hundred and twenty dollars so this is a
very very expensive high-end foundation but I think it’s worth it of course
because I bought it a second time this is honey let’s go ahead and do like a
little comparison here on my hand really quickly okay
so you can see and this one I feel like this is runnier see how this is it’s
moving faster than this one and I don’t know if it’s because it’s a new bottle
and I’ve had this a while or if something has changed about the formula
so this is obviously darker and this is lighter you know we’re gonna use this
I’ll put amber on the right side of my face and honey on the left side so let’s
go in with honey because we already know what this looks like
okay and I’m gonna need a little more so I’ll just put it on my brush here and I
do have my Beauty Blender over here may blend out a little bit like maybe my
forehead area so that you guys can see how it blends with the Beauty Blender my
Sephora match told me that honey was my best shade and I really have always
liked how it looked on me because it is the right undertone and so it usually
works out even though it’s too light for me okay so that was kind of like one
full pump that I use and in my first video when I reviewed this I used a lot
of pumps to see if I could build up to full coverage because it’s supposed to
be a full coverage foundation and now I just go with two pumps whenever I do my
whole face two pumps works but usually things peep through so I’ll have to use
concealer if I’m trying to really cover that up and I’ll just save my forehead
area for the Beauty Blender and I’m gonna go ahead and pick up amber on my
brush here and let’s go ahead with this side okay alright and I hope I should
have probably picked a different brush guys I just wiped off amber and I’m
putting on primer again right here because I didn’t want to use the same
brush because I’m wondering if it mixed in a little bit so I’m just gonna prime
this out again and we’re gonna try it with another
brush so let’s go in with a pump of amber again and again this is runnier
and here we go this is my Real Techniques foundation brush okay go
ahead and comment down below which one you’re liking so far can you tell the
difference right now and they’re both looking light they both look a little
light now let’s go in with the Beauty Blender let’s use a little bit just a
little partial pump of honey okay and finish the forehead here this foundation
works well with either the Beauty Blender or the brush but you get more
full coverage with the brush and then less and a little bit I think the Beauty
Blender will be fine using the same Beauty Blender on both sides I think I’m
gonna be fine so this is amber on this side let me flip it around on this side and
and add a little more of honey I just feel like I want to make sure I got a good
coverage okay all right now if I say okay and I’m all right one more time honey
amber I’m going to go ahead and add concealer and the powder and a little
bronzer and the blush and we’re just gonna kind of look it over and again I’m
gonna take it off I’ve really been feeling the bye bye under eye by IT
cosmetics so I’m gonna use that under my eyes but it’s kind of an emollient type
of concealer so I don’t want to use it on my nose
I’m gonna use my NARS radiant creamy in biscuit on my nose I’m also trying to go
in very light with concealer I’m trying people be killing me in the comments if I put on
too much concealer and I’m just using my brush I might use the beauty blender on
the other side I just really like this concealer for aging eyes I like the the
texture the emollience let’s try the beauty blender on the other side with
this concealer it’s not about the concealer but I just figured I would do
it I feel like the brush side picked up less product like there’s more product
here and the Beauty Blender kind of blended everything out different okay
now this is the la mer powder and I have tried this as well and I really like it
the jar is amazing so pretty frosted glass very heavy very luxurious the only
thing is this is $95 and it only has 0.28 ounces point two eight
ounces guys it comes with a little puff that I’m not gonna use the directions
said to just dust it all over the skin I lost some on my hand it said dust all over
so I’m going to just um dust it instead of kind of baking with it I’m just gonna
dust it all over and it does have like a little bit of a shimmer I could see these
little reflects so I was hesitant at first to use it
under my eyes but I don’t think it is that visible once you apply it but you
can see little sparkles so it just adds this really pretty finish I’m
looking real pale now that powder oh my gosh I didn’t apply very much even
though it’s like floating in the air but I’m very white right now so don’t kill
me in the comments I can tell that I look very white I feel like I need to at
least put on brows a little bit just just so we can get the full effect I’m
not gonna do everything I normally would I’m just gonna fill them in a little bit
just in case there’s anything left over remaining let’s just dust off any powder
from my face I’m gonna go ahead and use bronzer so I do have my Physicians
Formula butter bronzer in sculpting bronzer here and I decided to go ahead
and use the bronzer as well as the blush so that we could at least get a feel for
how this looks otherwise I just don’t know we could get a complete picture of
how the foundation looks so that’s what we look like so far can
you guys tell the difference between the two if you can get the undertone right
you can probably get it to look okay with bronzer this one looks more natural
going on from the very beginning so if you don’t add bronzer or any of that
this is going to be the better match for me I’m sure the amber but honey that
went on lighter at the end of the day it almost looks identical like I don’t see
this huge difference between the two shades so let’s test out this blush
really quickly I saw someone used this on their channel
and I really liked how to blush looked on them and actually I think I tried out
an hourglass blush when I did the foundation review initially for this
foundation and I really like the blushes by hourglass I only have one but I
really like it there are four blushes here number one is blush surreal effect
2 is strobe blush brilliant nude 3 is strobe blush lucid glow for is blush
infinite flush I’m gonna use a couple of colors at least two I’m gonna try this
one at the bottom of the quad here this one and let’s see if it shows up on my
skin here guys oh I love it I like blushes that have that luminous
look let me flip it over just I can blend it a little bit oh that’s really
pretty okay let’s try on the other side let’s go
with this one oh this was a great great purchase oh yes
and one of the reasons I wanted to try it with this foundation is I think this
foundation has more glow so I wanted to try a more luminous blush so I have two
different blushes on I actually think I like this one best then this one I
wonder what this glow looks like let me let me use this as a topper this nude
I don’t know if I can really see it I don’t know if that made a big difference
or not maybe it does look sort of like the highlighter almost it added like a
streak of highlight right there interesting and that was this one this
