The course is a 20-week course starting in
January. One day practical and 2 days theory. After the course, you should be able to go
in straight into agriculture or go on to further education in the HNC. Two days in the classroom
will cover health, welfare and legislation for animals and will also cover soils and
groundwork, being able to produce crops and understand how they grow. So here at the farm,
we cover a lot of maintenance. I’m a builder, a plumber, a joiner, an electrician all in
one, as well as covering veterinary care and animal care. We have to maintain the fields,
we have to maintain the boundaries of the fields, so that entails fencing, drainage,
and a lot of plumbing in terms of water troughs. Hopefully, when the students are here they’ll
be learning a bit of everything. They’ll be looking after the animals, how to look after
them from day-to-day, week-to-week from start to finish. I’, hoping when they come out fo
this they should be able to look after their own stock without any risks at all. Part of
the course will be machinery maintenance and tractor driving. They should be able to come
out of that being able to safely operate any parts of the machinery and maintain them.
Here you’ll get to do numerous types of work in the fields and round about the farm including
feeding animals, scraping animals and groundwork. Preparing a field for a crop, lifting a crop
and storing a crop. You don’t have to born or brought up on a farm to go into agriculture,
as long as you’re willing to put in the effort and learn about everything within the sector
it’s not impossible for anyone to go into it. 72% of the students we had last year were
female. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female in this industry as long as your
willing and able to do the jobs at hand. Agriculture can be a reasonably well-paid job, it’s not
just the financial rewards from it but you also get the rewards of being able to look
after and care for something from start to finish

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