My Sims 4 Gardening Skill Guide Has Everything You Should Know.

Hey Guys! Of all skills in Sims 4, Gardening is definitely
the deepest. It’s really hands off, so most players will
end up using it as a side hobby, at minimum. We’re going to look at gardening in-depth,
from beginner topics to the harder stuff like grafting. We’ll probably even milk Bob Pancakes from
a cow plant. Seasons changes things a bit, but we’ll make
it clear if a feature requires it. By the end of this video you’ll know just
about everything you need to know in order to evolve perfect plants and graft the rares. First I want to point out that Gardening is
a mental skill, meaning if your Sim’s focused you’ll get a boost. More if you can get them to very focused. This isn’t necessary just to plant them, but
it can help if you’re going to be researching plants for several hours. It’s more worth the time then. While you can plant any produce in your inventory,
you can purchase seed packets in buy mode’s outdoor activities. Hold shift while you’re placing them to do
several at once. It doesn’t matter how you place these just
yet, but they’ll be easier to spam open if you put them in lines. Because it’ll be my Sim’s main focus, I am
starting a big garden here. You can get by with as many as you want. Open the packets and the produce will be put
in the inventory of the Sim you’re using. For players with the Seasons expansion, season
matters a lot. It determines if plants will grow and evolve. Most plants are dormant at least a couple
seasons out of the year. Hover over the plants in the inventory to
see when each one will grow. Players without Seasons don’t have to worry
about this, because well, there are no seasons. By the way, if there isn’t one listed, either
it’s supposed to grow all year or Maxis just forgot (laughs). Plant availability and weather are the main
difference the expansion makes, but Seasons players also get a couple extra objects like
sprinklers, patchy, and the Bee Box. To make a garden full of life, I’m planting
only plants that grow in spring. To make it worth my while, Seasons are set
to four weeks. Produce is planted by dragging from your inventory
to the ground. Leave a single space between each plant to
give them room to grow and provide your Sim standing room, otherwise when they’re planted
they will be spread out and drive you nuts until you fix them. Something that trips a lot of people up is
that ‘seed packets’ name, produce are seeds in this game. You straight up stick a coconut in the ground. When you’re done putting them all where they
should be planted, click one and have your Sim begin planting. Your Sim will handle everything automatically
and if spacing is correct, everything will be planted exactly where you told them to. When our garden’s ready, everything will need
some water. It’s not required straight away, they don’t
dry out for a while but this is one of the three things you must take care of regularly
to keep plants alive. Unless it rains, in which case that’s taken
care of for you. Plants have a hidden ‘health’ stat and it
begins to drop when conditions are bad, like when they’re all dried out. Whether you intend to complete it or not,
you should switch to the Freelance Botanist Aspiration when you plant a big garden. You’ll get a lot of free Aspiration points
and there’s really nothing to lose. Plants will grow continuously with many taking
48 to 72 hours to finish going through all the stages. Produce only spawns once a day though. If you don’t get produce by 5AM, you’re getting
nothing that day. The same goes for weeds and bugs though, so
5AM is the magic time that all produce and pests start to spawn. There are multiple types of sell orders when
you interact with your plants. “Sell all” will have the Sim go around selling
everything, where as “Sell carrots” would only sell the carrots on that specific plant. The same goes for harvest. You can grab what’s available on the plant
and put it in your inventory, or go around picking it all up. Unless you need the plants for something,
you’re better off not “looting” and instead selling straight from the vine. This is a newer feature introduced with the
gardening overhaul. Like me, you probably will not have much work
the first morning after planting your garden. Things get a little better on the second day. There are a few things that harvestables can
be used for other than making money. There’s the ambrosia recipe, which requires
you to have a death flower. Also, the cooking skill will give you better
moodlets if you use fresh ingredients. But the best thing about it is the ability
to eat the fruits and veggies directly from your Sim’s inventory. Not only does it give a quick boost to hunger,
it also gives a moodlet to help you turn that frown around. There’s also an exploit that lets you eat
