Longwood Gardens

[music] No one can stop the world from spinning. The wheels of progress from advancing. Or keep the hands of time from turning. But what if we could slow it? Find a place where we weren’t always running. To catch up to ourselves. Or some other thing. Find a place where nature breathes more leisurely. And the seasons turn more gracefully. Where long standing roots give rise to spectacular things. Where a journey on the path of life Might pause long enough for us to actually smell the flowers. A place where we could for once stand perfectly still and be awed by what encircles us. [music]


  1. What a masterful video. Like everything else Longwood does so beautifully. Recently, my wife and I were relaxing near the DuPont House when I overheard a visitor say to his wife, "When we retire I'ld like us to live near here". WOW, I said these words to my wife some 15+ years ago and a few years ago we did just that . Now our beloved Longwood is practicality our back yard. Its a privilege …

  2. A magnificent place and a wonderful refuge from everyday cares. There is nothing like a garden outside your door or a public garden in your neighborhood

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