Hello Everyone and welcome to the MASCHIO GASPARDO headquarters in Campodarsego (PADUA). Today we’ll meet the features of DRACULA. DRACULA is a combined cultivator with discs and shanks with a 30 cm working depth and 12 km/h speed. DRACULA is composed by a central beam with a section of 350X250mm where the two side wings are placed, section 120X120mm. DRACULA is available in two versions: 4.30 ms and 6.30 ms. 350 HP are needed for the 4.30 and up to 600 HP can be used for the 6.30 version. Side wings are hydraulically folding so a trasport width of 3 ms can be obtained. DRACULA is divided in 3 working sections: discs are on the frontal section Double discs row with 610 mm of diameter with 1m between the rows. This can avoid the blockage due to high residue presence. Every disc has a C spring dump which creates a vibration that makes a better soil breaking and residue incorporation. A special CULTIHUB oilbath bearing is placed on every DRACULA’s disck with no maintenance needed Behind the discs there are three shanks rows which work deeper than the discs. Discs work at 15 cms, shanks at 30 cms. Due to the discs work, shanks work easier. Every shank has a NO STOP system spring with a 700 kgs preload to work on hard soil or with big stones. DRACULA has high reistance standard tips made in VIDIA which protect the shank in case of big stones. Behind the tip there’s a deflector which help with the soil residue Back side of DRACULA has a levelling bar with 510 mms diameter discs dumped with SILENT BLOCK system. The bar closes the furrow made by shanks. A 600 mms roller is placed behind. It balances and consolidates the soil, leaving it ready for seeding. Important DRACULA feature is that each section is independent. It’s possibile to adjust discs and shanks depth and bar position from the tractor cabin, easily. Thus, the machine can be set for every soil situation. Due to the high productivity given by working widths, speed and depth, DRACULA is the perfect choice for the medium and big size farms or professional contractors. DRACULA perfectly fits the European regulation on minimum tillage because it doesn’t cause layers inversion, keeping the reidue in the first soil cms It enhances the organic substance presence and the soil fertility..

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