Meet Our People – Sarah, Analytical Chemist III with Department of Agriculture

I’m Sarah. I’m an Analytical Chemist 3 with
the Department of Agriculture for the State of Delaware. On a typical day we test animal
feeds, pet feeds, fertilizers, submitted pet foods. All different sorts of samples that
come in and out of the laboratory on all different types of equipment. I started as an Analytical
Chemist 2 and was just recently promoted to an Analytical Chemist 3. I’ve been at the
AG compliance lab for almost a year and a half. I love chemistry. I have been involved
in chemistry ever since I was a little kid.To become an Analytical Chemist you must have
a strong interest in chemistry, science, biology, math. You have to have a strong background
in all of those. I’ve always wanted to work for the State. The best benefits, the best
pension, the best package that you could ever ask for. One of the most interesting things
about this job is that we have to make sure that farmers are compliant. That we are making
sure that everyone’s farm to table is the best that it can be.

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