MBA Innovation in Sustainable Food and Agriculture

If you’re currently in a role where
you’ve got some leadership experience and you want to move your career, or
fast-forward your career, then this course is for you. It’s really important when you go on an
MBA course to understand that the design of the course has been directed for you
to get a job afterwards and what we’ve done is we’ve gone to Waitrose, which is
the far end of the supply chain, and also the National Farmers Union, which is the
start of the supply chain, and we’ve made sure that this course is aimed at
getting you a good job in a management position once you graduate. The course has a series of modules and
these modules are split out into an online part and a residential part and
you develop your portfolio of knowledge as the week’s progress and the
assessment is at the end. The types of things that we’re teaching; leadership,
the use of data, decision-making, marketing, finance and the use of finance
to fund businesses and course entrepreneurship, getting you the right
mindset so you can help a business move forward, grow and you can become an
intrapreneur within that business and make that business grow. Throughout the
program we have two ways of supporting you individually; the first is coaching
and the second is mentoring. Coaching is to help you individually get through
some of those blockages that you may have either mentally or structurally
within you moving forward. Mentoring is help you on your business and career
decisions. If you want to boost your career within the food and agricultural
industry then this MBA at the Royal Agricultural University is the one for you.

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