LED Grow Light – Plantekno ExPAR Premium – Horticulture LED Lighting Technology

Plantekno was founded in 2012 to
provide the newest lighting technology for the horticultural sector ExPAR
premium has been engineered and designed for use in the field of agricultural
lighting.The ExPAR premium will support you in your applications with its
ability to work under all kinds of difficult conditions low thermal
resistance and high light output. With the easy mounting method, you can
complete your installation quickly and everywhere With a four year warranty, we
guarantee complete functionality and service careful design and manufacture
of each piece make ExPAR premium a wonderful concept in every sense with its high light transmittance of 30
years non-yellowing glass technology light output with minimum losses
obtained PCB designed with low thermal resistance makes long-lasting and highly
efficient lighting possible thanks to its high-quality and efficient LED
technology light output up to 2.5 umol/Joule can be obtained the
ExPAR premium contains a special control unit for a stabilized operation
and protects itself against fans effects or any improper use thanks to fan
technology with high static pressure an efficient heat transfer with 70,000
hours of operation can be reached highly efficient cooling and smaller areas is
obtained with anodized aluminum body design and the special alloyed high
contact surface thus each unit energy can be controlled in the most efficient
way the power supply is one of the most
critical parts and LED grow lights for a stable and trouble-free operation
designed with professional engineering and high quality electronic components
the power supply of technology ensures a long life span and an efficient energy
usage just now discover the power of ExPAR Premium grow light innovations for
agriculture, agriculture for the world


  1. PPF/W değerleri ile ilgili ölçüm yaptığınız bir video çekebilir misiniz? Sitenizi ve katoloğunuzu inceledim değerleriniz çok iyi duruyor. Piyasadaki bir çok grow led lambadan daha üstün söylediğinize göre. Görsel bir kanıt çok güzel olur.

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