Moving Bee Hives

Hear at cheap Homesteading today we are going
to move some beehives and we are going to strap them dawn and we are going to get rolling.Ok now I strap them all together in groups of
three.ok sow we are home going to pout them in the wintering yard.oh I’m going to have
to fix the road back there its scary driving with all the hives staked
its not the smoothest so lats take it gently.the hives kinda shifted on the truck the bottom
hive .placeat some point I’m going to have to get a three pint hitch forklift because
this is becoming crazy.too much lifting.the yard is looking good.I just have one more
yard to bring back about seventeen more hives.and every thing is back at home .


  1. That's a lot of work. On my dad's farm we had two places that we kept bees and they stayed put all year. Good video.

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