Mow Your Bee Yard Without getting stung NO ANGRY HONEY BEES no bee suit

how many times have you wanted to mow
your bee yard and how many times have you regretted having to put on all that
safety gear and how many times have you been stung while you’re doing it you
have to mow right in front of these landing boards well today I’m going to
show you a method so you can mow nice and close right in front of your landing
boards and your honeybees won’t even care this is a busy time of day the bees
are coming and going they’re foraging they’ve got lots of nectar some of them
are bearding on the front and we have to mow look at this a brushless 20 inch
Electric 40 volt lithium reowww be lower this thing doesn’t throw grass on them
it has LED headlights cuz you need those when it gets dark and you’re still
mowing and it’s battery-powered look at that you got a 40 volt battery and
there’s a space for a spare battery right next to it so let’s demonstrate it
there’s also a single handle here that just the height of all four tires from
inch and a half to four inches in cutting height this thing is pretty cool
it’s lightweight it has a 20 inch width cut and it cuts close to the sides like
you just push the button pull the safety lever down and it’s running and then we
can walk right in front of those beehives because there’s no exhaust
puffing at them this thing doesn’t vibrate it doesn’t
shake the ground normally I’d be going by here with a 1400 pound tractor but
not today look at that they don’t even care that
I’m there the guard bees is let me mow right by and it cuts clean and look how
it’s all the grasses by the way the way this electric motor works if it hits
tougher grass taller grass it ramps up on its own you don’t even have to do
anything and if the grass is nice and short and thin it runs at a lower speed
and a lower power rating you’re gonna get about 45 minutes of mowing time I
don’t suppose more plus you get your cardio out of the way you don’t annoy
the beads and you can probably have some ice cream later if you burn enough and
look at this you have mulch to throw underneath your trees that’s just a one
hand removal there and give it a toss and you’ve got a mulch pile clip it
right back on push the button pull the safety lever
down and you’re back to mowing this is a game changer for me I think
the most I’ve ever been stung in my bee yard was when I was trimming around my
hive stance I got six things to my hand and one afternoon doing that so this
saenggakhae camo right behind him remember it’s only 20 inches why they
make bigger ones I’m gonna give you a link to this one down in the video
description if you’re interested they’re not that expensive technically this
mower is solar-powered since my house is solar-powered everything I plug in is
also so this is clean energy like I said it’s not vibrating bees hate vibration
it’s not puffing its exhaust at the beehives which my tractor normally does
and it’s not hot and there’s no oil to worry about there’s no gas to worry
about look at these two hives sitting out here
all by themselves we got some tall grass around them we’re gonna buy that too
they probably won’t even care and this is my largest colony here on the right
those are weaver bees and on the left for my Sask of Trance bees just mow
right next to him look how close the clearance is pretty nice and it’s very
easy to push this thing is lightweight it’s not self-propelled but look it’s
got LED headlights on – that’s cool if you did that a night though your
honeybees are gonna fly at those little lights so probably not a good idea to do
that but your grass would be damp anyway and I just take the clippings out of the
bag here and house it underneath these trees and the chickens will spread those
out for me later so I’m really happy with this thing and what if you have to
trim closer just use an electric weed whacker – I’m gonna toss this underneath
the tree here and my chickens are gonna come in later and spread that out for me
that’s their job one-handed attachment here there is a plug that goes in it so
you can use it just as a mulch or if you don’t want to collect your grass so you
can go either way there I like to collect the grass because I’m gonna use
that around the base of trees under them and here it is we’re all done mowing and
look at the bees they don’t even care it’s a good mower
40 volt lithium brushless and you can get a spare battery for it the battery
is a smart battery too you can push a button on the end
and it will show you how much time you’ve got left plus is the key you got
a pesky grandchild around and wants to run this thing take that key out and put
it on a high hook and here’s the battery leave that how much have we used oh
three out of four left so this thing is doing pretty good and you notice the
grass was pretty high too so I’m liking it
and again I’ve ordered a backup battery I only have the one now that we have it
and we’re all done how much space does it take if you’re gonna store it well
flip these locks on the slide handle there and when it’s in that closed
position it will not operate so young kids can’t grab it turn it on and start
mowing then you release these levers on the sides there lock it into place and
then you bring it up and it’s got those little feet metal part sticking up there
so you can stand it up on end takes up almost no space in your garage look at
that put it right up against the wall there and it’s also light enough I’ll
bet if I put a bracket on the wall I could just hang this thing right on the
wall it doesn’t even have to take up floor space this is pretty cool I like
it I’m gonna give this thing five stars and look at the bottom of the mower it’s
mostly plastic yeah it’s electric motor it’s got a blade on it and it’s
lightweight you could tote this thing around I don’t know exactly what it
weighs but you don’t have to be very strong thanks for watching I hope you
liked this mow your yard mow your bee yard without getting the bees angry
thanks for watching

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