Last Honey Bee Day of Summer “Beside You” by Singer Songwriter Phildel

even if you were upside down I would be
beside you and your world were a strange thing found I would be beside you in
my symbolized world I’m a beautiful girl in my house on the hill there is
room for you still when there’s nothing but dark and sound I will be beside you and
there’s nothing but the long way round I will be beside you in my simplified
world we’re a boy and a girl in my house on the hill there is room for you still I’ll be everywhere you go you go you go
I’ll be everywhere you go you go
in my symbolised world I’m a beautiful girl in my house on the hill there
is room for you still when there’s nothing but roaring sound, I will be beside you and there’s nothing but the long
drop down I will be beside you when your fields are swarm in the hive of your
mind when the tears of your life and your thoughts are entwined I’ll be everywhere you go I’ll be everywhere you go you go you go you go
in my symbolized World I’m a beautiful girl in my house on the hill
there is room for you still I’ll be everywhere you go you go you go
I’ll be everywhere you go you go you go you you


  1. An amazing video, Fred! This will be the video all of your other videos will be measured against for a very long time! Please, keep reaching for the excellence that you strive for in producing content for your channel. I will continue to keep looking forward to the future of this channel! This is so moving, I believe this will become your best and most watched video to date!

  2. Mr Dunn! I don't know if it's the music or your view of the world this is the honeybee in a way I've never looked at it thank you!!!!!!!!!!! A++++++

  3. Ha this was beautiful, people do not believe me when I say the bees are harmless I showed the vedio to a co worker I had told her u can feed the bees in your hand that they are wonderful but when she seen u with all them bees in your hand she believed me Thanks again for this video it was outstanding u are very gifted and a blessing to many of us out here. God Bless You

  4. Thank you Fred that was amazing I sure enjoyed your video and like the rest of the comments below you outdone yourself with this video I am speechless.

  5. I agree, you have outdone yourself. This was beautifully filmed and edited. Thank you for sharing with us nature lovers and beeks.

  6. Fred, you are simply astounding. I have always enjoyed your videos and this one is no exception. Great job and as always, thank you!
    Rob S. (Rockford MI)

  7. Beautifully put together. I am in awe of your acreage and your plants. I keep 2 hives at home and 2 in a forest garden on one of my allotments both are full of flowers , bees are enjoying maximillion sunflowers rudbekia cosmos annual dahlias . No sign of a pollen shortage yet as my girls are stacking it in. Thank you for your videos and updates.
    Hows the varroa treatment going. I did a sugar shake and my mite load is high so i started treatment yesterday using a vaporiser wand.

  8. Fred you’ve out done yourself on this one. It’s truly magnificent!!! The fades are unbelievable and the aerial portion is so outstanding!!!

    Bowing 🙇 down and clapping 👏 loudly for your work and this video……… Don

  9. i accidently hit dislike before i hit like. hope that didnt effect your stats negatively. Lovely video as always, and the song was beautiful.

  10. This is, quite simply, a love affair of voice, music, piano, bees and wonderful yellow flowers of autumn. It made me nostalgic for a time on the eastern shore of Delaware Bay, near Heislerville, NJ, where a place like this exploded with goldenrod and monarch butterflies. Thank you for taking me back there.

  11. Wow. Beautiful music choice, amazing vision, fabulous photography and masterful editing. The combination is breathtakingly beautiful! Thank you Fred!!

  12. Fantastic Fred… does it again! Wonderful editing. Half expected flowers to sway with the beat… what is the prediction for your winter this year? How did the last Oxalic Acid vaporization go??

  13. Love all the things you did and anticipate all the "more" from you ~ "Beside you" my bees. all the days of winter, to see you next spring.

  14. Hey mr. Fred. I have a question, I have pollen patties, and the whole time i have been pulling the paper off of them and putting them in if i didnt see pollen all over bee legs on the landing board. But i read on the box that you dont have to take the paper off. Why is that? Is it special, is it consumable by the bees? Do they tear it up and fly the paper out? Would i just open the hive and find two sheets of wax looking paper in the hive with all the patty gone a week later? If i used a whole patty without the paper would the patty spoil in the hive before the bees could use it? I have been using partial pattys because they are big but the box said one to 3 whole patties in a hive. 3 sounds crazy. Also is the lose pollen that just looks like yellow sand better than patties? I read that ultra bee patties are up too 18% crude protein (i accidentally bought bee pro my first time which has 10-12% and i ordered ultra bee now) but dry pollen ultra bee says 58% crude protein. If the choice is 58% in dry pollen, or 18 in patties…. why do people like patties so much? I am using them right now but if the 40% more protein in dry pollen would be better then i could swap next year. 58% is over 3 times more than 18% by protein per weight. Am i missing something that makes the two different options on par with each other? Is my basic observation missing crucial information that a more experienced beekeeper knows? Thanks in advance mr. Fred and other commenters. Yall always have good answers

  15. Just Gorgeous! However, I'm hoping you haven't hung up the boots just yet my friend. With the start of Spring on our door step – and Honey Eater birds pinching my bees and the netting in place, it's fair to say the journey has just begun. Don't be a stranger!

  16. Fred – another amazing and creative piece…you are very talented in so many ways!! Thank you for all your contributions….

  17. This year's Grammy in short film goes to Mr. Fred Dunn!  A true masterpiece,  gorgeous, magnificent,  stunning work of art.  Imax, coming to the masses soon!  Thank you Fred for your beautiful work.

  18. Fred, will you be producing more FAQ segments soon? Yours have been the most informative and helpful. As 1st year beekeepers, there's a steep learning curve so even if it may seem repetitive, be assured that all of that info is appreciated.

  19. Mr. Dunn……… Outstanding and Spectacular as usual…………. and what I want to know is , Why the heck am I crying over a bee? What I just watched filled me with a peaceful and happy emotion… 💚💛

  20. Love the video and the soundtrack! I never heard of Phildel before but know have bought quite of few of her songs. Thanks for sharing and WOW – your cinematography amazing!

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