NEW AeroGarden 2020 Bounty Elite Walkthrough Hydroponic Gardening

hey guys Steev the technophile here I
just wanted to show you one of my newer purchases that’s that is definitely full
of technology but is not right off the bat when you stare at it you can just
say it’s full of tech but yeah so welcome to another video from me Steve
the technophile you guys know how much I love tech but I also love plants I love
growing plants I love growing food I think it’s a great way to stay
sustainable control the quality of your food and I just think overall it’s a lot
of fun so I wanted to show you what I recently I got so this is the AeroGarden
bounty elite and I did unbox it yesterday and set it up I was gonna do
an unboxing video but it’s really simple it just was the unit the light the stand
that you see holding up the light and the power supply and that was basically
it so I didn’t want to really bore you guys with all of that if you have any
any questions on you know what comes in the box on their website it’s pretty
simple but the unit itself is only about 16 and a half inches wide the tank is
about six inches tall 11 inches deep so if you’re trying to find assist you know
a place to put this it’s not very very deep the hood itself right now it is
from the base to the top is eight inches and it goes all the way up to 24 inches
and that’s to accommodate tall growing plants like tomatoes so this is a very
versatile growing system and I should have just started this off with it’s a
hydroponic growing system so there’s no soil there is a medium in sight each of
these pods that holds the seeds and you fill this up with water it was maybe 1.2
gallons of water inside you turn it on and you’re ready to go
you add I think two capfuls for the amount of plants that you have I have
nine seeds or pods in there so it required two capfuls of their plant food
so here’s their plant food and this is just a liquid liquid plant food I think
that the light from that is kind of black and everything out but this is
from arrow garden and this is for basically starting your your garden and
here it has the directions on how many capfuls you use so I have nine pods
going in here right now this asked yes so this had two capfuls
for start-up and second feeding and then three capfuls every two weeks thereafter
and so it’s it’s pretty simple you know I didn’t say how you needed to shake
this I shook it just to be on the safe side so again this is the AeroGarden
bounty elite I think the only difference between the bounty and the elite is the
elite comes in different colors and this one is a stainless steel but yeah so
this is their nine pod system I just went ahead and planted see if this will
focus because there’s some condensation in those domes so I went ahead and
planted there they’re basically their garden seed variety so I have time basil
more basil parsley mint more parsley chives and dill this actually tells you
because you know this is the front of the unit and in the back this tells you
if you can see right there it says short this kind of is a short growing plant
this one is medium and when is tall so to easily be able to
prune your garden you put the shorter ones on the front and the taller ones in
the back and you’ll see here these guys you and unscrew them loosen them and
then you can raise the hood the hood is comprised of white blue and red LED
lights when you do set this up they recommend you use the quick plant button
and this display will ask you what you’re going to plant so it knows how to
control the unit that means how many hours the hood will stay on the blue and
red lights help the plants grow in specific ways I think they help with
flowering and for germination I could be wrong I’m just kind of going by my
memory here but yeah and you’re able to adjust the intensity of the light you
can go over here to light options and you can make the light from one two
percent to 100 right now it’s at a hundred and it very bright the Sun is
lit up right now that means that I have the sunrise sunset option turned on so
it’ll slowly turn on the lights and slowly turn off the lights at the end of
the day which is pretty cool the Wi-Fi button is illuminated blue that means
it’s connected to my network if it’s illuminated I believe amber that means
you’re having some network issues you can also hit that button and it’ll bring
up your network settings cool button right here is a garden tips so you can
collect that and it tells you a bunch of cool things need to know information
about your unit it’s actually a lot of fun and then you can also hit the menu
button and you’re able to change your garden settings pump light plant food go
back home tips and contact us so there is a pump inside here this is where you
can go in and add water but I’ll run the
pump to show you how it works so you can hit pump I’m gonna do test pump and it
does it for a minute now you see the water is moving and dripping but there’s
a pump in there sucking up the water and it’s pushing it through see if I can get
in there you can kind of see a pod but there’s reservoirs inside there and
it’s pushing the water through which is pretty cool so this helps move the water
around airy eights it you know oxygenates the water and helps with with
growth so at the beginning of this growth cycle for the herbs the pump will
run for an hour every 11 hours and I believe after 2 weeks once a lot of
determination has started it goes to a normal setting you know when you’re very
low on water when you can hear it that’s one way you can tell but also since this
is connected to the Internet this will ping your phone and say hey
your water needs to be replaced you can also turn on in the settings here a beep
sound so this will be to let you know it needs some attention so this is kind of
cool shorter cycles can increase seed germination so that’s why it’s not going
on all the time right now after seeds have germinated longer pump cycles
increase oxygen for optimal growth so this will change and this is all
automated depending on the type of pods that you inserted in the system so right
now my pump is set to run for 1 hour and turn off for 11 hours and repeat so it’s
pretty cool so there is some pretty cool data on here this is telling me that I
have been running this for a day and it’s been basically 24 hours the water
tank is full I am doing the herb garden and the plant
food is good for 13 days after 13 days I need to add more plant food so overall
I’m pretty impressed with the build quality I’ve only had it for again 24
hours but from what I’ve seen it’s been working and haven’t had any issues they
do have an app which is quite interesting you do not need to use the
app at all to have all the benefits of this but it’s only in horizontal which
is kind of odd I do like the app it’s very informative but I don’t like that
it’s only in this format and a lot of I’ve heard a lot of other people
complain about that too but the app will let you take pictures so you can see the
progress of your garden and you can do this away from home too which was pretty
nice and I also ordered because it was a really good sale right now they’re
