Mixed cultivation of Organic crops| Hilal Muhammed

When we enter Hilal’s house courtyard , we can see some creeper varieties of tomatoes and hybrid tomatoes. This is bordered by red spinach, long beans crops & a few cattles overlooking this prosperous farm. Hilal Mohammed who secured the award for the best youngest farmer of Malappuram district has created a world of organic farming in his small farm surrounding the house. His zest towards farming and agriculture, at this very young age itself has transformed him into a very socially responsible human lover. I took up agriculture because i grew up seeing this, my family have been traditionally involved in agriculture. When i wake up to this lush green farm, it gives me a sense of refreshment and this has been my inspiration to start a farm. Everyone supports me in my efforts , my father and mother and even my sisters, they help me in watering the plants. Even in my school, all my friends and teachers also support me & encourages me to further develop the farm and make it big. Especially the agricultural officer at Kalpakanji Krishi Bhavan, Ramesh sir, gives me all the necessary guidelines. I can call him even at night & he is always there for me to help me out with my queries. In Hilal’s farm we can find various varieties of spinach like Sindhoora Red Spinach, Palak Green Spinach . In addition to that highly productive varieties of Spinach like CO1 are also grown separately. You can also find Lady’s Finger varieties like Vallabh and Aanakomban. I am a 12th standard student of Benchmark International School Thiruvalla. I have opted for biology science stream. No matter what my future career prospects are, i will definitely have an organic farm. This has become a means of livelihood for me. I cannot think of a day without this, my day starts with observing these plants and the positive energy that i get through this farm remains within me throughout the day. Since it is organically grown, we have a pretty good market. Even neighbours and people who approach us through hearsay, really appreciates our produce. Since we do not use any poison or pesticides we give it completely fresh, as soon as it is plucked from the farm. These days, many kidney patients approach us, as they are advised to have a completely organic diet by their doctors. We can see different varieties of chilies in his farm. The king of spicy flavors “Kanthaari”, the beautiful “Vella nochi ”, the desi variety of green chilly from Malappuram, Edayoor Chilly are all grown here. The carefully planted Brinjal plants is a beautiful sight to watch. The main breed of Brinjal grown here is Pusa Purple Round. Other varieties of Brinjal the Eggplant & Long Green Brinjal are also present. Local breeds of beans like Long Beans (Neelan Payar) , Wing Beans (Chathura Payar ), Cow Pea Beans (Kutti Payar) , Cluster Beans ( Kothamara) , Snow pea (Kutti Valari ) are cultivated with great care and effort. My name is Mohammed Haneefa. This is my wife Laila. I have three children. She is the youngest daughter – Hala Haneefa. Elder daughter is studying at Hindh studying at Bhopal NIIT. My son is the main person behind the farm. He is a 12th standard student of Benchmark International School. He used to show interest in agriculture from childhood itself. He wishes to do all types of cultivation. In earlier years we used to do cultivation in a limited manner . But this year we included many varieties of plants. We provide all the support he needs. At the time of harvest, nearby people comes to us , all these people support us in selling the produce & also assists in delivering the produce to near by places. We completely follow an organic way of cultivation. We have cows, hen, ducks. The manure we get from these animals are used for plant cultivation The pesticides we use are naturally prepared by us. Fish amnasc, Egg amnasc, Jeevamritham pesticides are prepared by us . Regarding his studies, he has a big wish. He aspires for civil services. He has started the preparations for it from 8th standard itself. So we support him in all his aspirations. Its an eye soothing sight to see large garland like snake gourds and even small little snake gourds (kunjan padavalam) hanging from the branches. Ever flowering Brinjal , ripe Ride Gourd (Peechal ) are other sights to behold. Among the creepers spread over the land, you can find ash gourds, bulb shaped winter melons can be seen hanging from the branches. If one keenly observes, can find Trumpet Gourds in the low run creepers and also bulb shaped pumpkins. Yet to flower Watermelons are also there in Hilal’s small farm. He has equal interest towards agriculture just like he has for studies. He finds time for agriculture during his free time in the evenings, rest of the time he utilizes for studies. His interest in agriculture has only helped him further in his studies and not affected in a negative way. We are happy that he got the award for the best youngest farmer of the district. This year he got the PM founder fellowship. Last year he got gold medal for the best student in talent search award, he received the award from district collector. Hilal’s cultivation transcends all climatic barriers. Cauliflower, Violet Cabbage, surprisingly flowered Broccoli, Radish giving a favorable harvest, Every growing tomatoes & corn grains are all excellent examples. We installed pipes & water the plants through sprinklers or else water them manually. We have made a pit here, the water used for washing cattle yard along with cow dung and urine is stored in this pit. We then water the plants by taking water from this pit. Pineapple,Banana Plantains, Pappaya, Cricket ball fruit (Chickoo), Nutmeg, Coffee and all such endangered species of plants are present in Hilal’s farm. His love for agriculture made him to set a small vegetable garden even in the open terrace of his house. In all these paper bags,there is a wick that touches the water running through these pipes. If we pour water in one end of the pipe,all plants get water equally at the same time. If we pour two buckets of water in the morning, it is enough and there is no need for watering each plant separately. Since some vacant space was available in the terrace, we tried growing all plants grown in the farm on the terrace as well. The output thus generated from the terrace was way better than the one we got from the farm. Since the wick touches the water, the water needed for the plants is available for entire 24 hours. In the farm, if we forget to water few plants ,they do not get sufficient moisture, but here because of these pipes water is available throughout for the plants & plants show remarkable growth. For keeping such wicks , water level is needed, hence we utilized the slope available here at the terrace by doing drip irrigation. Using drip irrigation we grow carrot, beetroot lettuce,onion, beetroot , capsicum etc. In this really young age itself, Hilal realized that agriculture is crucial to the very existence of the society. He sets a very good example for the current and future generations. There is no doubt that more such awards and accolades awaits this young successful farmer.


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