Landscape Horticulture WTCS

[ Instructor talking students through the work ] Pete>>Landscape horticulture is such a wide field … but a lot of what we work with is with plants. What we do a lot of work on is to to get the right plant in the right place. I think the students learn best — and we
like teaching best — with the hands-on opportunity. So the more hands-on
we can give them, the more they like it, and the more they remember and are able to apply it when they’re out in the field. [ To students: “It’s going to get
about 30 ft. tall and only be about … 5 ft. wide” ] Any campus can be used as a living and learning lab. [ to students: “what is the value of the wood mulch?” ] And of course in landscape, there’s no better opportunity, because everywhere you walk and go, it’s a living and learning lab. Sara>> I chose a technical college because I felt it would be … appropriate for my career going forward. It’s hands-on, right now, the things that I
need to learn to go forward in the career that I want to pursue … I’m learning. The instructors here have taught me everything. There’s so many different directions you can go. [ Instructor talking to students ] Pete>>The job market is strong; we can really prepare them well to get the opportunity to knock on that door. You don’t find very many people in the field are not happy; people are happy in this area —
because they really love doing what they’re doing.

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