Le programme de jardins communautaires

Hello, my name is Audrey Bureau, I am a candidate for Aylmer, District 1 Hello, my name is Chloe Bureau, I am a zero waste blogger and an environmental activist. Today we want to talk to you about the guerilla gardener. The guerrilla gardener is a movement that began in New York in the 70s to reclaim the neglected spaces of the city, abandoned or poorly maintained. What we want in the City of Gatineau is that the citizens can re-appropriate the public space, take back what is theirs, that is to say, open air gardening, in the city. Whether for vegetables, whether for plants or for herbs. We want citizens to maximize the use of this space. Reclaiming abandoned public spaces, by planting flowers and herbs, has other environmental benefits. It attracts pollinators like bees that are in decline right now, so it helps them a lot. It also helps to combat climate change because we remove asphalt or remove grass to put in plants that are much better at capturing greenhouse gases. In our neighborhood, we need to promote more initiatives like this one. Today, we are in the heart of a community garden. We want more community gardens, we want gardens to share, We want more community gardens, we want gardens to share, we want agriculture in the city that includes beekeeping. On November 5th, I invite you to vote for my sister, Audrey Bureau.

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