Milton Hershey School Beekeeping

Today we went through the bee hives. The only rule we have is no standing in front of the hive.It makes the bees think that the hive is on fire. So then they eat a lot of honey. If they eat a lot of honey then they can’t sting you. This time of year is extremely critical for the bees. Ahhh, there we go … there’s some capped honey. We’ve gotta make sure that the bees have enough honey to make it through the winter. You can see the larvae down in there that are just starting to grow. Whenever we open them, it’s kind of scary for me because I just hear the noise of the bees and stuff which gets me nervous.A little bit of brood, a little more pollen. Some of the flowers that they pollinate from are the ones behind in the field. I’ll remind them when we’re in the hives that hey, slow down, we’re not in a rush, you know, take a look at what you’re seeing. Enjoy it. Experience it. Take your time …

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