Massey DM Series Mower Conditioner Review

My name is Cam Guy from Everything Excavations & Ag. We specialize in civil constructions and agricultural contracting for the medium to large farms. In past years, we’ve run numerous brands of mower conditioners. This year we spoke about taking the next step and moving on
to the new range of the Massey Ferguson mowers. It’s a new release to the AGCO range. We were impressed with how they looked and what they would do. Since putting them in the field, we’re seeing lots of benefits. It really packs a punch, it’s been exceptional in the field and we’ve noticed from other brands
we’ve used in the past how much better this mower is. Our season’s probably only halfway through, we’ve
been going for the last 8 weeks. We’ve probably mown 2,500 acres with it all up. It’s been faultless, really. The cut quality and how it conditions the grass, it’s beautiful. On a wet day, heavy day like today to be cutting grass that neatly and not leaving any bits, no trails – it’s not scalping the ground at all, it’s not furrowing, it’s not doing things that you do see with other mowers. Whether it’s uneven, undulating…
it just does the same cut every time. If you pick up a strand you can see where the conditioner’s… every couple of inches it’s bruised the plant, it’s really doing its job. That’s what we like to see. If you spend the money on product, you want to see it doing its job in the field. Since running this new range of Massey mower conditioners, we’ve noticed our regrowth to be outstanding. Our blade life is second to none. We noticed that massively, both myself and my workers have noticed
the blade life of this mower to be a lot better. And also the quality of the product: the drying times, where we’ve been
able to get moisture content and just the quality of the silage we’re making this year seems to be
a hell of a lot better on past years. Horsepower usage we’ve noticed our tractors seem to be more fuel economical, they’re running the mower easier. We’re still mowing large areas with these mowers, and it’s putting us ahead, it’s more economical. It’s all positive. The mower conditioner range through Massey Ferguson
AGCO seems to be the benchmark. We went in without seeing one in the field and gave it a go, looked at it off brochures and off AGCO dealers’ recommendations. It’s lived up to that plus more. If anyone wanted advice on buying this range of mower, I would say buy one. Get out there and do it. Because the gain out of lost production and getting on a crop a day earlier and things like that outweighs the competition by far.


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