Local Beekeepers Further Extension Mission

One of the roles of Extension is to develop
leaders who are able to provide direction . An activity that the Extension office has
had to strengthen the organization is that there has been a beekeeping short course that
has been taught every year. Take some one who has an interest in beekeeping or someone
who has just started and give them about eight hours of instruction on the basic component
of becoming a good beekeeper. The beekeepers association has gotten active
in doing outreach into the community. They have a publicity/ public relations committee
that actively plans opportunities for them to reach out to the public by basically using
an observation hive to draw peoples attention, whereby adults and children, in particular,
can look into a hive and see the bees, particularly the Queen. Another important contribution that the beekeepers
make is that every spring honeybees go through a normal cycle of swarming which is a method
by which the colony reproduces itself. That generally, generally catches peoples attention
when they see a swarm in their community, because it’s fairly dramatic. Most people
erroneously think that their lives are being threatened by this cloud of swirling bees,
so they’ll usually contact the fire department, police department, or call the office here
. Eventually the message will get to the Extension office. The beekeeping chapter has a list
of individuals in different locations in the county that are willing to go out and collect
or capture the swarm.

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