jalapeno pepper pot kit and there are six pods in here and it does come with
the pods that are all pre done and it also comes with the domes and the plant
food also order the Thai pepper kit and the same thing this has nine pods and
this is the Golden Harvest cherry tomato which I’m excited to do it’s going to
get huge so this right now is at 8 inches so with the tomatoes this can get
up to 24 inches so meet back up and you can see how tall that’s going to get
so yeah I’m I’m excited to do that at the same time kind of scared they also
include a trellis in your packaging this is you don’t have to use this but when
your plants get tall enough you can install the trellis like this and use
these little stands so you’re supposed to add the trellis before your plant
needs it and basically it allows the plant to happily grow around the trellis
you do get one but I’ve seen if you’re growing taller things like the jalapeno
peppers and like banana peppers or even the tomatoes you’re gonna need another
trellis also I am using 100% distilled water I just got this from Target and I
was told by Eero garden that this is the best bet I’ve read online that people do
a mixture of like forty sixty forty percent distilled and regular filtered
water vice-versa it all just kind of seems what people want to do I actually
called our garden I was like hey what should I use a mixture of tap water we
have really good tap water here I also have a I have my own reverse osmosis
machine should I just buy the water and they said you can get distilled water
and it’ll work great so that is what I’m using inside here and again it took
about 1.2 1.3 gallons and I just ordered a bunch of extra distilled water to have
on hand to refill this now a lot of people were complaining that this whole
thing is plastic and stainless steel because all their seeds are non-gmo all
that fun stuff you know I get that but what would you recommend them to build
this in you know what would you grow this and now they’re saying that this
type of plastic is free of all those nasty chemicals so you know I read up on
it they’re right the plastic is free of a lot of the chemicals that people say
you should not the you know putting food in our water
storage so I did my research on there and I am NOT a chemist but from what
I’ve seen this is a very safe growing system and I’m not really gonna have any
qualms over health and build quality I think I think you’ll be okay but you
know I understand sustainability you know people don’t want to throw things
away I get that but these units are built to last for quite some time one of
my good friends has a narrow garden and she’s had the same one for over five
years and you know she takes care of it she cleans it
she sanitizes it after every growth cycle and she wants to put new seeds and
there she maintains it and I think that you know that’s a big part of
sustainability is maintaining what you have things aren’t gonna stay perfect
you got to clean them if you want them to last long the domes themselves are
also recyclable and reusable you can also keep the chamber that these guys
are in and reuse them with your own seeds if you like and your own growth
medium so I want to open up the golden harvest trade tomato kit and show you
what’s inside there this is kind of how they’re all packaged they are gonna look
different depending on what you order as in how many pots come in this one comes
in with six and in with some food but I just want to show you guys what it
typically looks like here is more of the plant food with the directions on the
back and then here are the pods so it looks like it’s connected at three
points hopefully it’s focusing on there it looks like it’s connected at three
points on the bottom and I think this is for tension so it sits well inside of
all the little holes so overall I’m really excited to get this up and
running get the plants growing if you guys are interested in more videos on
the status of this let me know I can go ahead and upload some more I am NOT a
gardener I just like to plant stuff and see what happens so this is all new for
me I’m gonna learn with you guys if you’re interested in learning with me I
will share more data with you so this is kind of like my little setup here you’re
probably wondering what these guys are these are betaine iam also hydroponic
growing systems right here I am growing cayenne pepper so how to remember for
section and this thing is growing like a weed is awesome and then inside this guy
I am growing banana peppers we just planted it a week ago not even a week
ago probably like five days ago and ya cannot wait for it so I did plant three
seeds in here will only let one plant grow so hopefully one of those three
seeds will germinate do its thing and I will try this grow one plant so these
are Beaute nians they have their own medium that you can see here and I don’t
know if you can see but there’s five holes that go around it a water
circulates every three hours through it let me push a cycle and you guys can see
how it works so there you go so there is a timer and a pump down at
the base of this system and every three hours it pumps the water up through here
and the water circulates through this growth medium there is plant food that
came with each plutonium so depending on the type of plant you’ve planted they
recommend X amount of of their plant food be added to this I don’t pretty
much this thing has grown really well it’s gotten a lot a lot bigger recently
and it’s drinking the water faster as the plant gets bigger so you can kind of
see let me jiggle it a little bit you can kind of see the water level in there
once it gets pretty low and also once you hear it and gets louder as the water
gets lower cuz you can hear it splashing around you know to add more water but
this is also another hydroponic system I am using I love the design I think
they’re really cool looking and there are a lot of fun I do have a grow light
down there that I was using for this guy but he’s gotten big enough he really
doesn’t need the girl light anymore I think he’s also getting some grass
from this light over here and I know this guy once he starts sprouting will
benefit from the arrow gardens grow light too volcanium says you do not need
a grow light but I think it really depends on the environment you’re in I’m
not gonna stick it in a sunny window cuz I move the blinds I’ve been down all the
time so that’s why I did get the grow light but I highly recommend the Boateng
games so if you want something a lot smaller you just want to grow one thing
maybe on your desk you could do that too so there you go guys if you have any
questions let me know down in the comments below make sure you subscribe
and like this video and again ask me any questions if I don’t know them have a
nice conversation and learn together if you guys have any comments about the
AeroGarden or even the betánia any tips or tricks you want to share with me and
others please feel free to let me know again I’m a newbie on this well thanks
guys for watching and I will chat with you all soon. Bye!

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