Meet Gong, he studies Agricultural Biotechnology at UQ

Hi, my name is Lingxiao Gong, I come from
China and I’m studying Biotechnology at The University of Queensland.
I think biotechnology puts something in real use and for agriculture, it makes our life
better. For example, we need food, we need milk, we need biotechnology and agriculture
to make sure that the quality of our food improves.
I chose to study at UQ because UQ is a world top 50 university and biotech ranks the first
in Australia currently. I also like Brisbane as a city because it has more than 280 days
of sunshine and a relatively low cost of living, and it’s a very friendly and green city.
I want to continue studying this course as my master course because I want to study the
cutting-edge knowledge and I want to meet people here and we can discuss questions and
share our thoughts. The most interesting part for me is that you
can just watch the cattle from a very close distance. Here, it was the first time for
me to interact with the cattle and I could finally put some knowledge into real applications.

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