La ruche : le rôle de la Reine / Behind the hive : the queen bee

force 8 conseils presents Roberto, 22 years old, traditional beekeeper Queen bee is the heart of the hive. If ever she fails, it could be fatal for all the bees. The beehive will probably decline. Bees won’t have prosperity any longer. That’s the reason why the selection of a queen is so important for the hive. She has to be focused on her main mission : give birth. She lays more than 2000 eggs in one day That’s just the way it is. That’s my own definition of a good queen bee. We are experimenting a new type of beehive. We put two hives, one over the other. a queen bee at each stage. A screen between the two levels prevents
the flow of bees… but they communicate through their pheromones. A real battle starts between both queen bees. One has to prove her superiority The harvest is multiplied by ten in those super hives.

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