Lachlan – School-based Horticulture Trainee

[MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Good afternoon Lachie,
how are you today?>>I’m good, how are you?>>Good, good. Um… you’re doing the
Certificate 2 in horticulture as a school-based traineeship? And can you tell me how you got
the traineeship?>>Um… some teach, a teacher from my school
told me about it, said he reckoned I would be good at it,
because for the past two years I’ve been doing horticulture classes.
>>Oh, okay! Yeah. So, you, they recommended it
and you got it? Terrific! And can you tell me what tasks
you generally do when you do the traineeship?>>At the start of the day, when we’ve done
doing a roll and all that stuff, we normally look around
and plan our day, and, um, right now we’re going
for a little welcome garden, and we’re making a little animal garden.>>Oh, what’s the animal garden?
Has it got animals in it?>>We’re putting little fake animals,
like statues of them, in the garden.>>Right, right.
>>And we’re putting a little fishpond there.>>Yeah? Yeah?>>And we got a little crocodile.
>>Oh, okay! Good. Did you make all those, or you…
>>They’re parts from all… from different parts of the school.
>>Right. Okay. And can you tell me, um,
what you most enjoy about the job? The traineeship?>>I enjoy how the people you work with
are so easy to work with, and they actually try their best to teach you
the easier stuff, in the easiest way possible.>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay. And what makes you happy about this traineeship?>>How we all get along and work,
having a good team.>>Good team effort, right. Terrific! Well thankyou very much
for your time today, Lachie.>>You’re welcome.
>>Thankyou. [MUSIC]

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