Melipona! The Smallest Bee in the world! Amazing Thailand Beehive tour Chanthaburi

This is a Melapona Bee Hive The smallest Bees in the world, come take a look, I use a water sprayer to
mist to keep the bees from getting upset. okay let’s take a look inside see if we
can see something they have adult eggs and they have small eggs. Lets see what we can see. and there’s a the pollen sacs and the honey on the right side here the eggs
on the left side The light colored ones a younger eggs. Let see if we see the queen Alright take a look over in here, a there you see the pollen and honey alright The pollen is in the yellow wax sacs or pots and the Honey is on the right side in the darker brown sacs or honey pots Here are the immature eggs here is the pollen. their pollen the put in these little wax sacks and here you see the honey. so the honey they make here the darker color on the right are honey pots


  1. Melipona is a genus only found in the Americas- This is some type of Trigona. Both stingless bees but in different genera

  2. great stuff, I have the same species of bee here in bangkok in a wall at my house, also the larger species that hangs from our mango tree, really amazing as we have no grass or plants just a single mango tree

  3. Hi I have one like this…the eggs are similar too…is the name just melipona Bees…or they have other scientific names? Thank you for the video.

  4. Can you PM me as to where I may buy a hive of these bees please. I would be very interested in keeping a hive. Can you also provide an approximate price to buy a hive.

  5. Show linda espécie eu tenho várias leurotrigona muelleri parecida ganhou mais um inscrito eu também tenho um canal no YouTube entra lá ver meus vídeos preservação ambiental meu foco

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