1. Not Glorifying the situation, but, 2 Guns drawn, just waking up, it is a clear picture.
    If Stewart had his gun on him & got killed, then it wudn make sense having 1 in the 1st place.
    I hope the Cops don't make a hash of it.

  2. No riots? No BLM protests? No demonstrations against Stand Your Ground? Not this time boys and girls because it was chocolate vs chocolate.

  3. Me afraid of nut'n and noooooooo one…. . Jah shines the light on Stewart. Where is the go fund me? Im down for Stewart's replacement pistol and a home.

  4. @Trent Kelley moving up the reporter formerly of NBC WBBH T .V. NOW That's what's up.. popped that AK-47 with a Glock 9. Blessings

  5. It's crazy cus ik this man and he dont play about his people he comes to my Job everyday to get something to eat and we make sure he is taken care of

  6. dat man bark um the wrong tree….. dwl no man dont they know jamaicans no play? haha happy ending.,,is me or you and i sure know is not gona be me …

  7. Good riddance in California this man and his family would have been dead because only criminals and police are allowed to have guns.

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