1. finally a video with a POC as the main host. Lush I love you but the majority of these videos are just white people explaining the process with the compounders being primarily POC and saying 7-10 words at most.

  2. I randomly turned captions on and when she said "I feel like I'm gonna eat it" it said "I feel like Idiot Canada" OMG IM DYIN

  3. I only just started using lush. I'm in love with the bubble bars… Cuz that's all I've tried so far. I love how fresh and spectacular their products are. Makes my skin so soft!!!!

  4. I thought all lush products were vegan? I had no idea they used eggs of all things? I thought this company was better than supporting such a terrible industry considering how against animal testing and cruelty they are

  5. I bet if all manufacturers made videos like this, we would all be more careful about what we put on, in, and around our bodies. Thanks lush! These vids make me feel really good about your products and I'm really excited to make a complete switch from chemical bath products to organic ones with minimal packaging.

  6. I want to be a compounder so badly. I'm taking early collage culinary arts because of it. I'm not old enough, but hopefully one day. Plus I do not live in Canada.

  7. I love all of these videos but Adrian was the most authentic so far…chopping on ginger and the freshness of the fennel…Adrian made me feel like running out to purchase! "Check it WATTT! Loved it!

  8. If I was working for Lush, I would need to be in a station where I can't eat anything, because I always try a little bit of something!

  9. What happens if you use Brazened Honey when it's expired? Probably a stupid question. It I genuinely would like to know.

  10. I've never even used lush but have been binging on all these videos. Pretty sure the next time I see a Lush store I'm going to have an empty wallet

  11. I know lush is already very helpful to the environment but would you guys be interested in working with supermarkets to use their unwanted "ugly" foods? I saw something about how grocery stores have a lot of produce waste because people only want to buy the "pretty" fruit

  12. More More. I need more videos.I have completed the entire playlist of videos in “How it’s made” and now I’m have separation anxiety 😪🤧😰

  13. Fresh… and stinging BURNING! Tried it last night, after 5 seconds from applying it, started to burn horribly, washed it all off immediately over and over with plenty of lukewarm water then cold water. Definitely will stick to Don't Look At Me, BB Seaweed, and Oatifix from now on rather than trying a new one. Brazened Honey? Should be renamed BLAZING HoneyHELL!

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