normal, nice, and magnificent quality fruits to get all 3 buffs. If you do this, separate out the plants … make
normal apples, nice spinach, and magnificent pomegranates for example so you know which
are which. You can get +6 happy doing this. I call it an exploit because like many other
buffs, it should probably be mutually exclusive. So, what can we do when there isn’t much work
and we ant to gain Gardening XP? Well, we could read a skill book but we’d
be better off using “Research”. Research individual types of plants – there’s
no limit to how many times you can do it, although there is a benefit to try to do it
to a variety of plants. When plants have been researched, click your
phone then find the notebook tab at the bottom. This brings up a special notepad that tells
you about the various plants. It gives you their description, season, as
well as any grafting combos that involve that specific plant. We’ll get to grafting. This example isn’t that useful, but when you’re
researching less common plants like cherries and snapdragons, you’ll learn of pretty useful
combinations that can make it easier to finish the plant list. The rarer plants are generally worth more
and some of them are quite attainable and make fantastic fertilizer as good as anything
else in the game. Speaking of researching plants, the Sims 4
Discover University brought in a Biology Degree that can let you skip levels in the Gardener
career if you have Seasons too. It’s not necessary but it is worth knowing
there’s a degree that boosts gardening – in particular the Career, but they all go together. Something I highly recommend you do early
as a gardener, is at least go about your own neighborhood and see if you can find any uncommon
plants that weren’t in seed packets you bought. This can save you some money though it’ll
be much easier to afford seed packets later. Plants like snapdragons, strawberries, and
roses make better fertilizer than nothing and you can of course plant them to get an
unlimited supply. Depending on what packs you have installed,
there may be stores you can visit to buy plants as well. For instance, dragon fruit are commonly found
in the Realm of Magic shops. Along with watering your garden, you’ve also
got to protect it against the two largest threats. Weeds will pop up and, while they’re easy
to spot they can drop your plant’s health rapidly by taking nutrients from them. The “Weed all” command will stop them, and
it’s great because your Sim will automatically scan for more weeds. Like watering, it gains an area of effect
ability when you level up gardening. This lets you deal with a much larger garden,
as each action by the Sim may effect two or three plants. In these cases, it only helps with water and
weeds within one square of your target. They need to be bunched up to be affected
by it. Weeds suck but the nastiest thing to assail
a garden are definitely insects. For one, they can be hard to spot and if you
skip a day or two you can find your garden decimated. They also take about 10x longer to fix than
weeds. Insects seem to hurt plants much more than
weeds do, and can absolutely kill them. You cannot revive a plant until you’ve mastered
gardening, but when you have you can spend $100 bucks to bring the plant back to life. The best thing to do is to do a visual inspection
every day around 7am when the sunlight will help you spot the black menace. Insects are worst in spring and don’t seem
to come out in winter very much at all. In the base game, they’re present always. Next up, let’s talk plant quality level. Plants have five quality levels as can be
seen when you hover over them. They go from normal to nice, excellent, to
magnificent, and perfect. Perfect plants are worth a lot more and give
extra boosts when used in cooking recipes. Plants that are healthy always seem to be
marching a little toward evolution, or so it seems. When a plant has gained enough experience
and is ready to evolve, you just click it and ‘Evolve”. Your Sim does not have to be involved in this
process at all. Being unhealthy can reduce their quality. You can speed up plant evolution in a couple
ways if you have Seasons. All players have access to fertilizer, but
Seasons players get the Bee Box, too. So let’s talk fertilizer first. You can use plants or fish to fertilize your
garden. When you apply it, it will give the plant
experience instantly toward the next quality level. You can’t fertilize again for several days. All you need to know is to aim for at least
$21 Simoleons for a good fertilizer. Yes, it’s based on the value you see in your
inventory. 21 is the 2nd to highest quality fertilizer,
and the top is at $50. Any plant or fish worth that amount. Beyond that, there is no further benefit so
don’t waste extremely expensive stuff on fertilizer. Yes, you’re wasting if you throw a $1,000
