Meet an agricultural scientist who thinks beyond the field – The Melbourne Model

I just loved trying to come up with
these stories that could, you know, move people in a way that I wanted and it’s
something I definitely haven’t lost my passion for, even though I’ve stepped
into the agricultural side of things. I am an agribusiness analyst with
National Australia Bank. I grew up on a farm. I’m the sixth generation to be on
that farm. My grandparents era were probably the last ones to be your stereotypical definition of a farmer. The modern-day farmer, those people have to be CEOs and CFOs and vets and
agronomists and risk analysts and they’re not simply farmers anymore – they are scientists and business people that think ahead of their field all the time
because they have to to adapt. A lot of what I do at work now involves
numbers and the only way you can really work through figures like that is to
work logically through them but I think where the creativity side comes into
things like finance is the way you discuss financials and these different
elements of business with customers. What’s the best way to then convey our
decisions and our requirements to the customer in a way that’s respectful for
them, shows our knowledge of the business and ensures that they feel like
they’re being supported? I entered Arts and I loved testing
myself but what I felt the whole way through is that there was something
missing and so when my arts degree finished, looking into myself to an
extent I just thought well it’s agriculture. I have been taught to think
really by the Melbourne Model and that is to use bits of knowledge and bits of
understanding from all these different fields to come to this central idea, I
suppose, of how to think and how to approach a problem. I’m an agricultural
scientist who thinks beyond the field.


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