National Star College – Preparation for Employment – Horticulture

[Davina] Hi my name is Davina,We’re here, its Sunday afternoon at the preparation for employment’s allotment which is on Hayden Road in Cheltenham. This weekend we have been trying to put the polytunnel up, As you can see we haven’t completed it yet, We’ve got the trench dug and we’ve got the doors made and everything like that, so the students hopefully can finish putting the polytunnel up this week. We’ve got, also with us we’ve got Phil and his wife Theresa, we’ve got Rachel and we’ve got Wayne on the digger and Bruce who’s given up his weekend to help us put the polytunnel up.[Laughs] Ok, this is the beginning of preparation for Employment’s Hortocultural enterprise which is hopefully going to teach the students about growing things, but more importantly about selling them and making money and increase their employability skills.

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