Simoleon fish in as fertilizer and that frustrates me, honestly. So, what I’m doing here is I just picked roses
worth over $20 Simoleons, I’m in a new game so I don’t have access to great plants. I’m going to fertilize the rose bushes with
the very roses I just picked. I’m going to repeat this a few times over
the next couple weeks. They’ll be worth $50 and I’m set on fertilizer. It’s that easy. But, it kind of nerf fishing and made it pointless
to seek fertilizer that way. Let’s talk about the Seasons Bertie’s Bee
Box, which is found under Outdoor Activities. This thing is a money-maker but you’ve got
to interact with it regularly and keep the bees healthy and happy or they’ll attack you
when you’re in the surrounding area, which is your garden while you’re working. Not cool. Check my beekeeping video for details on all
that it does. In this guide, we’re only interested in its
passive fertilizer effect. Having bees is good for plants and anything
within 5 large build mode squares will get this passive effect. It provides some XP toward evolution every
now and then. You’ll see the bees spread out and make a
god awful noise in the wide area of effect. It’s great for large gardens, where you can
just let it go and focus your fertilizing efforts on only your best plants. To be clear, the effect does stack with fertilizer. Anything inside of this diamond would be impacted
by the Bee Box. So, you can sort of lay these out and do a
huge garden with only three or four of them. It’s worth mentioning the honey you get from
these will immediately save your Sim or protect them from extreme heat and cold.. in fact
I believe the beekeeper suit does the same. Now let’s talk about grafting, a level 5 gardening
ability. Grafting is a means of combining two plants. Take cutting from one, graft it to another
in hopes of getting a rare spawn from the combo. They’ve gone back and forth on this – it used
to be near guaranteed, they broke it and make it like 1% , but a recent patch has fixed
the rare spawn rates to be more reasonable. In this example, I am taking cutting from
strawberry plants to graft to snapdragon in hopes of getting dragonfruit. Because of a bug that’s been around for like
a year, I am taking cutting only one at a time as the game will use all cuttings on
one graft, and the rest just disappear. Yeah, it really messes with your workflow. Until it’s fixed, patiently go back and forth. Don’t take cutting more than once per day
for risk of killing a plant. Only bother to graft once to each target if
you’re going for a rare or uncommon spawn. Otherwise, you can graft multiple types to
one plant and get them all to spawn, just not every day. You can use grafting to get tons of types
on just one plant. If you’re having trouble getting a rare, you
can improve your odds by having more host plants. If you go to use something like super sell,
take a look at the list of what you’ll be selling so that you don’t accidentally sell
a rare spawn. It’s a great way to look for it. Since the snapdragons will continue to spawn,
even though I’m not getting the rare, I can plant more of them and continue to graft an
extra strawberry off of every bush I have each day. It will eventually yield the dragonfruit I’m
looking for although you can catch them fishing – this is just an example. Sprinklers are another thing that came with
Seasons. It goes without saying, they automatically
water your plants. They’ll go off just after the magic hour and
anything within the zone will be watered. You can plan this out so that you don’t require
as many sprinklers, but all in all it’ll only save you a few hundred. Early on these rob you of some valuable gardening
XP and should only be used to save time later on – that’s just my opinion. Unlike Sims 3, they auto water without an
upgrade but have a pretty small range. By level 10 Gardening, money-making should
not be a problem for you. Some of your plants should be mid-range and
with the super sell ability you can walk to the middle of your garden and sell a massive
chunk with one action. This gives you a lot more free time. Consider taking on the gardener career if
you have Seasons. You can work from home, and for that reason
it’s a high-end money maker. Overall, stay on top of your garden, watch
for opportunities to fertilize around every four days. Use ‘Tend Garden’ to ensure everything is
done and secure a good fertilizer early to make the process smooth. Before you get Tend Garden at level 7, look
for a plant with weeds and use weed all, and listen for insects and use the spray ability. As I mentioned, you can purchase uncommon
and rare seed packets. These trivialize finishing the plant list
if you don’t mind to throw money at it, but if you’re missing one specific thing they
can be somewhat frustrating. Rare packets are $1,000 each. I recommend at least trying grafting, do it
