Mushroom Cultivation (With English Subtitle)

Hello Now I am going to show how to cultivate Mushroom. These are grow up Mushrooms cultivated by me. Now I will show the mushroom cultivation from the beginning. These are dry plant of paddy. Watch the video carefully how I am processing the paddy plant for mushroom cultivation. Cutting the paddy plant into small sizes of 1 to 1.5 inch. To process the hay with water give one tea spoon formalin and half tea spoon carbendazim in this water mixture keep the hay for 6 to 12 hour. After wetting the hay To dry the water I have kept the bucket with the hay upside down for 6 hour The water should be dried very well so that not a single drop came out if squeezed. These are mushroom seeds or spawn. How to get these mushroom seed or spawn? In your locality contact ADO (agriculture development office) They will tell you from where you will get mushroom seed or spawn. small hole should be made on the polythene cylinder at 4 inch interval. one each on top and bottom and 4 in the middle portion in every line. now the cylinder should be placed on a wooden shelf or should be hanged by a rope. I am placing the cylinder on a wooden shelf. situation after 7 days After 27 days you can see the mushroom are grown up now they are ready to collect like this you can get mushroom three time from each cylinder. Thanks all of you for watching the video patiently.


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