One of our big goals here on the DaddyKirbs farm is to bring home a second horse Maggie needs a friend. Before I’m comfortable bringing home the horse and keeping them in this area I need to get these beehives moved out of here and put in an area that is Protected for the bees sake and for the horses sake In this video, you’re gonna see how we worked as a family to clear a space and prepare an area to move the beehives This is going to be the new bee yard Not everything goes according to plan and not everything is perfect, but this is how my family works I think first time we met was back in Florida when I ran the ultimate kids experience. Well Just got back from a family vacation hanging out with these guys for a little bit And I think Pops is gonna tell you here in a little bit about the new bee project we’re working on Stand by. There’s your intro I meant to show you the entire process for creating this space for the bee yard, but we just got back from vacation And I’m here with my boys. I only have a limited amount of time I didn’t want to take too much time with the camera. Thank you sweetie for bringing the camera back What we’re doing up here or back here is Clearing this space we’re going to end up with a 32 ft. by 32 ft. square For the new bee yard we’re going to position this in such a way that we can point the hives to the east and I’m thinking we’re gonna have room for eight to twelve hives in here. Probably eight But we’ll see how that turns out once we start bringing the boxes in. Part of what we trimmed out was This, some of the cedar branches to open up a pathway. We’re going to be cutting this off like this and filling up a garden cart full of this and taking it up to the goats because cedar or Juniper is actually really good for the goats and one of our goats right now has a little bit an upset tummy and I think this is going to help her out. I hear the boys. I got two of my boys working with me today They’re gonna bring be bringing the garden cart back here, and they’re gonna work on loading up All this cedar brush into the garden cart for the goats and, here I’ll show you this right here This is where we cleared out some of the cedar. We needed to open this space up right here because Since I’m taking the bee yard over there I needed a new pathway to get to that part of the property over there where the bees currently are So I’ll be clearing some of this brush over here, and I needed a open pathway to get through here It’s kind of a nice little gate opening to this space It’s a bad starter solenoid, I don’t think it was a bad battery to begin with You think the starter solenoid’s bad? Yeah, show him what it’s doing. Just click So I bypassed it When he tried to start it it just clicks. And that’s why he got a job as a mechanic, and I didn’t Got the whole family on this one Looking good, honey the trees do too clearing this out a little bit this will be the opening for where I Drive through to get to the other side of property and you got Espen here manning the zero-turn with garden tote packing up for the goats Luke is the supervisor And my son Brody over there clearing some trees to Open this pathway up over here Thanks son. Of course Dad. Now that the noise is done I can talk a little better here. This side of the tree was cleaned up to open this space So we could drive through here this will be how I get over to this side of the property if I ever need to The horses will enjoy this field The wildlife will enjoy this part in the middle and then right behind there is where the bee yard is What do you think Luke is it looking good? Yeah? Is everybody doing their job, right? How about mom back here is she doing her job, right? All right. He said you’re doing a good job, honey. Oh, thank you! I’m creating a small space here. It’s a dead wood pile funguses insects and things like lightning bugs for example depend on Dead or rotting wood to lay their eggs and pupae become more lightning bugs So I like to give a few spaces around the farm just to let piles of wood decay for bugs like that Yesterday we did a lot of good work clearing. Today I went to the store and got all the materials We’re gonna unload it measure it out, mark it, so we can drill our holes for the post and get this job done Whoa, the way that we loaded them the girl held these together and I grabbed the front of them Way easier It doesn’t want to roll. Gotta make a pizza roll All right, there’s our pizza roll. He’s so strong. I decided to get the rubber mats to place the the beehives on each mat will hold two hives I got four mats So that’s a total of eight hives that we’re planning for I’m going to attempt to place them where I think they’re actually going to end up but we may have to move them I know about where my my square is going to be. I’m looking at the shadows I want to try to keep the hives out of the the shadows for most of the day So I’m going to I’m going to place the mats here at the edge of the shadow in the sunlight There we go. I think this is funny I want to face the front of the hives pretty much East that means that direction So we’re going to try to position these lined up, and it looks like the shadows of these trees are Laid out nicely for that so we’re gonna do two in front two in the back Right there I’m putting the first mark and the first post… the corner post 32 feet And we’re gonna run a tape from this corner Over here to find out where 32 feet is and then come off that fence 32 feet putting some Neon green or yellow string on it just so I can visualize the box and I can better understand what I’m doing out here This is where I’m gonna cut it off There are some interesting developments in the the bee yard progress. Some things didn’t go according to plan And it’s mostly Yeah, communication error. You’ll see that next time Thank you so much for hanging out with me here on the DaddyKirbs farm. If you like this video Please share it with your friends and family because there is no greater gift that you can give a content creator Than to share their content, it’s always a pleasure hanging out with you here on the DaddyKirbs farm. I’ll talk to you soon


  1. I would be afraid that the black mat would reflect the heat of the Texas sun back onto the hive. Make it even hotter for the bees.

  2. My hives face the west.  Everyone tells me they should be facing south.  Can you explain your logic.  Just interested.

  3. Your boys are a hoot behind the camera. I don't know if you knew what they were doing over your shoulder. Good boys and fun to watch

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