1. Hey guys we are a Year 3 class in Sydney and have just watched your video as we were reading about Honey Bees. Our teacher told us about your invention because she saw it on Youtube over the holidays and told her Dad. She thought we would like the video and we did. We wish you luck in the launch of your new product. Kind Regards 3 Silver and Mrs Hopper from St Therese Mascot.

  2. wow this is fantastic… honey on tap.. way to go guys… so how do I find you on Facebook? Meanwhile sharing the video 🙂

  3. I'm curious. Bees extract nectar from the flowers, place it into the honeycomb, and then fan the nectar to reduce the moisture content until it becomes honey. Amazing creatures that they are, they detect when the moisture content is correct and seal the cell. How does this design keep the nectar in the cells rather than it draining immediately?

  4. Someone should nominate you two for the Nobel Peace Prize. You have single-handedly been instrumental in inspiring many, world-wide, whom would not otherwise become beekeepers if it were not for your invention. This is the catalyst in which the honey bee population can make a comeback and proliferate the globe once again. Averting one of man-kind's worst natural disasters by the radical decline of the honey bee population is due in large part to the invention of the Flow Hive. I commend your genius of this creation. When the product first appeared a year ago I shared this information with many whom in turn shared it with many. As a result, new previously uninterested beekeepers caught the passion and have since ordered your product. Though I am unable to afford this product, I will still go on recommending it. Thanks so much for your contribution to our fragile planet.
    Jerry of Pine Meadows Hobby Farm

  5. hi,
    its great and just wanted buy one, and i am from India and i am eagerly waiting to buy one of it so please get me one.
    and my contact no. is +91-96205 56626 i will be waiting for your call sir. please me asap.

  6. The invention is in fact fantastic.
    It invites you to think you can buy a beehive and it works by itself.
    Furthermore you think you can do a good thing for the bees.

    Some Beekeepers in Germany made a good point, when they saw this video,
    that knowledge of taking thorough care of the beehive is essential to avoid bee deseases like foulbrood, that can bring death to your whole beehive and the deseases could spread out to other beehives and would possibly boost bee extinction!

    So when you would like to buy a modern beehive as seen in the video, you have to assume great responsibility for your bee friend´s health.

  7. I thought this was a great idea until I saw how bees swarm honey when you process it outside. Not a good idea. But it sure looks cool.

  8. It's a great invention, but just not fit the large-scale beekeepers, in China, it is sold almost 100usd/set(flow hive), 150usd/carton(7 pieces frame).

  9. Hi I'm from India and want to buy one such machine. Can u give me the payment details in Indian rupees. My ph no. is +91 7026359634

  10. Can I just say to future people scrolling the comments, that I have 2 of these amazing hives and it was the best investment I have ever made towards bee keeping. The honey is not what everyone or a select few say it is and will not be matured or cured honey, it is perfect! In some cases even better than honey out of a manually harvested hive.
    This is a must buy!

  11. always wanted a bee box this must be amazing and easy to use where can i get one ? (im from algeria by the way)

  12. Se ve fantastico, ahora cualquier persona puede tener un apiario….¿Como se puede conseguir???? Para Mexico…

  13. So … what does that leave for the bees to eat? It's great that the bees are undisturbed, but that looks like it takes a lot of the honey they need for themselves.

  14. admirable, In Slovakia we have the name Hanka, may be derived from the word Honey – med,
      that is, the meaning of Hanka's name – Honey Ladybird

  15. This was great, I've been looking for "building beehives for dummies" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Tiyia Beehive Basophilic – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy got amazing success with it.


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  17. Die Idee ist Super aber wo bekommt mann den Bauaufsatz her ist er Im Handel, wo zu erwerben Was ist Im Honigraum das für ein Material wo bekomme ich Info. über das Produkt wer es weis schreib mir

  18. Hey am in Malaysia now, will be going back to Africa in a months. And I want to buy it before I go. So where can I get it. Plz

  19. See we need more people like you, people who are able to do something that no one has done and improve the the lives of other people I really commend you guys, your an inspiration

  20. I've heard of this a long while ago and is an amazing product, I sell the honey I harvest and it's n incredible help financially to just boost the income

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