Let’s Feed The Bees This Fall

– How you doin’? Up on the roof here, this is the bee roof if this is your first time
here in the world of Eric. Late October and it’s a really warm day, so when it’s warm, you
take advantage of that, and I’m trying these new feeders out, and I thought maybe you wanna come along for the ride, so, ready? Here we go. – [Narrator] Make, fix, grow, cook. GardenFork. (fire crackles) – Alright, typical Eric, I
forgot to bring a memory card, so I got an old one. I have about 15 or 12 minutes of memory, so I gotta be conscious of that, I guess, when I’m shooting, but here is my nuc that we’re gonna overwinter. (relaxing music) Nuc is short for a nucleus hive. This is a queen that we
raised here in Brooklyn. I’m pretty proud of that. We’re gonna try and overwinter that nuc so we have a nuc to start
in the spring if we need it, or I can give it to one of my friends. Some hive storage. We can talk about that later. This is the robust hive. This hive’s doin’ really well. This one over here, not as good. Had a little bit of a robbing
incident the other day. When you have sugar syrup
out, or honey, open honey, that is a, well that’s like
crack cocaine for bees, basically, and they are like boom. So if you notice this blue tape, I taped down the entrance of the hive because that hive and
some of the other beehives around here were trying to get into there, and that was a big, it was
just one of my big mistakes, but let’s open these
up and feed ’em, okay? A couple of things I’ve learned, make sure you have your glasses on first before you put on your bee suit. Your ball cap won’t work. Hope that doesn’t blow off the roof. Have your tools. I put them in my back pocket. I’ll link below to the
bee jacket that I use. This is pretty good. It’s not the cheapest, it’s
not the most expensive. Very exciting watching
Eric get dressed, isn’t it, and then I do this flop thing to get that up and over. Zip up your jacket
before you zip the hood. Learn from me. That goes under and then this zips across somewhere. This is the problem is you’re… This is kinda like watching
paint dry, isn’t it? There you go. Alright. You can tighten these up,
you can put gloves on. I don’t use gloves a lot,
I just tighten these up, and I haven’t done this in a long time, but I’m stuffing my pants and my socks because the other day, it hasn’t happened in a really long time, but this bee went up my leg and I’m like, ah, I got a bee up my leg, and then it came all the way up my leg, and I had to take my
pants off on the roof. Neighbors got to watch. I’m gonna open up the weaker hive first. You’ll see why this super is on here above the inner cover in a second. So this is an in-frame feeder. It takes up two frame spaces. So in here, oh, I got all sorts of
frames in there, wow. So in here I took two frames out and I slipped this frame feeder in, and then I’m gonna pour sugar in here. This hive is a little cranky,
so I didn’t smoke them, but I’m also not gonna open
up this hive either very much. It’s kinda hard to see with the shadow. Sorry about my shadow. Okay, they did not take
up that much syrup. I’m a little surprised since
the last time I filled this, but that’s good. So I literally just close this up now, and I just, I kinda tap the inner cover to kinda get the bees outta
the way before I close it down. So I forgot, these are
all empty honey frames. I put them back on the top
after my last extraction, and I quite frankly forgot about them. These should go into storage. We have a video about spraying your honey frames for wax moth. I’ll link to it at the end of the show. A bunch of videos. If you have any questions or comments, please leave ’em below,
and I’ll do my best to answer them or other people
can help answer them, too. Okay, I pulled out the frames that were from the honey extraction. These are the frames that I pulled out of this super to make
space for the sugar feeder, the two-frame sugar feeder. So these are gonna sit up here. They’re gonna be spaced apart, and they’re putting,
actually, a little bit of syrup in there, which tells me that either they don’t wanna
take it all the way downstairs, or the bottom of the box
is filling up nicely. When we’re done feeding, these
two frames will go down into that box there. I’ve been doing this
for, what, six years now? I still make mistakes,
so yeah, that happens. This is the stronger hive. Let’s take a look. So these are the spare frames,
and they’ve got ’em full. Just got stung. There’s the stinger. I don’t know, it happens. So these are the two frames
that I took out of here to put the sugar feeder in there. We’re gonna pop this now. This is a much calmer hive. You can’t really tell in the video, but these guys are
kinda like the zen hive. So this is the nuc, which I’m feeding with plastic zip bags of sugar. I did a whole video about this. It’ll be at the end of the video and in the text below the video, but ’cause I don’t have a
sugar feeder proper for a nuc, I use the plastic bags
and it works very well. Alright, I got two minutes left
of video in the memory card. So, I’ve got some more zipper bag sugar that I’m gonna lay in here. Looks like a big bag o’ saline. So, if you kinda blow here, (blows quickly) the bees’ll get outta the way. (blows quickly) (blows quickly) Come on, ladies. (blows quickly) Just put this down gently,
lift it up, put it down, and then you take a sharp knife and you just tap some
holes in the plastic, and they are already taking this down. You don’t wanna leave
this cover off too long, because you’re gonna get
other bees comin’ in here. When you have open sugar,
you wanna work quickly, okay? Oh, by the way, I put a spacer in here to make room for the bags. Let me know your questions,
let me know your thoughts, let me know what I can do to make it a great day, like you can. See ya.


  1. Nicely done as usual Eric! Simple. Easy. Straight forward & nicely narrated. I'm wishing best of luck that your bees make it through your winter. You sir, are a hero for keeping bees in your region & for staying with the hobby for as long as you have. Much respect & best of luck to you my friend. Take care! 🐝🐝🐝☮️☯️

  2. Interesting. I'm debating whether to start a hive or two here. As far as I know no one in the direct neighborhood has hives. But I'm also kinda lacking knowledge about beekeeping. Right now we have a dog so vacation is tough because she has diabetes and when we want a vacation she goes to the vet where they also run a kennel. So we don't go very often. And when our Sassy, who is about 11 now, no longer is with us we might want to do more exploring. And I don't know if you can leave hives unattended for 3 to 4 weeks in the summer. Until I decide I'm willing to learn about it, so I can make an informed decision.

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