the right way. though if you find some of the plants frustrating
to acquire – go for it. All in all, buying seed packets sort of takes
one more accomplishment away from the player. A plant list is inappropriate for this video,
because there are a few dozen of them. I’ll link to my main plant list in the description. You can also find all of the grafting combos
there. Something I didn’t mention in detail last
time I did this video is the cow plant, which can drain Sims of their essence to give your
Sims one very selfish drink. Plant a cow plant berry to get one of these
for each berry. Their whole thing is, they get hungry.. they’re
nice when they’re well fed, but when they get hungry they’ll offer foolish Sims some
cake. If a Sim ‘takes the cake’ they’ll get gobbled
up, draining them of their essence for a couple days and enabling the cow plant to be milked. This will give you a drink with essence of
whatever emotion the Sim was in at the time.. If a Sim takes the cake while they already
have the drained moodlet, they’ll die. If they do, you’ll be able to milk the cow
plant for an essence that gives life to the Sim who drinks it. it functions like ambrosia, putting them back
to the start of the current life stage. I don’t think it resurrects ghosts. Bonsai trees can be cut to gain gardening
XP. You’ll find these in activities and skills
>creative. You can pick several sculpture types but they’re
mostly decorative. Who needs to hire a gardener when you can
have your own straw slave? Buy Patchy the Straw Man and befriend him
by doing tons of socials. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to search
his pockets for seeds and get gardening tips from him. When these options appear, Patchy will occasionally
come to life with his main feature being to use your computer after he’s done watering
and weeding your garden, or fertilizing your wife. Yes, I’ve used that joke before. Maybe someday I’ll invent another euphemism
for patchy plowing the spouse. I feel like the last thing people seeing this
for the first time might ask is how to make a greenhouse. You only ‘kind of’ make a greenhouse, though
it does function as one. Plants will grow out of season in a greenhouse,
just not as well as when they are in-season and outdoors. This does let you grow them year round. You can get a greenhouse effect by using tall
windows and the glass roof texture, which lets light in. What we do is make a structure with a roof,
now we select the roof decoration button and pick glass as the type of roof. TYou use the game’s various over-sized windows
to produce a greenhouse look. Finally, since you can’t stick plants in a
hardwood floor you use the planter boxes. They’re found under outdoor activities as
well. When plants are sheltered, they do not evolve
as fast but can put out year round. It’s not super useful if you want to make
gobs of money at gardening, but it’s great for keeping ingredients year-round. I announced to the community I was redoing
gardneing and Grow Fruit came up, with Findme Atglen writing in to ask if grow fruit work
as well as fish. It’s a really good question because fish used
to have a special boost baesd on their size and grow fruit had a magical doubling effect
when used. It was the best in the game. I did a test, a perfect grow fruit vs a dragon
fruit. I ran the test for 5 days. but when the developers made the change to
not give fish individual fertilizer values and instead rely on price alone, it killed
growfruit. Anything magical about it is gone. Dragonfruit ties it, heck an excellent rose
ties it if it’s 50 or above. So hands down if it’s $50 simoleons, it’s
the best in the game now. I’m not sure about the fungal infusion from
herbalism but suspect the same. I did a quick test, and it was poor results. When I announced I was redoing gardening,
a user named Ashley wrote in hoping I could help with plant yields. I hate to say but I cannot. The yields of each type of plant are set in
stone – for instance apples give you 8 while in season and 5 when sheltered. So you will generally get less harvestables
when a plant is stuck in a greenhouse. Ok, so this is the third and probably last
time I’ll do the Gardening skill for Sims 4. It was great practice to do such a hard one
for my 2nd video, but uhh.. yeah it had its flaws. I did it again at 24th but now that I’ve got
100 under my belt and a better workflow, I figured I could improve it again. It may not shock you to hear this is the most
popular skill in the game, as far as people looking things up and yeah… first impressions
matter. So hey, if you are a newbie and you like my
style, subscribe to my channel, share it with your friends, put it on reddit, or do the
like thing. Whatever you feel comfortable with. It really does help me. Thanks for watching!

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