Meet a Backyard Beekeeper | Your Story

The beekeeping community here in South Florida is great. It’s a 24/7, 365 day a year activity. We have a bunch of people here that really bees are their passion, and bees are treated as your pets, the same as you would treat a dog or a cat. I got started in beekeeping after I retired. I got into doing a little bit of pest control, and went out on a bee removal request. And when I saw the nest, I just saw this bright white and yellow wax, and the bees just totally busy at work. I just didn’t have the heart to exterminate
them. So I removed the hive from the fence, put
it in a box, took it home, and everything else now is history. Managed hives in South Florida serve a great purpose. Not only do the people have the chance to
enjoy their activity, but they’re also doing a good thing for the balance of nature out here. The importance of bees is actually quite simple. This insect is responsible for one third of
the food we put in our mouths every day. Without them, the human population would not thrive like it does now. It’s such an interesting little critter to
watch, and it’s a fascinating, fascinating insect. They create something out of what appears to be nothing. And the amount of effort and cooperation within the hive to do all these tasks, and also to collect food, it’s just a remarkable feat of nature. Your Story segments brought to you in part by the Brunetti Foundation.

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