Need to Know in 90: Cultivating the Culture in Your Classroom

One of the things that’s most important
to me is to make sure that the kid feels like it’s their home away from home.
They spend so much time at school compared to their time at home and so I
want it to be a place where they feel safe and warm and they just have a job,
they have a responsibility. I also create like little nooks and crannies for them.
So they go in and they can sit wherever in the classroom, wherever they want to
work. So that where they feel most comfortable, that’s where you get the
most out of them, because they’re just in the comfort of their own home. All right
when it comes to the learning environment you want to make sure before
school ever starts that you walk your room and make sure that your room makes
sense to you. You want to make sure that your iPad and your iPad crates make
sense for yourself and your students.You want to make sure where your students turn
and work that it makes sense, that there’s room for them to walk up and
turn their papers in. Your sharpener all the little things in your classroom have
to make sense to you first before it comes to your student. You want your
classroom to feel like a second home to your students. You want to think about
the smell. You want to think about are things organized when they come in? Are
you they going to see your desk with papers everywhere? Are they going to see
that you have an organized organizational personality? To you all of
your stuff all of their books where is everything going to go it has to make
sense to you before your students.

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