is this is good stuff that’s good guys I’m very happy I got that let’s go ahead
and just use the rest of my Smashbox I know everyone is used to me having a
complete makeup look me too I am too but I’m trying to do things differently guys
I wanted to do this video to help people who are trying to get the appropriate
shade match for this foundation because it is a hundred and twenty dollars you
typically have to buy it online unless your Sephora carries the La Mer products
in store you got to order it online you might get the wrong shade you can return
it but that’s a lot of trouble to go through so I wanted to do the comparison
for anyone who is looking for the shade match to tell you a little bit more
about the foundation it is a long wear foundation it does have SPF 20 in it and
it has that miracle broth what my experience has been with the foundation
is that it’s almost like skincare I like it for that reason I feel like it’s good
for my skin when I first tried this foundation out I just thought it was
like other foundations but the more I wear it and use it I just like you
so I turn down the ring light a little bit to make sure I wasn’t looking washed
out and I just kind of decided to like throw a little bit of eyeshadow on and
little mascara a little eyeliner just to complete the look for now and you guys
remember I’m gonna take all this off and start over for my next video I didn’t
want to do a full-on glam today so what do you guys think of the foundation can
you tell the difference because I’m just looking at like I can’t tell a
difference and I thought I would let me get a little closer hmm
I can’t quite even tell the difference in the blush maybe I can like I’m still
liking this side I really like my bye bye under eye I have been liking it but
I’m not liking it so much today and I think it’s because I don’t know if I
like it with the powder that I use like I just prefer um different powder under
my eye I think this video is taking so many twists and turns
I’m gonna use my Beauty Bakerie flour powder just under my eyes here go with
me on this guy’s let me just see something usually I bake at least under
my eyes and then I didn’t really do that today and I don’t want you guys to leave
this video hating my bye-bye under-eye but it normally works really well so I’m
wondering if this powder is just not it didn’t mesh well with this particular
concealer so it may just be better to dust all over versus under the eye which
is what I kind of have thought in the past so let’s go ahead and hit the nose
to a little bit here see the difference guys I see the
difference already we’re just putting this under my eye so we’re gonna let
that sit for a moment let’s just dust if off okay so let’s talk a little bit
let’s talk a little bit I think that the amber shade because it’s darker is a
better shade match and it just isn’t as light on me for now I probably will go
with this one or might try mixing them together and see what I get when I do a
little cocktail still love the foundation though I really enjoy it I
like how it wears I like how my skin looks I get complimented I love the
fragrance of the La Mer products it is fragrant but not overpowering it doesn’t
smell perfume me I just love the foundation and initially I wasn’t a fan
of it but I’ve grown to love it and I just think it looks really natural on
the skin and it is perfect for any person that wants medium buildable
coverage I wouldn’t say it’s full coverage I would say medium buildable
even with the $120 price tag I still love the foundation I will still buy the
powder I like the powder a lot I would purchase
it again but I do think that I will probably use this as an all-over powder
versus under my eye because as you can tell like this little Beauty Bakerie
flour powder totally improve the look of my under eyes and this did nothing
for my under eye like I just felt like I looked I don’t know it was scary for a
second there I don’t know if it’s because this is a yellow based powder or
if it’s just how good this is and this is maybe 20 what is this $24 it’s not a
full ounce either it’s like half an ounce and I think it was like $24 but this is
so so good they’re nothing alike this is more of a mattifying powder and this
again seems to be more like has a few of those sparkly particles and it just
pairs nicely with this type of foundation is just gonna give you a
light set but I don’t know that it did that much for my under-eye and I was
really surprised at how pale I looked at first so I liked the powder but just
enter at your own risk because it is so pricey you get so little and it can’t do
everything that you might want your powder to do I
think that it gave a really pretty finish on the rest of my face but my
under eyes no no go I still like honey even though this is
the better shade match hmm why did I do this video why did I do this to myself I
need it’s like I need you to talk to me right now and tell me through the camera
tell me which one looks better her I don’t know I still like this side
better than this side I keep saying it okay guys so I hope that you all have enjoyed
today’s video I feel like I was a little bit all over the place but that’s what
happens when you’re trying out products when you’re trying to figure out what
you like sometimes it beeze like that oh and this palette here the ambient
lighting blush quad so the video wasn’t really about this but I decided to try
it and oh boy I loved it as you can tell I don’t even have on highlighter
today but you can really see the glow if you wanted to you can really just wear
this blush and it’s gonna give you that highlighted look that glow that you
might be looking for so if you like luminous blushes good stuff love these
and you want to go ahead and jump on that because it is a part of the holiday
collection so when it’s gone it’s probably gone and you won’t be able to
get it again unless they decide to come out with it again so that concludes my
video for today I hope that it has been helpful to you guys especially if you
are trying to decide between honey and amber I know that when I first was
looking for a shade for La Mer I couldn’t really find that many videos
with either of those shades so it was kind of hard for me to decide what I
needed to purchase so I hope that if you’re out there and you’re trying to
make that decision that you have found this video to be helpful if you did like
this video go ahead and give it a big thumbs up that will really help me out a
lot if you have any questions or comments leave them for me down below
and I will respond and if you’ve not already subscribed to my channel go
ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave so I’ll be seeing you guys
again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again
this is Savvy signing out


  1. I really feel like Amber it is a better match to me. I think honey maybe a better summer time shade. 🥰 Thanks for sharing 💞 Congrats on 4k 🎊🎈

  2. I took your advice and bought the foundation. I love it. I’m on the fence about the powder. The blush looks beautiful. Another item on my list.

  3. This is my favorite foundation! Amber looks best on you in my opinion. I'm glad I have the original powder that came with much more product in it.

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