Meet Ron Finley The Gangster Gardener in South Central LA

Meet Ron Finley, the Gangster Gardener. He’s on a mission to change his community from a food desert to a food forest. Ron lives in South Central L.A. A community full of liquor stores, fast
food and vacant lots. It’s a food desert-where there is very
little access to healthy food. “Home of the drive through and the drive
by. Funny thing is, the drive-thrus are killing more people than the drive-bys.” It all started with him turning the
neglected median in front of his house into a garden. The city of L.A. owns these, and he was
cited for gardening without a permit. Ron fought back and started a petition
demanding the right to grow food. in his neighbourhood. And he won! The city backed off! Now Ron is spreading gardens across his
community and the world. “It’s my gospel, what I’m telling people.
Grow your own food. Growing your own food is like printing
your own money.” He wants kids to grow up with the option
of healthy food, instead of fried, fattening staples. He is transforming his street, his
neighborhood, and communities everywhere. “To change the community you have to
change the composition of the soil. We are the soil.” Much of his work is at schools where he
teaches kids that gardening is gangster and that cool kids know their nutrition. Ron has found: “If kids grow kale, kids eat kale!” Share this video if you want to see food
deserts turn into food forests. Subtitles by the community


  1. Kids with good nutrition have clearer minds, better focus, higher energy, better sleep, more enthusiasm in taking their dreams to a higher level, … The list goes on and on.
    This man is BEING the change he wants to see in the world and, as usual, it grows into change exponentially.
    Tears, … This is REAL POWER!!!!
    LOVE THIS! 💖👍😎

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