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on Lucinda Hutson gardens with a
passion. Against vivid backdrops, her floral flamboyance changes it’s
color scheme across the calendar Wildlife on the ground and in the air head straight for her perpetual party.
Neighbors and various friends often drop by for a bolt inspiration,
a soothing chat framed in fragrant, or a taste sensation in
her tequila cantina Author of The Herb Garden Cookbook
and Viva Tequila, a spirited tour of Mexico’s folklore, agaves and recipes, Lucinda brings her love
of Mexico across the border I love color in my garden and I
think so much. I grew up in the desert in El Paso in an adobe home with
grappling cacti and I think traveling through Mexico
just so inspired me Just the beautiful colors, you know. Poor
little towns would have turquoise and purple and hot pink houses
and it was just so cheerful. So I think I brought
that home And my grandmother loved purple so I
think a lot of living in a purple house is an homage to my grandmother She doesn’t tuck it all away in back Seasons tumble together in Lucinda’s
front garden that rarely takes a rest She magnifies flowery color with culinary
herbs, succulents, and grasses. By mixing
companionable plants each season boldly shows off. Every month, if not every week, something new takes
the spotlight …And of course brugmansias that I grow
around that garden, which to me are the most sensuous, beautiful, aromantic flowers in
the world Although her garden is pretty small her
design makes it seem very roomy From the street get the full impact.
Cruise down the sidewalk for closer whiffs of fragrance and tucked-in surprises Her sweet Myrtle topiary reflects her
joyful spirit And for all the people she welcomes with
open arms, a humdrum entrance simply wouldn’t work.
From the porch it’s a different sensation. She switches
modes from sunny exuberance to tiny serenity and shade I love that. You know I used to have grass there and it was under my gingko tree in it was
kind of too shady and the grass kept dying I just love the textures To match its quiet mood she framed it with a cedar bird house
bench and fence style to match Another house attracts purple martins
that return in late winter They’re the most wonderful birds in the
world Aren’t they? They’re so friendly, they want
you to talk to them Her design corralled the public view
into privacy nooks To amplify her edible garden space
Lucinda designed a front salad or pesto bar, depending on the season I love the salad bar, that I can just go out and pick just what I need for salads – nasturtium
flowers to garnish, salad burnet all the lettuces, spinach, arugala… And
then in this summer it turns into more of a basil bed because it’s too hot
for the greens So it’s so neat be
able to just go out and pick what you want for the day Heading to the back, Don Juan climber rose and summer blooming Brazilian sky flower gladly timeshare. Her mermaid grotto is
rooted in her history I use go fishing with my dad all the time, in Baja in Mexico So mermaids and fish are just really
symbolic to me – I’m a Pisces Since neighborhood children love to visit,
Lucinda leaves them a pint-sized surprise All the children just love these
little shiny flat marbles. They’re the biggest
treasures for children, of course When I cleaned the pond this year there was probably an inch of marbles They love to come throw the marbles in there too But these little kids… I’ll go outside sometimes and there will be a beautiful little handmade card – “thank you for
your garden” Local artist Melanie Lambert did the mosaic tiles She also styled lucinda’s iconic Mexican nicho in a bathtub It’s a claw foot bathtub. Gosh, I’ve had that for at least 20 years and we put stones all around it to
really make a nicho I call her Our Lady of Latina, and
it’s a play on words because of course Latina, but “la tina” means the bathtub a tina is a bathtub. So she’s kind of the
protectress of the Garden and I have to say whenever I leave town or go on a trip I go ask her to look over my garden and my
animals Melodies corn mosaic window treatment
grabs attention even when fall-blooming Queen” wreath isn’t in flower. Lucinda’s wall of
chairs is more than dressing up. In mexico oftentimes, because they don’t
have a lot of space in their houses and they
use outside courtyards a lot, oftentimes chairs are nailed up
on the wall, so you bring them down for guests I remember my nephew once wanted to sit
in a chair that was this big He was four and kept trying to sit in it But the kids will come get their little chairs It’s so sweet. And as they do in Mexico
of course, they have the flat roofed houses and they don’t have a lot of room for
gardens so they’ll have pots on their roofs
with the plant’s, so I got the idea to put my agaves on the roof And unfortunately they can freeze I had a ten-year-old agave probably
just about ready to send her shoot into the sky and we had an awful ice storm and she
died Even her tasty kitchen garden near the
old garage styles up for all perspectives But still, its the scent and aroma and flavor
of plants and color that brings so much joy to my recipes Especially in my entertaining Her giant sized Dutchman’s pipe feeds pipevine swallowtail caterpillars.
Another charming gate leads to a completely different venue A shady dining cove tucked between the house
and her chapel-styled office Her exterior design with
treasures old and recent extends the bungalow’s small
living space The back door with all the milagros… That’s my favorite with all the silver milagros and color – it’s just so that every door and entrance into the house shows that
there’s going to be a surprise in there Her stairway to heaven, designed by artist
Celia Barry, indeed leads to a heavenly spot – her
kitchen Even in her small backyard she pumps up
the size with different rooms Her tequila cantina, complete with outdoor
shower flavors up this shady spot The cantina is built off the back of the
garage and I got horseshoes at the Mexican flea market
this year and trimmed the whole cantina with Mexican horseshoes Of course she had to include a blue
agave the official tequila succulent.
Since it’s not cold hardy she moves it to warmth in winter My garden
is so much a part of my life It’s what I do instead of going on
vacations, do you know what I mean? Maintaining this garden is huge, but I also think of it as the neighborhood park. I’ve had three
children learn to walk here People are always in my garden. But more than that The bumblebees, the birds – I have a pet
spider up here, Charlotte The creatures – what are we gonna do? People
are not providing any atmosphere or environment for them People expect to see my garden like this


  1. This amazing lady and her wonderful garden inspired me to work on my garden and hopefully someday it will look a little bit like hers. I love this video and her colorful ideas and personality!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love every room in your Garden. You're inspired me to get to work. Thank you for sharing!

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