LINE 2019/2020 Honey Badger Skis – Lightweight and Extremely Durable

Khai Krepela here from Park City Utah
talking about the honey badger I ski on it all year long I hit street stuff by
ski parks I just skied the mountain I went to the East Coast off to Finland to
ski street stuff for about a month came back skied some park at brighton resort in
Utah and then went back to Russia everything in this ski holds up for
anything I put it up against biggest reason that I like is because it is just
an incredibly light and fun ski if you’re skiing Park and you like quick
movements and putting a little bit of style into your tricks and stuff this
helps a ton because you don’t have you know bricks on your feet weighing you
down you have this feather that is also very responsive you can do anything that
you can imagine toss it at rails you can toss it at ice it doesn’t matter it’s
going to take it


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